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#2800805 Something I feel the need to say......

Posted by newbe on Dec. 19 2016 - 12:31 PM

The Armory is kind of like family (at least in my eyes). We have a great community, quite diverse in some respects in regards to background and experience.

The members here are outstanding. They will bend over backward to help others, and aren't afraid to air their problems/ concerns because they know they are safe to do so within this community.

Many many times I've seen members here mail an item no charge just to help out another member. Even more impressive, they've done this for people they've never even met in person.

Over the seven years I've been a member here, I've met several others from this forum who don't even live close by. The comradery, experiences and fun times had during those meetings will last a lifetime. I've gained knowledge from those here freely who have been more than willing to share it with nothing expected in return.
I hope to continue this tradition and meet several more as time allows.

We are all brothers and sisters in the same fight. We believe and embrace what our founding forefathers set forth early on in this great nation. And as brothers and sisters, we occasionally argue and bicker about some issues, but in the end, we truly are a tight knit group.

I've been on several other forums, but I don't get the same vibe as we have here. It truly is a one of a kind place.

Since it is the Christmas season, I wanted to speak my piece about this subject. Thank you all for making this place what it is. You truly have a place to be proud of and call home.


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#2741520 Never really seen much of a purpose for it till now. (Penetrator ammo)

Posted by Pepper on Jul. 08 2016 - 02:40 AM

I have a way around body armor. Shoot them in the face. Takes the fight right out of most people. 

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#2735316 I will not comply

Posted by August on Jun. 23 2016 - 07:22 PM

Thank all of you guys...
The sentiment is the same, I love you all, you've made the last six months a blast since I joined this forum, I feel like I know you all personally, and I know I'll get to meet some of you soon.
Please know I'm not trying to get any mileage or drama out of this! I'd just like you to know about it, then forget about it. :)
It's terminal cancer and I'm a little over due what the docs told me, it's rare and in the same category as pancreatic cancer. The mass in my stomach is around 30#, it's splitting me apart in a very painful way, my strength is waning, I can't breathe or walk too well. I notice week to week the deterioration. At some point there will be a rupture in my in my intestines and.... I'm happy and living life like there's tomorrow and having fun reloading and shooting and building!!!
I enjoy you guys immensely and can honestly say this forum has added to my time and my outlook on life.
And for that I thank you all!!

Now, let's concentrate on keeping the witch out of the WH and ruining this wonderful country for our children and grandchildren!! This whole thing shakes me to the core, this could be the end of our nation, I might not see it, but I fear for my kids and grandsons.

I will not comply...

Augie. :)
We have our battle cry!!!
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#2764995 Guess who my department's newest firearms instructor is?

Posted by Pepper on Sep. 07 2016 - 11:03 PM

I just finished a rigorous testing process and two interview panels. I was selected as the newest firearms instructor for the department. The certification class is going to be a ways out, but I get to start teaching basics under the supervision of a certified instructor, right away. 

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#2523399 We have a like button now.

Posted by Belt Fed on Dec. 17 2014 - 09:42 AM

I see one has been installed, Awesome. Now you can let a person know you enjoyed their post quickly.

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#2848803 What did I do today you might ask??

Posted by youngod on Apr. 23 2017 - 09:21 PM

I taunted a protester in front of the White House.  Maybe will have a picture later someone took of me.  It was great!  MAGA make a liberal cry.  

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#2783450 My Daughter put a local Officer in his place

Posted by Steelborn1 on Nov. 04 2016 - 07:02 AM

So I get home from work yesterday and my oldest daughter tells me they had a police officer come to their class today. She said he talked about a lot of stuff. Then he started on gun safety. He asked who is allowed to touch a gun? My daughter raises her hand. Then he tells her how dangerous guns are and that she should never touch a gun. She replies that guns are only dangerous to the thing it is pointed at. And then she says, besides, you have to pull the trigger also. And you don't touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot. He then tries scolding her and telling her that her dad would be upset if he knew she was touching his guns. She replies, are you really dumb enough to think I'd touch my dad's guns if he wasn't there? He takes me shooting anytime I want to. He encourages me to practice and get better all the time.
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#2745888 Sure is a lot of anger here

Posted by Pepper on Jul. 18 2016 - 10:57 PM

I think you guys need to relax a little.

