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  3. They are actually very smart. Their invasion by invitation is going splendidly for their agenda. Just because they hate America and their plans include bringing down the Republic, and causing great hardships for the average American, creating chaos and a new permanent underclass is a good way to achieve their depraved goals. I do think the invasion of mostly Hispanics will come back to bite them, as the majority of Hispanics value family, hard work, and entrepreneurship, they will not be as accepting of the liberal pro gay pro abortion deranged woke agenda. Which is why the Bidens have recruited invaders from all over the world. The invasion should be the warning shot for most Americans, but apparently we don't have the testicular fortitude to stop it ourselves when the Feds are so obviously working agin us.
  4. Good Morning, Joel ! Good Morning, Everyone ! !
  5. He could not have done a better hit job for the Leftist media than if he had planned all this. Come to think of it...that is probably exactly what he is attempting. The crazy Black guy has said he wants to be President his own self. Crazy Black dude taking a page out of Trump's book. First, knock off or damage your strongest rivals. Crazy Black dude teed up a good one for the media...
  6. Sorry for your loss Towtruck. People get close to animals, but my opinion is it's a different kind of closeness with animals you spend time on. My family has had horses my whole life. My mother got her first when she was little. We have probably had 20 over the years, once the become part of the family they don't leave. The tough part is exactly what y'all are going through. Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
  7. TT, Your wife and you have my greatest sympathy for the loss of Tig. The loss of Tig is a huge blow to your wife and is such a sad story as to stagger anyone who has had a special bond with another of God's creatures and reads the story. Yet there is also much happiness, love, and blessings in your story of Tig and your wife as to lift one's soul. What a blessing it is that Tig and your wife found each other. Tig was lucky to have your wife (and you), as a different owner may not have treated Tig's allergies and other ailments with as much concern, or even tolerated them at all, or have understand Tig's special personality or Tig's "moving too fast." Yes, Tig was lucky to have such caring and understanding people to give her a good life and who had the wherewithal to treat all these conditions, especially as she aged. While Tig was so very fortunate to receive such great love, care and sense of purpose, the story you tell of what your wife received from Tig is so very heartwarming and sad at the same time. What Tig was able to be for your wife is one of the simple miracles of life that go on with so many people and their animals. They are truly one of God's greatest blessings. You may know, or may want to know a little bit about the teachings of the Church to which myself and my family belong, as we have for many generations. As the Scriptures tell us, the Lord has prepared a room for us in His Mansion that is the next life, or Heaven as some call it. My Church teaches that all of God's creatures are special and well loved by their Creator. The room he prepares for us would not be complete without those animals special to us. If fact, the blessings we receive from God's creatures is given a Feast Day celebration every year in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, a man ( who lived long ago and who became "The Patron Saint of Animals." In this sainthood, St. Francis' own love for animals is celebrated, as was his efforts as a champion of animals, that they be treated with love, kindness and respect. As God's creatures, these animals are very special, St Francis taught so perhaps St. Francis' greatest achievement was to not only to get all of God's creatures to be considered special, but that he wrote volumes on how the Mansion with many rooms that the Lord has prepared for us would not be complete without all the special animals that share with us being part of God's creation. My heart goes out to your wife in her time of sadness and loss, and to you. As a husband I have an idea how your heart breaks from the pain your wife is going through, as well as your own loss of Tig as part of the family. St. Francis wrote, prayed, and meditated on the uniqueness of God's creation, the beauty of nature, and man's special connection we will always have with these wonderful creatures. But best of all, St Francis taught us that the Heaven waiting for us would include all of God's creatures, especially the ones with which our souls had a special connection. Your Bride should know that Tig will be in the place that has been prepared for her, and Tig will be patiently waiting an eternity for your wife to reach her reward. St. Francis was a great man, who left behind great writings on just how wonderful and needed God's creatures are, and that a "next world" that includes all God's creatures, especially those we love is what awaits us. Here is to Tig's life and all the happiness and comfort he brought to your wife, and thus to you. May your wife find solace in the good memories and the celebration of Tig's life when she is ready, secure in the knowledge that many years from now they shall be together once again in the light of the Lord. John
  8. Sorry for your loss pal. To folks who have never been around horses a lot, I tell them "They're like big dogs". That's how attached you get to them and them to you.
  9. Sorry indeed, Tow. It's the hardest thing to come to terms with, but it's something every owner of companion animals have to go through. I've got seven horses buried here at my place, and I miss every one of them, but some more than others because they were genuinely standouts. All but one was over 30 when the call was made, but for each one it was the last nice thing that could be done for them, just the same as it was for Tig. Nothing can make anyone feel better at a time like this. The best thing to do is to look at old pictures and remember the great times you had together. Remembering the last moments hurts for years, even decades, so try to avoid that and focus on the good memories. In time it will get easier to deal with, but for now just support each other. You folks have my most sincere sympathy.
  10. @towtruck, my friend and fellow armorer, your wife and whole family have my deepest, sincerest condolences for your terrible loss. I can't begin to describe how much our 4-legged companions truly mean to us, but I don't need to try because you already know. It saddens me deeply anytime someone loses a furry family member, and make no mistake, though "pets", they are very much a part of the family just as much as the 2-legged members, and losing one is just as hard. Now, I'm an animal lover, through-and-through, this is evident by my 8 dogs(dog person if not obvious), and I don't know much about horses, so I'm not sure if 20yrs old is "old age" for a horse, but judging by your context, it is, so the best thing IMO is to know that y'all did everything you possibly could for her, and enjoyed a great, full life, living and learning together. The unfortunate part of all life, is death, its imminent, nothing can change that, and we all know that, but still doesn't make it an easier. I myself have a dog whom has been to heck and back with me, and have been through so much and she's always been there, but she's getting up there in her years, I just hope when her time comes, I'm as strong as your wife and am able to move forward. I know it sounds stupid to some, but she's literally the reason I'm even still here today, which is why I have tears running down my face even thinking about it, didn't help they already started after reading your post, but enough about me... I grieve for you and your wife's loss, just remember the good times and know that y'all gave her the best life you possibly could have, just the same, I wish y'all the best. Man I suck at things like this, putting how I feel into words, must be a guy thing, hope I didn't say anything that was taken the wrong way, as I have nothing but sympathy, love, and compassion for my fellow animal-loving brethern.
