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Attached Muzzle Device Permanently with no drilling or refinishing...easy!

Using Silver Solder Paste

Posted by jchtrh on February 04 2013 05:04 AM

This ATF approved method of permanently attaching a muzzle device, by 1100+ degree F silver solder.

I should have taken pictures while I was doing this, but I was excited and forgot to...so I'll try to explain as best I could.

This is what I did...

1. Make sure gun was unloaded, then detached upper from the lower and removed charging handle and bolt carrier.
2. Placed upper into DPMS Claw.
3. Removed muzzle device and crush washer.
4. I used a Dremel with a small grinder and ground 4 small grooves/troughs perpendicular to the barrel threads and the device threads, this will give the solder a place to go if threads are tight, it also give the solder the area to bite. I used a long round grinding stone to get the job done.
5. I applied silver solder paste to the inside of the trough in the device and around the threads on the barrel, I used rubber gloves to apply it evenly.
6. I then attached and indexed the muzzle device to the position I wanted(The position it will remain permanently).
7. I then applied Brownell's Heat control paste to the barrel, up to the crush washer and around the muzzle device, leaving an area on the device clear, the area that the threads were under(usually under the area were the wrench will grab the device). This will be the area you heat up.

Yeah, I know what it looks like... :)
8. I used a propane/MAPP torch to heat up the area in between the paste, the area you leave clean. The area needs to heated to about the point you can start seeing it glow red in the dark. I did it in low light to make it easier to see the glow. The paste will dry and flake slowly. You should see the smoke from the Silver Solder paste when it starts to melt.
9. Cool barrel and muzzle device, scrape off excess paste into trash or other container, rinse device and barrel under water and clean with a brush, inside the device and out. I ran a bore snake through the barrel twice when I was done and cleaned with oil and another brush, wiped clean and then cleaned the bore again.

Overall length is 16 1/8 inches from receiver to tip.
no finish damage to the device, it took about 45 minutes from start to finish, the cooling off took the most time. The Heat control paste did it's job well and there is no dis colorization or damage to the coating on the device.

Some things you may want to consider before doing this is:
1. The type of device you are going to attach, will you be able to rise and clean all off the paste?
2. The solder paste must be silver solder paste and have a melting point of no less that 1100 Degrees F
3. Do in a vented area away from flammable items/liquids.
4. Do not put excess solder paste.

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