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Our Fallen Members


"Eric The Hun"

Wayne Henry Cobb Jr. passed away around 1:15PM Central Time, October 2, 2006.



Nick passed away yesterday afternoon Oct. 07 2006



George "Butch" Guerrero Jr Passed away May 03 2009



Bill Pierce Passed away January 8th, 2010



Andy age 62 passed away Dec. 15 2010



Daniel M. Estok, age 41 of Hendersonville, passed away Friday, July 15, 2011.



Chris4905 age 64 of Eagle Idaho, Veteran LEO for 32 years passed away June 8th 2013 from a rare form of bladder cancer.



Mark Reimer age 54 passed away Monday, July 8, 2013



bornofthehorses a highly decorated Veteran passed away today July 22 2013.



Roy age 56 passed away from pancreatic cancer Nov 24, 2013



August Waymeyer passed away cancer, January 4th 2017


"Gmountain"   Senior Staff Member

Jeff Kirsch and his wife Nancy aged 62 past away March 29th 2019 from Hepatitis A.


"Noneya"  Senior Staff Member

Don Kuramoto, passed away in July of 2020 of cancer. 


"gshayd" Gold Patron

Grover Scott Haywood passed away on April 29, 2021. 


"Alpo" Gold Patron

Alfred Poquette passed away July 16 2021 of cancer. 



Keith Kapple passed away October 2, 2021 of cancer

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