I would love to. I'd also love to take the mourning band off my badge. I'd like the flag in front of my police department to not be at half staff. I'd like to not watch any more cop funerals, or hear our CIC tell us how it's our fault that our brothers and sisters wearing a badge are dying at the hands of domestic terrorists. I'd love to not see the tension in my co-workers' faces. I'd like to get through a week without having to counsel my brothers wearing the badge, and talk about how they'd love to come to work and not hear of another cop being shot. But everywhere we turn, we're reminded of it. The kind words of a caring community. The baked goods that just won't stop. The orders from on high that we're to ALWAYS cover each other on every stop, every call, every time. We're to put aside non-priority events to cover each other. Next step is rolling 2-up in every car, and that overtime will choke the city. 


I'm angry because I'm helpless. I can only work in my own little area. I can only do so much. Even where the real issues are, where the fighting is occurring, the cops can't fight, their enemy is faceless and nameless until after they've been attacked. Rampy talked about it earlier. We want to gear up, to grab our guns and get to work. But where? And how? And against whom? 


I come home, and I see it on here. I see it in my wife's face. I have to talk to my 7 year old daughter, and explain why people want to shoot policemen like her daddy. I have to tell her it's because we're white, and it's because my badge represents something greater than myself that they want to tear apart. I watch it on my son's face, how he wants to act like he's cool, like he knows what the world is all about, but I know he doesn't have a clue, anymore than I did when I was his age. I am afraid for them. And anger? Yes. Righteous anger at those who primed this. Anger at those who keep poking at it, keep riling people up, keep getting people hurt, for their own selfish ends. Anger at those who wish me harm, merely for the color of my skin, and the fact that I bear a shield to honor my commitment to my community. Anger at those who cheer the demise of my brothers and sisters. Anger born of frustration. The frustration of wanting to help with every fiber of my being, but unable to do so. 


So yeah. I'm angry. And I plan on staying angry for a while. It won't help the situation, but I need to remember why these people can't hold office. I need to remember not to support any of these people with my money. It's such a tiny gesture anymore, that means so little to so many. But those who denigrate those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their brothers, have no place in my home, or in my wallet. 

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#2522798 Annual Armory Photo Contest-Vote Now!!!!

Posted by Steelborn1 on Dec. 15 2014 - 06:57 PM

I will see what I can do. Got a fun idea.



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#2884841 White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Posted by youngod on Aug. 12 2017 - 02:43 PM

I am as Southern as you can get.  I was born and raised in Richmond VA.  I had family fight for the South in the Civil War (Rev War too!).  I will defend the southern lifestyle.  I don't mind be called a redneck.  In fact, I almost wear it as a badge of honor.  If you aren't from the South, you just can't understand.  To us, our culture is being attacked again.  It's hard to sit by and watch our monuments come down by a bunch of liberal progressives and racists.  It's hard to watch our schools that we grew up with get renamed.  It's hard to watch our streets get renamed.  It's hard to watch our bridges get renamed.  It's hard to hear others talk about the South as nothing but a bunch of racists and put down our culture.  It's hard to see people try to destroy EVERYTHING southern!  (Aside: Did you hear that in Washington State that they were changing the name of a school because it was named after a man who's last name was Lynch.  They said it's a racist name and may offend someone!) It's hard to be attacked and watch.  


HOWEVER, I will tell you that NONE of those skin heads, KKK members, white nationalists represent me!!!!  Yes, they are racists!  They give others defending those same things a bad name.  In fact, their actions are sure to see that those monuments, names and everything else will come down.  


I'm sorry if you aren't from the South, you surely can't understand how we treasure our culture.  Im convinced it's part of a grander plan to destroy the Bible belt that last truly conservative, Christian place in the United States.  Defeat Southern culture and you defeat conservative values.

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#2901646 California Cities Sue Oil Companies over Climate Change

Posted by MontanaLon on Sep. 23 2017 - 09:57 PM

The oil companies should be proactive here and just stop selling their product in California.

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#2892863 Howdy everyone

Posted by Nwatson99 on Aug. 30 2017 - 09:39 AM

Hey everyone I have missed everyone badly and so sorry for my long absence
Toyota is working me like crazy and with mowing twice per week my existence is consumed
My old crippled up ass is doing pretty descent but I have to get shots in my back monthly now.
Tema who I work for is a great group and very accommodating along with very willing to work with me to my needs to make me as comfortable as I can be while working
It is definitely different and I feel I am productive to society again

Well back to work see ya folks
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Posted by GLShooter on Aug. 15 2017 - 08:20 PM

I promised on another thread that I would do a write up on the Frankford Arsenal Depriming Tool. I did the short write up on it but as you all know this is sometimes pretty cut and dried and many feel like the write ups are not all that informative. Sort of like the “Me and Joe Went Fishing” stories in the sporting magazines.  Just boring stuff with little true content is often presented.


