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Black River Tactical Covert Comp Review

Posted by glock10mmman on July 17 2010 03:34 AM
Hello folks.

I have another review to share with you:

This is the “Covert Comp” from Black River Tactical.
Posted Image

When I opened the package, the first thing I noticed is how closely this resembles an A2 style flash hider. Only there are no horizontal slots cut into the body. The flash hider is for the 6.8, 6.5 and 308 calibers with 5/8-24 thread pitch respectively. Length is 2 inches and weighs in at 2 ounces. The diameter is .862” and is made from Tungsten Enhanced Chrome-Moly steel coated in Manganese Phosphate. Hardened for maximum strength.

Installing this flash hider is no different that any A2 on the market. It has two machined flats for use with a proper flash hider wrench. Its nice and smooth and in my opinion, sets the barrel off with a clean look. Inside is where this flash hider is different. There are 5 ports followed by grooves machined into the inside of the Covert. This design of inside ports is not new and is well regarded as being very effective in cutting down muzzle rise and projecting the perceived “crack” and noise down range, away from the shooter and bystanders. However this is something new for me. Most breaks or hiders that have the inside ports, like the Covert, are only machined back 1/16th to 1/8th from the end of the muzzle. The Covert is machined back just over ½” from the muzzle. This helps cut down the muzzle flip as the bullet leaves the bore.
Posted Image

Other than the two machined flats for torqueing down the comp, there is nothing to index so you can get away without using crush or peel washer. If you prefer to have the flats horizontal or vertical you will have to use a washer. The comp fits all the way against the barrel when a washer is not used.

Until now, all I have used with my 6.8 weapons were an A2 flash hider and a Phantom flash hider. Neither does a good job at cutting down the recoil. When shooting with my ACOG and the A2, at 100 yards, my chevron rises approximately 15 inches high and 5 inches to the left. When using the Phantom, is a bit better at 10-12 inches high and 5 to the left. When using the Black River, there is a phenomenal difference. I put around 300 rounds through this comp so far and muzzle rise averaged around 5-6 inches high and 2-3 to the left. I did not test the other two flash hiders with my Mark 4 20x, but with the Mark 4 and the Black River, I never lost complete sight of my target. Follow up shots were easily accomplished with both scopes.

Here is a short video showing the amount of muzzle rise using the Black River. Barrel is an 18” medium weight and gun weighs at just over 8 pounds. Keep in mind that this is shooting free hand. For the above testing, I used a bipod and rear bag.

As a flash hider, this comp fared average. Low light shooting was fine with just a hint of flash seen through the optic. Follow up’s were not too difficult, but night shooting were very difficult getting back on target with the flash it produced. However, this is a comp, not a dedicated flash hider.

Shooting this comp indoors is very pleasant. Muzzle blast is projected down range and away from the shooter and bystanders. Makes for less concussion during long range sessions. I have a few different comps that utilize this design and all are a pleasure to shoot indoors as is the Black River.

To wrap up this review, the Covert Comp shows some great improvements over standard flash hiders and cuts muzzle rise down considerably. While its not the best comp for hiding the muzzle flash, it does a good job of cutting it down. Fit and finish score high marks. Machining looks very well done. No excess machining or tool marks were present on unit I tested.

Thanks for your time!
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