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ESPN Is Really Confused Why Colin Kaepernick Is Unemployed

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#1 OFFLINE   Zephyr One/Zero

Zephyr One/Zero

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Posted Jul. 28 2017 - 10:44 PM



Maybe it's because he's third-string un-American azzhole!


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Posted Jul. 29 2017 - 01:36 AM



Maybe it's because he's third-string un-American azzhole!



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#3 ONLINE   Joel74


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Posted Jul. 29 2017 - 05:57 AM

Is this the same ESPN laying people off because of lost viewers?


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#4 OFFLINE   TomJefferson


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Posted Jul. 29 2017 - 06:19 AM

Is this the same ESPN laying people off because of lost viewers?

Yep, my first thought was "Same reason CNNs ratings are down." 



#5 OFFLINE   Flesh Wound

Flesh Wound

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Posted Jul. 29 2017 - 07:22 PM

Is this the same ESPN laying people off because of lost viewers?




Flesh Wound


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#6 OFFLINE   gshayd


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Posted Aug. 13 2017 - 02:22 AM

I heard the Ravens offered him a job making the NFL minimum of $900,000 a year. He turned it down because he wanted to be starting QB.   I have not one shred of pity for him.  His job is to be the best QB he can be not a social justice warrior on the field.

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#7 OFFLINE   Flesh Wound

Flesh Wound

    Yardstick for lunatics.

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Posted Aug. 13 2017 - 03:43 AM

Since that Turd is not signed presently I'll watch mah Cowboys. If somebody in the NFL signs Klapperdick I will once again boycott watching the NFL.


I missed all of last season due to my boycott. And my Cowboys dun good too!

#8 OFFLINE   Dark Prophit

Dark Prophit

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Posted Aug. 13 2017 - 07:00 AM

look at Marshawn Lynch, he didn't stand up for the anthem, but he plays good ball, that is why he is on a team. regardless of politics, If the team can't count on ya to give a 100%, they don't want ya.

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#9 OFFLINE   youngod


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Posted Aug. 13 2017 - 07:39 AM

ESPN is racist.  Stephen Smith is a turd

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