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  2. So here is this reporter on the national news making a prediction of when the gas will start flowing from the Colonial Pipeline. He says, the gas travels at 5mph so by his calculation it will take to Labor day for the gas to reach the tank farms. I'm thinking "Holy Cow, this idiot never drank from a straw." What's he think the entire pipeline is downhill?
  3. This is what happens when a bunch of lawyer politicians that never took a science or math course think you are too dumb to think for yourself.. Hands down fellas the most communist controlled country in the world is China. During my travels there, the one thing that impressed me most is the total civil disobedience there. They have so much BS, their refusal to acknowledge it makes us look like a bunch of slaves. They just ignore it. I mean they ignore things we wouldn't dare. For example, "No Smoking" laws, they are about the same as us but they'll smoke walking through a mall or on a public transportation. Heck, the don't even pay attention to traffic laws. I could never drive there because I'm trained to right away etc. A few years ago I had dinner with friend from Germany, dinner and quite a few beers. We got to talking about guns, Mausers. His dad was in the Army WWII and one thing led to another. I asked him how the German people could allow the holocaust. He gave me the best explanation I ever heard. He told he he lived in a small village in Germany with houses with thatched roofs and one red light. He told me that it was the norm to see folks standing in a group waiting on that red light to change before crossing the road despite not a car in sight and just one block either direction people were crossing at will. Think about that? We've gone off the deep end in the US with this Covid thing. I mean here we are people being vaccinated since January. Everyone with half a bit of common sense knows that if you are vaccinated, you shouldn't have to wear a mask, but not only are we but we have to ignore hundreds of years of knowledge and wear the damn things when nobody is around, we're social distancing, and not even sick ourselves. I often wonder its not some insane experiment in how dumb we are, how far we can be pushed, and more about control of us, the people, than the disease. I've posted often a quarantine is isolating someone who is sick with a transmittable disease. I don't know what the hell this thing is we're experiencing? Tj
  4. Reading is tough for bidet, 100 words without a gaff is probably not doable for him. They want to keep bidet in the basement, out of the publics view - the longer the better and what better way to accomplish that tat a steady stream of young girls! As long as he signs what ever they put in front of him, the stream will be a steady. Hunter probably make frequent visits there, it runs in the family and to keep the 'big guy' informed of the balance in their bank account. Yet the Jews keep voting for the dimwits, I don't understand it! Don't under estimate the technical capability of Israel, they are very capable of creating their own defenses. We work closely with them on a lot tech stuff, sharing technology.
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  6. The B-29 that Fought without a Tail Terry
  7. Iron dome Manufacturer: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries Launch platform: Three/four launchers, each carrying 20 interceptors Designers: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries
  8. Is the USA still supplying Israel with these weapon systems, or are they 100% Israeli made ? Does anyone know? I pray that they are now being made 100% in Israel using 100% Israeli sources parts . If not, some Commie in the Biden Administration will convince Biden that he has to cut off the supply any sort of arms to Israel, because they might be used against the poor oppressed Arab peoples who have been the victims of Israel since 1948. Maybe his Staff will line up a dozen little girls with freshly washed and dried hair, and allow him to hug them and bury his nose in the fragrank silky hair. The line of girls will lead to his desk, where the copy of the E.O. shutting down all aid to Isreal immediately. After signing, Joe will be allowed to pick one of the girls for some "quality basement time" , as long as he can read 100 words off a teleprompter to make a recording to the American People as to why America can no longer support Israel. Maybe since so many American Patriots have decided that America has already lost the War for Freedom and against Marxism, I'm wondering if I could get in good enough shape to go fight for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness with the Israelis by the end of the year ? Maybe they'd give me one of those nifty new and improved Tavors. Fighting tyrants and terrorism with the Jews has got to be way cool, and better than hanging with bunch of "patriotic" and well armed Americans whose mission seems to be trying to convince everyone that these Marxists have already defeated us, and our goal is to enjoy our wonderful life for as long as we can, never remembering those who have sacrificed limbs or lives when they answered the call to defend the Constitutional Republic we proudly call America. I'll stick it out as long as I can, because I pray America is really not planning on having Marxist thugs take over without even a fight, but I hear more gun owners people sounding like propagandists for the Marxists than intelligent, organized, and prepared Patriots who will spare nothing when defending this Republic.
  9. This isn't your average Patriot missile technology going on, it is an order of magnitude greater. The Patriot missile system was good but it couldn't do what the "Iron Dome" missiles are doing. If they missed they would self destruct, but the Israeli missiles are acquiring new targets and changing direction to go after them. It appears that in some cases they are even targeting other Iron Dome missiles as the explosions of 2 missiles happening at the same time seems to be happening. Of course that could just be that they are targeting the same rocket and catching it at the same time. The rockets coming out of Gaza are just ballistic missiles. They have no guidance and are addressed "To whom it may concern" rather than any specific targets. Point is once they lift off they have a very short motor burn time and then pitch over to hit whatever may be in front of them. It should be crystal clear to anyone watching that someone is sneaking rockets into Gaza because those aren't home made tech. Israel needs to blockade Gaza to cut off the flow of rockets into the area. They should start boarding any vessel coming in and checking for rockets. If they find them arrest the crew and sink the ship. Or just sink the ship and let the crew deal with it. My guess is they could probably pick a ship at random and shoot it and release the video of secondary explosions happening until it goes under. It appears this is going to come to a head here shortly. biden caused this, the whole arab world knows democrats don't care for Jews and biden won't lift a finger to help them out because he wants a 2 state solution. Seems to me that has been tried before and what we are seeing now is the result of it.
