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Ear muffs

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#1 OFFLINE   shaehawkins


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Posted Apr. 03 2018 - 01:46 PM

I’ve been using these Field & Stream ear muffs with plugs also cause the range I go to has steel walls (basically inside a bunch of shipping containers) and it’s pretty loud when shooting my AR pistol with a brake and noice director cup if you will, and I’m wondering if getting the electronic muffs would be worth getting? and if so if I use plugs with the muffs will I still be able to hear people talking? I’ve watched a few reviews on YouTube of some but they don’t really explain what I’m wondering.

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#2 ONLINE   Jaeger48


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Posted Apr. 03 2018 - 02:24 PM

Double ear pro. Plugs inside of muffs is the only way to go

#3 OFFLINE   Forsaken352


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Posted Apr. 03 2018 - 04:40 PM

I've been using the TCI DEHP's for about two years now, and I'd recommend them to anybody.     It would surprise me if you needed plugs while using these;  when we're having a shooting day, I've been able to comfortably stand right next to anybody using a .17 to the .50 and anything in-between.  A buddy of mine even tried messing with me once by putting an air horn next to my ear while wearing them, it sounded about as loud as a person talking.    Now, they are no doubt pricey, but the way "I" personally looked at it was,  over the years I have noticed a decent amount of hearing loss, so (to me) it was worth every penny to preserve what is left.  Being as I am hard of hearing, one of the nice features about them is that they amplify ambient sounds, so they double as my hearing aids. That is, right up until it's at a damaging level, then they of course shut off.   I'd recommend checking them out:




One thing I would suggest if you do consider them, however, is getting the gel ear seals.  Not only is it more comfortable (especially for those of us with 4 eyes), but I imagine that it also helps to keep it quieter than the foam.


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#4 ONLINE   glock45


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Posted Apr. 04 2018 - 05:00 PM

Bought a set of electronic ear muffs from Brownells 6 months ago, 18 miles from me. They are super the sounds that the sensors catch are completely muffed. I walk on dry leaves and that is muffed. You can hear birds in the distance then bang and everything goes silent. I am a happy camper. :tiphat:  

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