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Equipment Supply Rules and Regulations

Equipment Supply Rules and Regulations that will be Followed and Enforced to Maintain a Good Environment



Effective Feb. 11, 2012




AR15Armory.com / 10mmtalk.com does not take or hold any responsibility for the item(s) listed in the Equipment Supply sold or purchased, we will not warranty, repair, any items sold between Members or Members and our Sponsors.



Sponsors can list items for sale in the Equipment Supply just like our Membership as well as their Company forums they have on our site.



1. All sellers must have 300 posts to list a for sale item here on our site due to the deception that has taken place here.

2. Make sure the item(s) you have listed is described as accurate as you can describe it, also please support any claims with Photos of the item(s) in question. If you try to cheat our Membership we do not want you part of our forum and we will Ban you and pass out your information to all other Firearms Affiliate Sites.

3. Cheating a member here will only happen one time so if you like the site and do not want your information sent to other Firearm Sites then be honest.

4. You must place in your profile your City and State location.




1. Make sure you understand the item(s) you are buying are exactly what you want before you purchase said item(s).

2. Cheating a member here will only happen one time so if you like the site and do not want your information sent to other Firearm Sites then be honest.



Equipment Exchange Rules:


1. All items must be priced if listed for sale or if trading please list the items you are interested in trading for.


2. You MUST have valid contact information to sell in our Equipment Supply period no negotiations on this. If a Member tries to contact you and

your e-mail bounces back to the Server we will remove your add without question or notification.


3. If you want to sell here please make sure your E-mail is not set to private so the Interested Member(s) can e-mail or send you a Personal Message to you through your profile.


4. No Auction(s) Links or items you have listed on other sites, if you want to be part of our site and list items here for sale then you can create your Topic here like any other forum.


5. No Dealers or Links to Dealers sites that are not a AR15Armory Sponsors period, they will be deleted without hesitation.


6. If an individual sells more than (6) items per month here, we ask you become a Patron to help support the site since you are using our site for your benefit.


7. No bashing other Members Topics, yes some might place ridiculous items up for sale or even prices, but we do not need any negativity against them nor posting in their Topic, if you do not like the way the Seller is conducting themselves then move on to another topic, if the item(s) in question are Illegal Contact Staff Immediately.


8. No Topics or Posts of anything Illegal period, we have Zero Tolerance here for that.


9. Once your item is Sold, Traded or you Changed your mind and want to keep it, DO NOT delete the original Topic Title, Topic, Post or

anything. Leave the Original Post AS IS We ask you just edit the Topic Title adding to it Sold, Traded, Gone, No Longer Available. Do not Delete or Edit anything else.


10. BTT folks we have no problem with that, but let's give it 48 hours before you do BTT. If your buddy is selling something on the forum do not BTT just because it is your buddy. Again, we run and operate a nice clean site and expect it to stay that way.


11. Any Changes or Updates performed in your sale Topic, only use the edit button and edit what ever needs to be edited, do not post additional replies just a simple edit will do.


12. Questions about items in the Equipment Supply is allowed in the Sellers Topic, however if you have numerous questions relating to the same

item, please use the E-mail or PM system we have on the site so we are not asking pages of questions to one item for sale.


13. No Spam accounts, troll accounts, no one here should have two accounts period especially trying to use both accounts to sell an item, we will know if this happens and we will delete the second account and maybe the first one if necessary.


14. Members once a transaction as taken place, make sure both parties leave the accurate feedback for the opposite party this allows us to track who or who not to purchase from.


Air Soft Items:

1. We have several members from Foreign Countries that are only allowed to own the Air soft or Replica Weapons we have here in the States, if you

have a Air soft or Replica item to sale, make sure it is marked clearly that is what it is period, there are no second chances with this and we only allow this due our Members form Foreign Lands.

2. If anyone attempts to sell Air soft items as original OEM Firearm parts we will Ban you immediately, plus as a bonus we will give all you information to every other Firearm forum and Sites we are affiliated with or our Staff holds a membership on and trust me that is 95% of the sites out there today.

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