I am getting a little long in the tooth and because of some recent events in my family I have felt a very large increase in my urgings to mentor someone.  Civilization, in my opinion, needs to have a mechanism to pass on acquired knowledge to those following in the future. Traditions and foundational information need not be learned over and over again. Each of us is a trailblazer for the further.  I try to pass on what I have learned over the years in shooting and reloading and am still working on the book.  Of course what I learn here has added to my knowledge base so that gets passed along too.


It is always nice to get new information passed on to us and if it can be in standard pictorial format, written word or through the modern way via video. We have all seen videos that are well done and put up by knowledgeable individuals and then we have seen the other side that are subjective and full of smoke and mirrors chock full of misinformation and opinion. Hopefully this thread will provide you with some of each of the former quality level.  You will get a rare view behind the curtain of the Hobbyist and the newest Internet participant The Tactical Reloading Advisor.  The room was a bit cluttered but there are lots of projects going and sometimes that odd one just gets grabbed up and ran with. I might have picked the room up but this was very much unexpected.


I want you to meet Zachary. He is my Grandson and is five and one half years old. He is a big boy for his age and is showing signs of precocious development in the gunnie area. He has been spending some time with me in the reloading room and yesterday was another chance to teach and maybe encourage him.




He has quite a smile there so let me explain how that happened. We were looking at some cartridges that one of the fellows had sent me and he asked if I had an AK 47. I told him I had an SKS that took AK magazines but not a real AK.   I asked him why he asked and he said he liked the AK 47 best.  ????  I jumped up and ran and got the electronic thermometer out of the bathroom next to my reloading room.  Hmm… 99.2. Low grade fever but nothing to worry about except the previous week he commented how he liked my guns pointing to two AR’s.


 I will be watching him as this may be a false sign of early infection with the AK interest being an odd precursor to full blown BRD. It could be that pimple that we parents mistakenly think is nothing but is the first chicken pop right before the major problem. Unsettling it was.


Any way he asked about an AK so I asked how he knew about them and he said he watches gun videos and wants to learn all about guns.  He asked me if I knew how to reload one and I said I thought so did he?  He says he does and proceeds to pantomime holding a rifle, reaching below it and pushing a magazine with his hand, dropping it and then reinserting another the proper way. I didn’t have an AK magazine handy but handed him one from an AR10 and he showed me where you would push the “bullets” in to load. I showed him another magazine for the AR 15 and he got to see how much bigger some are.  


He then asked if I had any loaded “bullets” and I told him I had some loaded cartridges and that is what we called them. He already knew what primers, cases and bullets along with gun powder looks like thanks to a previous session. I reached over and picked up a box of the well know and much vaunted ZOMBIE MAX in 7.62X39.  I placed it on the table in front of him and he said those were for Zombies.  I asked how he knew that and he said it says so on the box proceeding to read the letters to me and saying that spelled ZOMBIE. I opened the box up and he saw the green tips and he liked that a great deal. He noticed his shirt was the same color as the Zombie box and bullets. He held it up and said look PePa and of course the Samsung spoke then!!   


We talked a bit and I put the loaded ammunition away and asked if he wanted to try the new tools and he said, “OK PEPA!!”  And not in an inside voice I might add. I explained the Frankford decapper to him. He already knew about decapping as he had used my arbor press and some Wilson platforms to decap a bunch of 243 LBC a few weeks ago. He knows that you have to take out the ones with the dents so you can put new ones in.


As I mentioned I had some brass handy so started out on the big stuff for him to learn with. Here he is showing me the primer in place on a 338 Win Mag and that it needs to come out. He was quite serious as he explained this one was a good one.





He had seen me do a couple for demonstration for him so he took his case and fitted it over the decapping assembly.  He had no trouble at all once he learned to push it all the way down until it stopped.  You might note that there is a glass by his arm. That is his water as he always likes to “hydrate”.  His words, not mine.




Here he is decapping his first case. He needed two hands and hit an occasional  tough one for PePa to handle.




Here he is extracting the case that he has just finished. You can see the pile behind him of the brass. He whipped through them. I timed him and he AVERAGED six cases/minutes. Not bad for a young fellow.





Here is working with the primer catcher body. He always wanted to dump it as it started to fill and he knew that they went in one of the buckets that are handy.




Here he is replacing it onto the tool body.  He showed pretty good dexterity for his age. He learned fast.




