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How to Install a Ambi BCG Release.

Posted by Nwatson99 on February 01 2013 12:04 AM

Today we are installing a Phase 5 Tactical Bolt Carrier Group Ambi Release the EBR V2.

First thing to be done is verify the weapon is unloaded and there is not a round in the chamber.

Next we need is a test subject, I am installing this on another one of my LMT Lowers.


2nd thing make sure you have the proper roll pin punch to perform this task. I have chosen the Brownell's Bolt Catch Pin Punch "Slab Side"

The reason it is referred to the "Slab Side"

How to remove the roll pin from the Bolt Carrier Release.
1. Remove the Upper from the Lower.
2. Take the Slab Side Punch and place it correctly on the BCG Release Roll Pin.

Close Up of the Roll Pin.

Now Driving the Roll Pin Out.
Do not drive out the Roll Pin all the way, always leave it in the hole. Drive the roll pin out just enough to get the Factory BCG Release out.

Reverse the procedure above and this is what you have.

Part I am installing

Finished Installation

Top View of Finished Installation

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