  11. What's wrong with a little spanking ? All the guys who have NOT slapped their wife's butt as a part of foreplay and/or lovemaking raise your hands. Thought so...I don't see any hands raised. So why don't we address the REAL issue. This high-up government official is a friggin mentally unstable freak, a pervert, and a security liability. Don't take it out on a little spanking. Talk turkey about how woke culture wants us to accept the unnatural, the degrading, the perverse, and the mentally ill gender dysphorics. Since Biden shows all the signs of being a child sex offender, he picked fellow perverts to provide "diversity" in his administration, since he is a racist who has no idea how to relate to Black or Brown people except in his old KKK context. We need to stop accepting these open displays of unnatural acts of perversion in our civil servants. What you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is your business. But when these freaks are so effed up in the head they can't help parading around in public, hungry for the other perverts' attention, then no way should they be collecting a government paycheck. Period.
  12. He legally changed his name to Ye, that kinda says a lot too. I mean, if you take away all the bad things about hitler, there are SOME good. He was ambitious, intelligent, loved animals, and did a lot for Germany, until he went on the attack. That's all I got, and none of that comes close to forgiving being a genocidal psychopath...
  13. Agreed 100% Nothing, she really knows nothing. At all...
  14. I'm all for letting that 300 million go towards deporting them all back to where they came from, but to KEEP THEM HERE, are they really that freaking dumb???
  15. How about..... NOTHING!!! Get a freaking job and suck it up like the rest of the country. Slavery has NOTHING to do with the self-imposed lack of wealth these people are experiencing, nor will ANY amount of money fix what ails them, heck, you cant even buy a house there with that amount of money, LoL. You'll just see a lot of fancy cars with big, shiny rims and loud sound systems with the driver without a license sporting as much gold as Mr. T, for a little bit. 6 months to a year later, it'll be back to the same old song and dance. Hell, with gas prices in comifornia, they'll only be driving their pimped out rides for 6 months to a year. What a freaking joke, and I hope it's only comifornia who pays for this madness, not that they should have to shoulder the burden. Whatever "wrong" this country may have done to the slavery generation, which has long been deceased, has been paid for in full AND THEN SOME in blood and freedom, convince me otherwise, if you can...
  16. WTF is wrong with these people?? You can't tell me with a straight face that this "guy" is of sound mental health...
  17. I'm only posting because I need to distract myself from todays events...enough pain I need to vent a little. This is Tig, my wife's whole world.... My wife's best friend for the last 13 years died today. This is the friend that we used to get my wife through menopause, she got my wife through tough times at her work, got my wife through breast cancer, and she has been by my wife's side for a long time. Tig was twenty this year and she came from a line of horses that was known for allergies and other issues but also for great performance. This horse was allergic to everything ( certain shavings, fly spray, getting a shot, medication to prevent a reaction to a shot, flour, and more) and my wife spent 13 years caring for her making sure she had the best care. She had all the meds to combat reactions she might get. They rode thousands of trail miles together, gathered cattle, followed me and my pony in the cart, and offered each other a literal shoulder to cry on when one was sad. She went through five years of training under my wife to become one of the best horses out there. Her lope would drop jaws on the people that knew horses the best. My wife spent five hours a day just messing with that horse, grooming, scratching, pulling ticks.....that horse would back into my wife so she could pull a tick off her tail or turn her body and guide my wife's hand to the tick. Tig started out life as a trick rodeo horse that failed at it. She was too curious and too aware to focus on the tasks. When my wife first got her she was 6 and Tig would bob her head on rides and chase butterflies and she was always looking off into the distance at things nobody or no other horse could see. One of her traits was knowing how to get back to the trailer. If the group got lost all they had to do was give Tig her head and she would lead the group back to the trailers. If Tig stopped and was staring off in the distance everyone knew to look harder because she always saw things before anyone else. So many memories, good and bad. My wife has been tossed off that horse countless times and even ended up in ICU and in a walker for a month once. All because Tig could move quicker than my wife when danger was present. Over the last six months Tig was starting to show her age. She was getting arthritis in her front feet and the wife put her on a medication to help her. She was on the meds for a month and the Vet took her off to see if it was a temporary need and within a couple weeks she was sore again after a ride. Once during the first month of meds Tig almost had colic during a ride. Nobody connected the dots that the meds could be the cause. She went back on the meds and was showing some small not normal behavior but nothing alarming. Today she tied up and went down. The wife caught her early and rushed her to a vet. Her blood work was bad, she was super toxic, her bowels were twisted and she was in great pain. They pumped her stomach and it was only clear fluid, no food that may have caused the issue. My wife made the call to put her down verses a night of pain and surgery that she had no hope of surviving. My wife was blaming herself and after some time, tears, and conversation she now realizes it was not her fault. Tig just got too old to fight her issues. My wife is lost.....Tig was her everything, her reason to get out of bed each day. A once in a lifetime animal.
  18. To add to sw9mms recommendations, weatherproofing the connectors is best done with self vulcanizing tape. In the truckstop its sold for about $10/roll. It's a silicone tape with no adhesive, it bonds to itself. The tighter you stretch it the better it bonds.
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