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  2. Nothing is ever going to happen to any of these people. Look what is happening at the southern border, we are completely screwed.
  3. I was hoping to just include a link to it on the Internet, but I was only able find a shorter version, with the ugliest parts missing. The file is around 24Mb long. I rarely make a suggestion like this, but if you've ever been a foot soldier, you may want to just watch the shorter version. When I was in the Army, this is sort of what I (we) imagined our last day would be like.
  4. Got a bit of a problem I need some advice on. 20 years ago my cousin who is now 79 retired on disability so now her only income is Social Security. Right around the time she retired a coworker of hers needed a baby sitter so my cousin watched her kid. Eventually, the former coworker convinced my cousin to assign her as power of attorney. She and her husband did a lot for her, but never paid here for watching her child. Fast forward to 9 months ago, my cousin fell and broke her femur and lower leg. So she ended up with pins in femur and ankle. Because of this she went to a nursing home to heal and get physical therapy so she could go home. The nursing home wouldn't let her leave until she could walk again. Physical therapy was hard on her but 3 weeks ago she got the go ahead to go home finally. But when arrangements were being finalized they discovered her home was being foreclosed on. Back in July her Medicare ended so the nursing home started taking all of her SS except $60. But she was getting SS for the last 9 month so she should have had about $14k in the bank. But in getting a repayment put together she found there was no money there. So she called the bank and asked for statements since January. Instead of giving them to her they called the power of atty and she said not to give anyone the statements. So I drove up to get her house ready for her to come home next week. When I got to the nursing home she said the husband of the pair had said he would drop them off earlier this week and he never did. So, I did what I thought was the smart thing and called the sheriff's office so we could let them know I would be staying at her house and might have to break in. Didn't want a neighbor seeing someone in the house and calling the cops and getting me arrested. So they had a deputy call him and tell him to drop off the keys at the nursing home. freaker wouldn't even bring them to her room. Tomorrow going to go to sheriff's dept and get the ball rolling on getting both of them locked up. Anyone that has advice I am all ears. Just doing what is best for my cousin and hopefully get her money back.
  5. I keep waiting for my invite to join the kkk to come in the mail. Must be getting lost because I have no trouble getting NAACP and UNCF mailings.
  6. https://redstate.com/jeffc/2021/09/23/i-finally-bought-my-first-gun-n447178 "But while I am excited about this step into a new world, purchasing the weapon was a sobering process. One of the reasons why I procrastinated was because a gun is something you buy hoping that you never need to use it. I don’t want to ever need my gun, but I do want to have it for having fun at the range and other activities. The plain truth is that nobody ever wants to consider the possibility that they will be in a situation in which someone is trying to endanger their lives. It’s not exactly a pleasant thought, is it? Even though I know that statistically, it is highly unlikely I will ever have to use it to defend my life or someone else’s, it is far better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. But the other reality is that now, more than ever, many (not all) on the hard left wish to move the United States to a system that more resembles Australia than what the founding fathers intended. Indeed, everyone knows that the best salespeople for guns are Democrats like President Joe Biden and his ilk. Gun sales tend to climb when a Democrat is in the White House. But as you already know, gun ownership has been on the rise since even before Biden took office. While I do believe the pro-liberty crowd is still winning out against the gun control movement, that could easily change. I’d rather obtain my weapons before – and in case – that happens."
  7. https://redstate.com/bonchie/2021/09/23/watch-man-attacked-and-accused-of-being-white-in-multicultural-space-n447264 "The lunatics behind the camera start ranting about how “this is the violence” ASU perpetrates by…allowing white people to study in peace? Another man sitting at the table starts to joke around, asking how “whiteness is not a culture,” and that only sets the two women filming off further as they begin to shout that whiteness is not, in fact, a culture. Apparently, only non-white people can have cultures? It’s hard to keep track of all the social justice rules. You then hear the filmers claim that this is “our” space as they continue their harassment. It just continues from there with accusations that the entire campus is “centered” around white people and that the man studying is invading the “one place” that is supposed to be theirs. Unsurprisingly, it ended with ranting about police supposedly murdering black people." I would say: "Hey, my azz is 'white' too, why don't you kiss-it?"
