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Posted Sep. 20 2011 - 03:33 PM

I was browsing around a couple sites and came across this Firefield 1x30 "combat sight," but I've never even heard of Firefield. Anyone know anything about them? An ACOG look alike red-dot that withstands an AR's recoil for the price I found would be very enticing. It seems too good to be true.

Here's Firefields listing:


It can be found else-where for cheaper, as low as $67 that I've found.

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Posted Sep. 20 2011 - 04:35 PM

It may look like an ACOG, but would not function like one. NC Star makes something similar and I wouldn't consider it anywhere near the level of optic that a ACOG is.

That being said, there are red dot optics that will hold up to AR recoil on a budget. Vortex, Primary Arms, Bushnell, and some of the old Tasco Propoints.

-Vortex makes their Sparc and their strike fire. (I haven't laid my hands on one of these yet, but they have a good reputation)
-Busnell Holosights (these are going to be close to $200-$300). Basically an EOTech without the armor.
-Primary Arms has their Microdot which is similar in size to the Aimpoint Micro, and have very clear optics and have held up to some pretty good drops without losing zero. Very solid little optic for under a hundred bucks.
-Tasco Propoints model numbers PDP2 and PDP3 that were the older Japanese made ones were quite durable and had high quality Japanese glass in them. They are real sleepers as a good quality red dot. The current Chinese made tascos really don't compare. Sometimes you can find them sitting in gun shops having been removed from guns to have more modern red dots installed.

Other than the Vortex optics I have run the other optics without any complaint on ARs. Eventually I will get a Vortex to try out. Just haven't gotten there yet.

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