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Slower/Bigger or Faster/Smaller?

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#1 OFFLINE   Rabbi


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Posted Apr. 10 2016 - 03:41 PM

Just about to get into reloading for 10mm and am looking for opinions as to which school of velocity-vs-weight might be best for the 10mm.


I tried both directions with 44mag--180gr XTP's and lots of WW296/H110 and 300gr XTP's and not-as-much of the same powder. Something to be said for each of those--but settled on the 180gr going fast because of the much-flatter trajectory up to 100yds. Also, was devastating on deer at close/moderate range.


I typically settle on a load and don't load anything else. Costs more, but I always shoot the real thing/don't load "plinking" ammo at all.


After killing a bunch of deer with the 44mag proper and also killing several more using saboted 240gr XTP's in my muzzle-loader--and seeing how they expand/stay together, especially at higher velocities--I am very much stuck on that bullet. 155gr and 200gr weights "bookend" the 10mm XTP line and both seem more interesting than the 180's.


My 10mm is a RIA 6" and is carried daily out on our property for "eventualities" of any kind. That might range from an "attack deer" :) to a coyote to a black bear--and individuals here CAN go in the 600# + neighborhood--but of course most are MUCH smaller. I've opted to not use any kind of optics, so let's say 100yd max--maybe a bit less for "game" and maybe a bit more for Wylie.


I'm interested in hearing opinions, especially those backed up with personal experience--but I reserve the right to ignore true wisdom and just screw up on my own :)


Which is the "winning" school of thought in this caliber/situation--speed or weight?

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#2 OFFLINE   gandog56


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Posted Jun. 20 2016 - 08:26 PM

I use either Precision Bullets 185 grainers or 180 grain powder coated bullets. Lot and lots of recipes and powders used for 180 grain loads.


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#3 OFFLINE   Rabbi


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Posted Jun. 20 2016 - 09:14 PM

Thanks for the input--since I am using open sights and that/old eyes shorten the possibilities, I decided to go with heavy. Have all the stuff to do more-or-less hot 200 XTP's as soon as I sort out the "new" Dillon for the first time.

#4 OFFLINE   The_Shadow


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Posted Jun. 20 2016 - 10:38 PM

I have run the full gambit of bullet weights in 10mm and i like the 165 - 210 grain weights, they tend to be the most accurate for me.

If you are running on the Dillon be sure to work at the mid level loadings giving you some room for powder drop variations.  When working at the upper limits you will do better to hand weigh your powder charges for precise measure.  if you get a chance drop by the 10mmFirearms forum.  http://10mm-firearms.com/index.php

Get to know each and every step with you press as you work through you learning curve...

Good luck


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#5 OFFLINE   puke


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Posted Feb. 05 2017 - 12:04 AM

I shoot 180s, but I haven't been into it for very long.  I had, for a long time,..always ran extra heavy with my 44 mag (over 300 gr.)..but my son didn't like the kick and I've since went back to 240s.  I think I've got at least 1000 300s loaded up that may never get shot.  I always do full power loads...or close to full power anyway.  With the 180s and the 10mm I think I'm doing around 9 to 9.3 power pistol... I do have some 800x that I haven't done anything with yet.

#6 ONLINE   ScoutnUSA


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Posted Feb. 05 2017 - 12:14 PM

Since you aren't looking at hunting with it and long distance bullet drop isn't an issue, but knock down is, I would go with what ever weight carries the most energy at your expected distance.



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