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Barrel profiles and .264 LBC

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Posted Jul. 28 2018 - 10:38 AM

What are the advantages/disadvantages to each of the different barrel profiles? Bull, National Match, M4, etc... I shoot bench rest and am interested in long range shooting not sure about competition but definitely want to improve skills. I have latched onto the Grendel round and find it fits my requirements. I am using the Type I bolt with a bolt face depth of .125" which should be the same as the .264 LBC. This keeps parts commonality with my 7.62 x 39 upper. Also why a tapered throat over a straight throat? Lastly recommendations for Grendel or LBC barrels please.






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Posted Aug. 01 2018 - 01:01 PM

It depends how much weight you like. In descending order you got lighter.  longer strings. Bulls heat up slower and tend to maintain POI longer over longer strings.  The light ones are more maneuverable and easier to carry if you are doing any SD work or 3Gun..  The thicker, bull, barrels are more rigid and this tends to aid in accuracy. It's not the barrel length that determines that but repeatable harmonics like heating etc that make the difference. The NM is a bull in the back and a 750 in the front. Some like the balance. I have a couple of them. I don't see much difference in my shooting  but they do make a difference in feel off hand. From a bipod it's a wash.


I have about one of each in various lengths. Each has a usage like golf clubs for the task. In all honesty a STANDARD profile, similar to an H-bar is about the best compromise. I have some I shoot to 500 yards and some I shoot at 5 yards though I don't run the 24" up close..lol.  They are very usable for me and unless  A 20" or 22" STANDER in the LBC would do all you need IMHO.


Bill A. thought the tapered throat/leade aided in accuracy and flexibility. I will say I don't see it. After a few hundred rounds it is certainly degraded anyway.


If you want an LBC at this time Tactical Ordnance is the go to place IMHO. BHW is in the process of a move and it will be many months before they turn out any new barrels. The TO five groove poly is really shooting well and is faster than the 3 poly of BHW so far in my testing.



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