  10. Hope so! All my ARP barreled AR's shoot well... It's that nut behind the trigger I worry about! Thank you! Glenn
  11. I took my father and mother to be vaccinated. But both of them have several comorbidities at play, that frankly, they're of the age that potential for short term protection might out weigh the long-term potential for side effects. But for me, my wife and our four kids we're doing a hard pass. Not just because most of us have had it, but because I don't feel the potential short term benefits outweigh the potential long-term side-effects. But no matter what it should remain a completely personal choice.
  12. Just got back from dinner at a very busy BBQ joint.....running full capacity, indoor seating, elbow to elbow. All you had to do was don the mask to get in and on the way out...no other time did you have to have it on. All the staff was masked up. Very nice to sit down and eat someplace like normal humans should. Yesterday for lunch six of us went to a pizza joint. It's law enforcement appreciation week and all six meals were comp'd by the staff to us. We each dumped the price of the meal and a little more in their big tip jar...there was over $100 in there after we made our deposit and the jar was empty before that. The two working got some big smiles on their faces when they saw that!
  13. So are the mullahs, and Chinese Reds.
  14. The only way I would even consider getting stuck for this is if they test me for antibodies and it comes back negative. Then I would consider maybe thinking about it when there has been enough long term testing to determine that mRNA tech isn't completely bogus science that will cause cancer in 5 or 10 years or something else like that. You only have to look back at history about 65 years to see what lead to massive and lengthy testing of drugs over much of the world. That would be thalidomide. Early testing showed that it was extremely effective in preventing nausea and it was released to the market in Europe and used to treat pregnant women experiencing morning sickness as an over the counter medication. It wasn't realized until later that it caused children to develop flippers and other birth defects when the mother took it while they were developing in utero. It was then pulled from the market entirely only to be reintroduced 40 years later to treat the side effects of cancers and HIV, both of which are generally not conducive to a successful pregnancy anyways. Now, the schools are starting to make noise like they will require children to have the vaccine to attend. The schools can kiss my ass, my kids won't be getting that vaccine as the chances of the virus having any ill effect on them is virtually nil and not worth the risks of an undertested new technology vaccine.
  15. If a criminal is so bad that he/she should not be released back into society, they definitely exist, then why not euthanize them and save the taxpayers a ton of money. I think the NFA of 1934 is unconstitutional, by extension any laws that try to control firearms. If a person wants a machine gun, then so be it. I personally don’t want one, I can’t afford to feed it and keep a stock of barrels and replacement parts. I do want a suppressor though, I should be able to buy or make one, no questions asked.
  16. I'm in damn good health. Despite being middle-age, I've zero chronic illness. There is no fricking way I'm taking an experimental vaccine that over the last 16 months has infected such a small percentage of the population, and of those it has infected has caused such little hospitalization or death. I'll take my chances, as far as I can tell they're pretty good. My Mother-in-law who is 71 went to her doctor on a Monday in early December complaining with a sore throat. She was tested. By Friday she was feeling fine, but her test results came back positive. My wife and youngest had been visiting her that weekend. My wife felt like she had a cold which lasted about a week, she and my youngest got tested both came back positive. My daughter had no symptoms. My oldest son, who is a petroleum engineer working in the Permian basin goes out for two weeks on and one week off. As a matter of protocol all incoming crew members are tested, he tested positive. He said he sort of felt like he had a cold for a few days, but nothing serious. His young wife tested negative. I myself, came down with cold-like symptoms the same time my wife and daughter tested positive. I never got tested because I never felt bad enough to seek medical care. This whole thing is complete BS. I'm not taking an experimental jab for this. I think it's idiotic for healthy people to take the vaccine, I think it's criminal to make young and healthy people take it.
  17. looks good and i bet that arp barrel will shoot as good as the gun looks
  18. You're correct. The reason governments and corporations are bending the knee to BLM and ANTIFA is because they are afraid of black people and Marxists. People are attracted to and follow strength. That's why the French women welcomed the Germans when they defeated the French, and then when the Americans and British kicked the crap out of the Germans, they cheered the Allies. Nobody is afraid of us right now because we're losing. Sure, they'll demonize us by calling us potential domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, patriarchy, sexists, racists, or white supremacists, but they're not afraid of us. They're afraid of the radical left, Marxists, and black people because right now, they're winning.
  19. I am praying that it happens now, when I can still fight. I'd rather suffer so that my children and their children won't have to.
  20. I've made a lot of my own firearms. But I've never sold or transferred a single one. Frankly I've never known a gunowner interested in buying someone else milled out lower receiver. You are correct, under the law his intention was not to make the firearm for resale and because of that he should be able to sell it. But different states have different laws regarding said resale, and I'm no lawyer. So take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt. Personally, I wouldn't do it. I mean if he has a close friend, gun range buddy, or family member that wants the firearm, ...maybe. But I sure as hell wouldn't advertise it for sale, and try to sell it to some stranger. See, there are these things called fishing trips, and I wouldn't want to be the focus of one of those fishermen who is bored and looking for some excitement. Even if you're in the right, it often cost WAY more to get off that hook then just chalking it up to experience and moving on. But that's just me.
  21. I'd have mine mounted on our 4 runner and operational
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