  8. https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/robert-spencer/2021/09/23/prayer-in-public-schools-is-back-as-long-as-its-prayer-to-allah-n1480953 "Well, all right. The problem with this was that only one faith was actually being followed. While students of any faith may have been allowed to attend, what was being conducted in the Liberty High prayer room was Islamic prayer. There was no Christian prayer room, or Jewish prayer room, or Hindu or Buddhist prayer room at Liberty High School. Will there be prayer rooms set aside for students of other faiths in the Elk Grove Unified School District? Will Muslim students be excused from classes at prescribed Islamic prayer times? Will other students be similarly excused from class for their own prayer or meditation or what have you?" Sickening.
  9. https://pjmedia.com/columns/kevindowneyjr/2021/09/23/if-this-latest-revelation-isnt-enough-to-arrest-hunter-biden-then-nothing-is-n1480946 "Hunter Biden has had no artistic training, but his paintings have immediately become some of the most expensive in the art world. This is reminiscent of the payola scandal, where DJs, no longer allowed to accept money from record companies to play their songs, had their wives sell “paintings” to the record execs. This is perhaps the most annoying move Hunter has made, as he isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he is a crook. It’s out there for everyone to see, and he doesn’t care. Recap We’ve learned the following: The Hunter laptop emails re: Hunter selling influence to Joe Biden are real, not Russian disinformation (we kinda already knew that) Hunter Biden is a drug addict who chases low-class hookers (we knew that too) Former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed Hunter and Joe were involved in shady dealings involving China (oops, we knew that as well) We are expected to believe that Hunter Biden, the crack-smoking, hooker-chasing reprobate, is now an “artist” selling paintings on the up and up and no longer peddling influence (we aren’t buying it) Seriously, what will it take for the Department of Justice to arrest Hunter Biden? Perhaps if there was a tax situation? Oh wait, there was one." DOJ is corrupt too, and also owned by communist China. Like Joe, and Hunter; they are down-on-their-knees . . . . eager to please! Wray is probably giving, wet honks out, to the Chinese secret police. Don't forget: these bums will supply our enemies with 'kill lists' all in the spirit of cooperation.
  10. https://www.foxnews.com/us/al-sharpton-speech-at-border-drowned-out-by-protesters-we-dont-want-his-trouble "Among the phrases hecklers hurled at Sharpton were "Why are you stoking racism where it doesn't exist?" and "How much money are you making out of this?" "Del Rio is not a racist city," someone shouted. "Del Rio is a loving, caring community. We don't want your racism in Texas. Get out of here! Nobody wants to hear your racist nonsense in Del Rio!" "He [incites] violence and riots," said Kelsey French, the wife of a Border Patrol agent, according to local Fox 29. "He is not pro-cop. Our community is very cop. We support our men and women in the green and the blue and every color that they wear. We love them. We don’t want him here we don’t want his trouble. Amen." Sharpton's always been a self-serving, racist bum.
  11. That's really not all that terrible, considering. A lightning link, which gives the user automatic fire through the use of 2 pieces of sheet metal, costs about $12,000.00 last time I looked. A DIAS (drop-in auto-sear) was in the 20's, I believe. The benefit of these two options over an M16 lower is the ability to swap them around to whatever lower a person wishes, versus being stuck with the single lower. Also, the pedantic side of me wants to clarify a couple of things. The tax stamp on a Title II firearm (that is suppressors, short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, machineguns, destructive devices, and AOW's) is, and always has been, $200. That has been true since the implementation of the National Firearms Act in 1934. The one and only outlier from that rule is with AOW's (Any Other Weapons - think cane guns, zip guns, etc.). The TRANSFER (Form 4) of an AOW is a $5.00 tax. However, to Form 1 (manufacture) an AOW, it would still be $200. Since May 19, 1986, the Hughes Amendment to the Firearm Owners Protection Act has regulated machineguns to the point of being nearly impossible for the majority of people to own, simply due to cost, as there is a limited number which has been manufactured AND registered under the NFA registry with the ATF. I believe it was to the tune of some 150,000 machineguns nationwide. These are what are known as 'transferables', meaning any person who is legally able to purchase a Title I firearm (and is 21 years of age or older), may have a machinegun transferred to them, so long as they have the money to pay the asking price. Furthermore, people often refer to NFA items as 'class 3'. The correct term is actually Title II firearms. The term 'class 3' comes from the fact that an FFL (Federal Firearm Licensee) which also holds a class 3 SOT (Special Occupation Tax) is legally able to perform the transfer of a Title II firearm for customers. However, so is a Class 2 SOT, and the benefit of a Class 2, over a Class 3, is that the Class 2 SOT is also legally able to create/possess Title II firearms, with the big difference being post-sample machineguns. If memory serves me correctly, they submit an ATF Form 2. I don't recall if it's an instantaneous thing for them, or if there's a waiting period, but I know that it's a very short waiting period if there is one, compared to us nobodies. To put the wait times into perspective for you... I obtained my one and only transferable machinegun, an SWD M11A1 back in 2015. Took 7 months. I also was waiting on an AAC TiRant .45, and an AAC Element II suppressor in the same year. Between the two, took about 9 months for the longest, and about 5 months for the shortest. The following year, I obtained a SilencerCo Omega .300. Took about a year and a month. I currently have one of these in "NFA Jail", and have been waiting on it since February: A few months later, I went ahead and also submitted the paperwork for one of these as well, to compliment the Vepr 12: The absolute best thing to do when dealing with Title II firearms is to try your best to forget you even bought it. Then, one day, you get a call informing you you have a fancy new toy waiting to be picked up at your local FFL/SOT. Hopefully this has been educational, and a little clearer than mud.
