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  2. They should just move to China then.
  3. They the majority in the HR in Congress!
  4. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

  5. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

    My Alma Mater. 1/509 ABN. Of course we didn't have that kind of fun when it was stuck in Italy. Thursday
  6. Srgt. Hulka

    Must Watch Video, Seriously a Must Watch

    Yep. Rampy, that video is dead on. I was just like this guy. When the people on Facebook and gun forums started making fun of these people, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. Someone, finally, with enough balls to stand up to these cockroaches, defend their life and liberty, and 2nd Amendment supporters were making jokes about them? I was appalled.
  7. Srgt. Hulka

    Good Morning!

    Good morning Armory, from NW Louisiana. Hope everybody has a great Thursday.
  8. Srgt. Hulka

    Hey Augie (Remembrance)

    You are certainly missed brother. Here's to you.
  9. alpo

    Hey Augie (Remembrance)

    RIP Augie.
  10. alpo

    Good Morning!

    Good Morning from N.E. Mississippi
  11. I noticed that too. Was wanting too get a couple of NY Strips but didn't want to pay about 30 bucks for a couple. so I just passed on it.
  12. alpo

    Our marxist city council just passed.....

    If I go into a store I always wear my mask and stay away from other people. I just can't take any chances being 70 and with copd puts me in that danger zone.
  13. Joel74

    Hey Augie (Remembrance)

    I was doing my usual Birthday wishes routine and saw that it would have been Augie's 52nd birthday. Thought I'd post this in remembrance of a fellow member who's presence touched many. R.I.P. Augie. Gone but not forgotten.
  14. Today
  15. Joel74

    Good Morning!

    Good morning from South Texas
  16. Everyone needs to step back and watch this video, it’s the truth and spot on.
  17. Officers should not take a side, they should enforce the law. By taking a knee, they encourage civil disobedience and unrest. Peaceful protests should be allowed but when that goes south, police should do their duty.
  18. Good for these guys. I hope they are some of the first patriots in a long line to stand up and say "ENOUGH!"
  19. Seems to me it's about time to make some noise. Terry
  20. Our officers must document every contact with all that information. What the officer perceived before the stop or contact was made. six people I. The car? Yep document them all. when the stats came in the first time the whole department was told the stats had to be false because it did not show a bias towards minorities.
  21. https://www.redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/07/01/2nd-amendment-made-for/ "The 2nd Amendment wasn’t a mistake and you’re seeing why now. Your leaders are failing you and would-be tyrants are walking the streets, destroying, looting, burning, and doing violence for reasons that can often be considered arbitrary. The same people that would conduct hostile takeovers of city blocks are calling for the thin blue line that stops them to be defunded or disbanded and elected leaders are caving to their demands. They aren’t just caving to them, they’re making excuses. Sometimes even cheering for them. Americans have been watching this unfold and while the silent majority may be silent, you can tell where it’s been by the crater-sized hole it’s left in the stock rooms of gun stores, and as such, you can probably tell where the silent majority’s thought process is."
  22. This stuff doesn't go over well in small towns down here in TN and many other parts of the south. There is an interstate that connects with I40 and goes about 2/3rds of the way around Nashville. Every bridge on the road is named after a service member that has made the ultimate sacrifice during the last 20 years. I knew 2 of them one ver personally, I was on duty the night he died. The other I work with her widower on a daily basis and trust my life to his every time we pick up off the ground. In some way those folks to us are heroes, Maybe not because of what they stood for at one time or another but what they were willing to give up for the person next to them. We will not have their memory disgraced or dishonored.
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