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A vava, hooya, cooter pistol. Who wants it?

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#1 OFFLINE   youngod


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Posted May. 16 2018 - 07:55 PM



I think I posted the original article about this but now she has been sentenced.  The comments are hilarious!



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#2 ONLINE   Gmountain


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Posted May. 16 2018 - 08:12 PM

It's probably all corroded.


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Posted May. 16 2018 - 08:33 PM

They can keep it. And she should have gotten more time.




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#4 OFFLINE   Retcop


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Posted May. 17 2018 - 06:52 AM

What's the big deal, it's only a .380.


What's the worst she could do with it, leave a bruise ?         :segrin:

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#5 OFFLINE   muzlblast


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Posted May. 17 2018 - 08:19 AM

The ultimate concealed carry piece. You can be carrying even when naked! Props To kimber on this slick little pistol...
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#6 OFFLINE   wish2no


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Posted May. 17 2018 - 10:22 AM

Wonder what her story is.  Life must be awfully hard to put yourself in such a position. 


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#7 ONLINE   gshayd


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Posted May. 17 2018 - 10:22 AM

Its all yours


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#8 ONLINE   tommag


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Posted May. 18 2018 - 06:57 PM

I'm thinking gynolotromin would make a good solvent for initial cleaning.
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#9 OFFLINE   adamr19745


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Posted May. 19 2018 - 02:16 PM

I would take it but I would soak it in carb cleaner and wear thick rubber gloves

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#10 OFFLINE   hkriflenut


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Posted May. 19 2018 - 04:01 PM

Sniff it, if it smells like tuna, soak it in bleech. If it smells lime trout, soak it in gas and burn the cooties off. Hose down with carb cleaner. Soak in 10W40 for a day or three. Reassemble, wipe down, give to the wife as a hideout piece  :tiphat:  :segrin:

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