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  13. When they get those white supremacists under control, they can tackle the next biggest threat. Unicorns goring people is becoming a major threat too.
  14. Anytime they say the word "Free" you know its going to get expensive! That's because any amount is not enough for them.
  15. Agreed but anyone who voted for the democratic aka socialist party is definitely not a patriot. Sent from my LM-K920 using Tapatalk
  16. I'm the last person to ask but we usually use e-mail. My email is FUBAR, and I need an alternative. It's like I'm trapped in a circle of hell.
  17. No where near enough people, none of which shouls have been beating cops or braking glass doors to enter the building on one side, and being encouraged to come in by the cops on the other side. We need regular and large assemblies at our State capitols, both Red and Blue States. We need to enlist the help of Veterans and retired cops especially Veterans, as people who can take leadership roles. I am constantly hearing in response why something won't work. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. May be old fashioned, but if we did some organizing and agredd on the first 5 things we object to or that violate the Constitution, at least we could move forward. With all of the media manipulation and censorship, the number of Americans who are concerned about the Republic surviving 4 more years of single Party Rule are in the millions, but hardly any Americans or their freshman (or so) representatives realize it either. If civil disobedience to make our message clear won't work, how about some other suggestions besides, Nah, that won't work". I'd also like to see the crystal balls you guys are using, because as far as I am concerned we have never really had the Right stand up on two legs and deal with this like men. NO, Marxists, you may not ignore the Constitution. Just like the NRA, we have been content to use lobbyists to buy our Congress. That does not work as well anymore. The key is to make the Left and their Reps are outnumbered, and since Joe and Company work for us, it is we who are running out of patience with him and his nasty little useful idiots. I don't see any reason that the Right can not break the backs of these Marxists, in sheer numbers, by educating our neighbors, and coming together is some sort of civil disobedience or protest every single time they make a move to deny more of our God-given rights. Believe in something bigger than yourselves, and good things will happen. For all you cool kids who are worried about your social status going South if you protest Government lies and criminal practices, just think how it will be if the Marxists win since we were too scared to speak up. These self defeating prophecies have got to stop. This is exactly why I had to take a break from politics, and while I'll have to do it again. The Right has very little appetite for calling the Left as we see them, and organizing actions that will make people understand what is happening, and we have History and our Founder's own statements to back it up. The right is like that baby whose brain tells the baby if it can see us, we can't see them. The Left has managed to brainwash, psychologically defeat, or make those who believe in God and the Constitution believe there is NO hope, even before we try. It is a masterful display by modern American Marxists, with help from the Chinese and some from Russia being censored from the news. We have more than enough power to stop the revenge of the boot-lickers, even if Obama is the General in charge of Western Hemisphere Operations. I think part of the reason some of us want the Right to appear defeated and weak, is so that none of the failure fallout gets on their expensive suits dirty. Complain all you want, but until the Left realises there are so many of us out here, their incentive to destroy America will continue. How can the Left possibly be more motivated than the Right ?! They believe we will retreat rather than complete the mission, that's how. They believe their leaders will back them, which they have. It's not hard to figure out. We are literally decades behind in the culture wars and social organization.
