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  7. Not one American troop, advisor, liaison, or whatever you want to label them should ever be involved in this theater. I don't know enough yet to make an informed decision if we should be supplying the Indian Military and/or the Himalayans with materials. If the Chinese are trying to seize sovereign land, I have no problem supplying these folks fighting the Chinese, but that's as far as it goes. We sure don't want a repeat of Russia and the Ukraine, and I have no problem with my tax dollars going to help others fight the aggression of the Chinese. I'm good with spending some American treasure to give the Chinese pause. From what I know of the people who live in the Himalayas, if the are properly supplied, the Chinese will be like the Russians trapped in Afghanistan. With proper supplies given to these fierce people, I think the Chinese will realize they have taken a bite of something they will be unable to swallow. This may also be an opportunity to get India to cooperate on other USA national security issues if we help them with supplies to fight their "Chinese Problem". I believe that allowing Communism to spread unfettered is not in the best interest of the USA. However, NO USA Troops. Period.
  8. I still have no idea who this Milano chick is from checking the article. I take it she is an actress ? I guess it is my bad for not knowing, if she has the power to help defund the police. This is another instance that makes me think that Job One is parents regaining control of the local school systems across the country. We have to stop cranking out these anti-American trolls. Gotta start somewhere. Many people are obviously living in a fantasy land, and could use a good dose of reality and be socialized into the actual fabric of America.
  9. Kid should show up on a regular basis if what he was doing was legal. Let her call the cops a few times and when the real deal happens they can tell her to deal with it.
  10. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/09/21/report-himalayan-villagers-support-indian-troops-against-china/ "The villagers were reportedly willing to endure considerable hardships to ensure Indian forces are well supplied: With unwieldy and overstuffed duffel bags, rice sacks, heavy fuel cans and bamboo canes strapped to their backs, they trudge upwards to a Himalayan mountain peak known as Black Top, where hundreds of Indian army tents are stationed on the horizon. The 100-odd men, women and young boys are not making this arduous journey out of kindness. In the coming winter months, temperatures here will drop to –40C. The villagers fear that if they do not help the Indian army secure their positions along the mountain ridges bordering China – and help prepare the troops for the harsh winter ahead – their village might soon be under Chinese control. “We want to help the Indian army to secure their positions immediately,” said Tsering, a 28-year-old volunteer from Chushul. “We are carrying supplies to them, doing multiple rounds in a day, to ensure that the army doesn’t face too many problems.” According to the villagers, Indian troops are still massing along the border and building roads to make resupply easier. The Chinese are taking similar steps on their side of the LAC, leading analysts to conclude that despite much talk of “disengagement,” both sides are planning to dig in and hold their positions through the winter — a season described by longtime residents as incredibly dangerous."
  11. https://thepostmillennial.com/defund-the-police-advocate-alyssa-milano-calls-police-on-teen-shooting-at-squirrels "The Daily Mail reports that Milano called the police to her Bell Canyon home on Sunday morning. Seven vehicles showed up courtesy of the Ventura County Sheriff's department, including a k-9 unit, a helicopter, and squad cars. An LA Fire Department team hung out at the end of the street just in case they were needed. "We first noticed the helicopter circling overhead very low and knew something was going on, it's usually such a quiet community," a neighbour told the Daily Mail. "Then we saw all the police cars parked in front of Alyssa's home. They had their guns at the ready and seemed very serious." Another vicious, dumb azzhole!
  12. https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/labor-secretary-gig-workers-rule-contractors-businesses "Our proposed rule aims to clear away the cobwebs and inconsistencies that have grown up around this analysis since the Supreme Court’s decisions more than half a century ago. To determine a worker’s classification, we ask whether he is economically dependent for work on the putative employer, or instead whether he’s in business for himself. To probe that difference, our proposed test focuses primarily on a worker’s control over his work, and his opportunity for profit or loss resulting from his own initiative or investment. Once finalized, this rule will guide businesses, workers, the courts and our own Wage and Hour Division as we enforce the FLSA. We also hope the test will help states and policy-makers consider worker classification outside the FLSA context."
