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  2. Did You need to take out a loan in order to pay for it ?. DQ opened a franchise in Blackfoot ,I gave it a couple of months ,popped in Burger fries and Blizzard . What a fricken RIP OFF ,their menu is way way off listed pricing and far more expensive than Idaho Falls or the Girl didn't know her azz for a hat . Have NO intention of returning . I'm Not a huge fan of ice cream but did enjoy Blizzards . So the Wife says to Me , lets buy an ice cream maker a Good unit for Gellotto sherbert and soft serve . We have a Fruit Orchard of various types of Cherries Peaches Pears Plums Apples , plus Blackberries and Raspberries . Oh baby Summer is gonna be more fun than a barrel of naked girls
  3. I love that Model 70 gallery gun clone Good eye Terry .
  4. So when the FDIC runs out of our money, will Joe the Bidet write a check, no he will not, that scum will go hide.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Enjoy guys, not so good is way better than nada. My heart Doc says rabbit food and water.
  7. I have some of both and that is good ammo. I do buy and shoot supersonics, or did early on, with the primary objective of getting brass. I do have some factory defense loads for my 300blk SBR, the Nosler 220 basllistic glow tips that are far too expensive and pretty much impossible to find now. The glow in the dark tips are a gimmick but the 220g ballistic tip I have found is a nasty performer for a subsonic 300blk. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/noveske-.300-aac-blackout-nosler-subsonic-ballistic-glow-tip-220-grain-1020-fps-20-round-box-52235/FC-054041522359.html I could not find any of those 220g bullets that werent glow tip available as just bullets to load my own so I paid the tax and bought a few boxes of those instead. However, now we have the 190g Sub-x from hornady and I have a few thousand of those loaded up as well, and that bullet was designed to expand at subsonic velocities and I have had good luck with it.
  8. They'll misuse it to somehow stamp out EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL whiteys, heterosexuals & Christians of course!
  9. I wonder how Newsom is going to try and twist something up to yet again violate rulings of courts, breaking the law of the land without ANYONE doing anything about it?
  10. Good morning from the PNW!
  11. I know very close to NOTHING about 300 ammo. I found a barrel during the panic buying, but no dies- and I still don’t have them. I guess I should get some. I found two kinds of factory ammo that work for me and stuck with them. For cheap range fodder, I shoot Armscore 147 fmj and for home def in the bedroom safe I keep 150 gr Winchester Silvertips. https://imgur.com/a/Q6XZKq6
  12. Californians have right to 'state-of-the-art' handguns, judge rules The California Rifle & Pistol Association brought the suit. Updated: March 21, 2023 - 8:14pm You overlord sorts might wanna bone up on what happened in Athens, TN, when the WWII vets got home!
  13. If the crazeee be-otch was upset about your car, just wait'll she finds out about what I just posted in the 2A forum!
  14. Good morning from Arizona. Greg
  15. ^^^^^^ This! ^^^^^^ Terry
  16. Good Carolina morning! Terry
  17. Military Trauma Surgeon Rates 10 Battle Wounds In Movies & TV | How Real Is It? Terry
  18. Good morning, Joel Good morning, Armory
  19. Good morning from South Texas
  20. I don't know about other cartridges, but that's my point about 223/556. It seems like a cool idea, even kinda ingenious with the narrowed section of spring. I hope they work great, but for 223/556 there's a parade of mags that work great already for what I have a feeling is a lot less money.
  21. Half way up the falls a gal in yoga pants passed us. About a hundred yards later my wife hollered up to me…I guess I got a second wind and followed those yoga pants a little too closely leaving the wife in the dust.
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