Zachary did close to 125 cases for the day as he would take a break and let me do it for a bit.  Meanwhile his MeMa came up to the reloading room and whipped out her phone. Many don’t know this but Debbi, MeMa, shot USPSA and 3Gun for many years when we were in Oklahoma and shot the US Nationals with me and has shot the Smith & Wesson Women’s National Invitational.  I pity the poor slop that runs into her full custom 6X45 AR, her full race 9X21 Para or worse yet her tricked out 1100. She strutted her stuff at an indoor range with me a few weeks ago shooting a Browning High Power.  A bit slow for the first few but not after that..but that’s another story. You can thank her for this last little bit. I’ll put it up against any of the guys that just think they are photogenic and informative. He sure makes me look plain.


So that was the day with the Hobbyist and the new Tactical Reloading Advisor.  As he gets more experience we will work on other aspects of reloading.


I leave you with this.





The Hobbyist

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#2786350 Guys we won

Posted by Nwatson99 on Nov. 09 2016 - 06:10 PM

No more osama

No whore clinton


Wow I am happy now. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:



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#2766851 Broncos Player Who Kneeled for National Anthem Dropped by Sponsor

Posted by TaosGlock on Sep. 12 2016 - 10:13 PM

And for the rest of you "oppressed" blacks. We have spent over $22 trillion trying to lift blacks out of poverty to no avail. Why? Because they drop out of school. If a black kid in the ghetto tries to do well in school he is scorned for “acting white”. They have children out of wedlock (73% illegitimacy rate). Black males refuse to support their baby mamas and the kids they download. They are 13% of the population but commit over 50% of the crime. You are not oppressed. Jessie and Al have made millions off your stupid victim mentality as well as the Democrats.

No people have done more for you than white people. White folks abolished slavery We fought a friggin war in this country to abolish slavery. You know where slavery still exists? Africa and Arab lands. The Religion of Peace still condones slavery. The evil wicked white people have come up with many programs to help you out: welfare, food stamps, subsidized housing, affirmative action, set asides, quotas, etc. but you’re oppressed.

You did better under Reagan and both Bushes than under Oblunder, who you voted for twice. Get a life,

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#2757310 So it isn't Augie oops.

Posted by Joel74 on Aug. 17 2016 - 07:32 PM

Sent a plant to the family.  Below is the message on the card.


You left behind a lot of friends who admired your courage and example for living life to the fullest.  Joel74 and your Armory Brothers.

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#2752171 What To Say When Your Doctor Asks You About Your Gun

Posted by Pepper on Aug. 03 2016 - 09:38 PM

We had a pediatrician that asked. I looked him square in the eye, and asked him in reply, "How often do you enjoy anal sex with your wife?" He spit, sputtered, and told me that was a highly inappropriate question, and outside the boundaries of our relationship. I told him he started it, I figured as long as he was asking things that were none of his damned business, I could do the same. I also found another doctor.  

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#2735779 My stepdaughters first range trip

Posted by August on Jun. 24 2016 - 02:12 PM

We snuck out at 8 this morning and had the place to ourselves...
My nine year old fired our new 22/45 Lite .22 pistol by herself!!
She was nervous, then got her wings and put over a hundred rounds on paper, with a few bullseye' to boot!!
Now, she's hooked!!
I'm so proud!!! :)
I can't wait to build that 9mm AR for my wife, my daughter can dive into rifles as well!!



Yes, we wear Cammo Packers gear all year long in Wisconsin!

My wife shot my AR for the first time today, she's been afraid of recoil because of the sound... I kept telling her there's no kick... Now she's hooked on my AR's!!! Awesome!! :)


I love my girls!! :)

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#2732963 So proud of my pops.

Posted by Lylelovett666 on Jun. 19 2016 - 02:54 AM

I bought him his first gun a few weeks ago. I'm on a budget & I just wanted to get his toes in the water,so it was a hipoint 9mm pistol. We went to the range the day after I gave it to him. I brought my .40 & .45 just to give him some variety. Smash cut to my visit this weekend for Father's Day. My pop now has a list of pistols he wants. He's in love with the walther pps m2,but also likes the s&w shield & has also expressed an interest in a 1911 & a sig in .40. He's spitting out figures & facts about guns & wanted to know if I'd ever heard of some guy named Hickok45 on YouTube. A duck to water. So proud.
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#2716190 The Mexican flag

Posted by youngod on Apr. 30 2016 - 01:53 PM

Does it tick any of you off like it does me that every time I turn on the tv or read the new I see Mexican flags flying or waving every where in the country, especially in Little Mexico (California).  These people don't want to assimilate.  You can have national pride but I know I for one am sick of seeing it.

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