  13. https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/trump-announces-ban-on-woke-capital-working-with-government/ "The move is an extraordinary intervention in the cultural debate raging in the United States and further afield, and doubles down on the President’s announcement from earlier in September, wherein he banned “efforts to indoctrinate government employees with divisive and harmful sex and race-based ideologies.” The move will likely spur on the Trump base ahead of the November 3rd election, and will rile hard-left activists who have been looting and rioting across the U.S. for months, using “black lives” as a cover for their Marxist activities."
  14. Thanks to Greg I now have a pretty darn good idea what all my pills will do as far as drop and wind age. Now it’s on me and my range finder. Oh and finding a buck worthy of shooting. Printed up my drop card and placed it in my pack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Id look at a Streamlight TLR2 light/laser combo.
  16. All kinds of new stuff being said in Ky the past two weeks, The shitstain that was shot was a known drug user and seller, it was not going to be hired as a EMT like the demorat news media has been stating "failed back ground check" The shitstain's bf we will call shitstain 2 used shitstain as a shield, after shitstain 2 fired shots through the door at the police while police was nice enough to knock with a no knock warrant in their hand, police returned fired killing shitstain. Shitstain's family is awarded 12 million dollars. Now you tell me we are not screwed with today's society and demoratic mentality.
  17. Wats up guys. My brother just bought a Keltec 9mm rifle. He is looking to add a red laser too it. I don’t think he wants to spend a ton of money on it but wants something of decent quality. If you guys could throw me some ideas to pass along to him I would appreciate it. Thanks Sean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. This is going to set the miscreants over the edge. First Ruth went and croaked and now they can't even bully the prosecutor into creating charges from justifiable homicide. They say, "We don't know when the announcement will be made or what it will be". bullshat. The AG called them and told them, not only am I not going to charge the police with anything, the Grand Jury returned an indictment on the boyfriend for attempted murder and felony murder. Realistically, that is the only case to be made of the whole ordeal. It won't set well. I bet NFAC is going to show up. Hopefully, the NG gets called up for the first night and are issued rifles and ammo. It is time to deal with the crybaby victims like they should have been dealt with the first night in Ferguson.
  19. Undocumented procurement for the undeserving
  20. Ted isn't the only one bellying up to the bench. After fighting many crises around here I finally got some quiet time. As I mentioned I worked up my loading map the other day. I laid out all the components yesterday so this AM I started the work. The first batch was for my 22-NXS. A 22-250 in sheep's clothing for my AR. They are made up out of HAGAR brass and for this one I wanted to try some 60 Noslers and different powders. To give you an idea of what some of them do in a fill level this is H4350 that I have never shot before in this one. The back cases are filled to the brim with 35.1 grains and that is a butt load for it. It's a good thing I've played the compressed powder game before..LOL The next batch was 243 LBC for my new switch barrel RUGAGE. I loaded 58's, 70's and 95's for it. This is a picture of my days labor with all my work including a peek at my loading map and what I use as my basis for record keeping. Tomorrow I'll label all the boxes, inventory the loaded rounds and my components and do up the Excel spreadsheet for my chronograph work. Greg
  21. Update : I'm still waiting for our local school board to inform ME or approve MY purchasing pizzas for School I went by the local PD and Sheriff's office today and explained What I was attempting too do , also informed them I would NOT be delivering or touching those pizzas . That would be strictly handled by Domino's ; I was simply footing the bill . So as I'm speaking to the Chief , I asked what about all of You can I buy X # of pizzas for everyone . They asked ME why I was doing it and What I expected in return . I explained about Domino's contribution to St. Jude's Hospital and paying back MY share ,also about My history with Dogs and possibly obtaining a couple of Pups ,from reputable sources . As I don't know any in the area or where they source theirs . Tomorrow Local PD and Sheriff's get Free Lunch or break snack dinner ? and Domino's got the order today An as a sort of Thank You , I've been allowed pending a COVID 19 test on the day of K9 enforcement training to access , their Dept.'s core sources and contacts that individual officers may have for potential Pups . It was a GREAT DAY TODAY
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