  18. Fixed it. Not all Patriots are Republicans and damn sure not all Republicans are Patriots. Terry
  19. He's welcome to come to my door personally and we'll see which one of us gets an injection. Terry
  20. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/congress/democrats-say-they-have-deal-tax-increases "Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who appeared alongside Schumer, told reporters the Democrats “have made great progress” toward a final deal on the social welfare package, but they have not written the bill, she said. Lawmakers, she said, are determining “what is affordable, what is effective, and what gets the best results” out of an array of “so many good provisions.” The bill aims to pay for a new package of government programs, including free community college, free preschool, paid family and medical leave, expanded Medicare benefits, and an extension of child tax credits, among many other provisions. Pelosi declined to give details on the forthcoming agreement. “The House, the Senate, and the White House came to an agreement on how we can go forward in a way to pay for this, Pelosi said. “This was great progress.” Pelosi downplayed the “price tag” and said the party is focused on “what’s in the bill.” Democrats disagree on how much to spend." Bankruptcy, and economic slavery for generations. Fugg no!!!
  21. https://redstate.com/brandon_morse/2021/09/23/watch-fda-official-advocates-for-nazi-style-registration-and-blow-darting-of-unvaccinated-black-americans-n446975 "On Wednesday evening, the undercover organization released another video, this time showing an FDA official advocating repeatedly to blowdart the unvaccinated, including those who refuse to get the vaccine in the African-American community. He also expressed his wish to create a registration very similar to Nazi Germany’s registration of Jewish people, even acknowledging its similarities. Taylor Lee, the FDA official in question, works as an economist within the administration. Lee believes we should treat the vaccine like the census and that officials should go door to door to find those under the unvaccinated registry and force them to be stabbed with needles. “Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond,” said Lee. “So, we have the infrastructure to do it [forced COVID vaccinations]. I mean, it’ll cost a ton of money. But I think, at that point, I think there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. Although that’s sounding very [much like Nazi] Germany.” Can you shout: "Heil!!"
  22. https://www.dailywire.com/news/fbi-director-wray-domestic-terrorism-tracking-has-exploded-fbi-has-prioritized-threat-from-white-supremacy "FBI special agents, intelligence analysts, and professional staff have been hard at work gathering evidence, sharing intelligence, and working with federal prosecutors to bring charges against the individuals involved. As we have said consistently, we do not and will not tolerate violent extremists who use the guise of First Amendment-protected activity to engage in violent criminal activity. Thus far, the FBI has arrested hundreds of individuals with regards to rioting, assault on a federal officer, property crimes violations, and conspiracy charges, and the work continues. Overall, the FBI assesses that the January 6 siege of the Capitol Complex demonstrates a willingness by some to use violence against the government in furtherance of their political and social goals. This ideologically motivated violence—domestic terrorism—underscores the symbolic nature of the National Capital Region and the willingness of some domestic violent extremists to travel to events in this area and violently engage law enforcement and their perceived adversaries. The American people should rest assured that we will continue to work to hold accountable those individuals who participated in the violent breach of the Capitol on January 6 and any others who attempt to use violence to intimidate, coerce, or influence the American people or affect the conduct of our government." Should say: threat from conservatives, and Republicans. Time for the FBI to be disbanded, nothing more than a federal Gestapo now.
  23. https://thepoliticalinsider.com/trump-slams-george-w-bush-and-his-flunky-karl-rove-for-holding-liz-cheney-fundraiser/ "Cheney is a source of irritation for conservatives and supporters of Trump, constantly preening for Democrats as a savior of the republic following the Capitol riot on January 6th. She’s done such a good job playing to her leftist colleagues that she was recently promoted to vice chairman of the committee investigating the incident." Expected behavior from RINO, uni-party bums. Bush has always been a dumb rat!
  24. It's tough bringing a family member from beginner and up to a skilled shooter. Husband/wives are a tough mix. No need to ask me how I know that. mY wife shot the USPSA Nationals right along side of me but her top skill set was not coached by me but rather friends of ours that knew their way around handgun work..LOL She held her own at the S&W Women's Invitational National that year. The men pasted targets and set steel for the ladies..LOL Greg I am starting the processing of my 20 Practical loads for next week. Did I mention I hate trimming cases??
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