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  • Added on: February 01 2013 12:05 AM
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How To install AR15 Ambi Safety Selector

Posted by Nwatson99 on February 01 2013 12:05 AM

I have seen several questions asked about removing the Selector Switch or replacing your factory one with a Ambidextrous Selector "Ambi Selector",so I decided to do one of mine this afternoon and thought I would snap a few Photos and write a brief how to.

First off we will need everything to do the job with, namely the Lower Assembly, Ambi Selector Switch, Flat Head Screw Driver and Allen wrench to install the opposite side of the Selector.

Next we have a photo of the First step to the replacing of the Ambi Selector, locating the handle grip screw of your Lower. The screw is located inside the your Lower Grip and is easily accessible with a Flat Head Screw Driver.

Loosen the screw only, there is no reason to remove this screw. Only loosen the screw until your Selector Spring and Detent Pin is visible and not fully engaged in your current Selector. There is no use in removing everything and this is less risk of losing the Spring or Detent Pin. Here is what that should look like.

Now once you have the Handle in the correct position and you can see the top of the Spring and Bottom of the Detent Pin, you will notice your Selector will almost fall out on it's own.

Next remove the Removable Selector from the Selector Switch Unit. They will come together with the Allen Wrench provided in the package.

Slide the first part of your Selector Switch Unit from the Left Side, non Ejection side of the Lower, until you see this.

Take the Removable Selector place it inside the grooves shown in the photo above and tighten the Counter Sunk Socket Head Cap Screw until the Removable Selector is Snug.

Finally double check your Spring is started in the Selector Switch Port and tighten the Grip back to the Lower Assembly tight, once this is done tighten the Removable Selector and start actuating the Selector Switch back and fourth.
If you feel a Heavy Drag on the Selector Switch take the handle end of your Screw Drive and give it a few love taps.
The Detent Pin could be Riding hard to the right side and dragging, if this does not work reverse the love tap to the other side.
Most of the time when changing out to the Ambi Selector you need to work it a little bit to get it seated and moving freely.
This is the Finished product.

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