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  2. Our culture has fully embraced out of wedlock sex, and abortion and births. How many children have suffered without a father in the home. How many women who have had abortions and then suffer psychological problems when they wake up one day (usually after having a live birth) and realize they murdered their baby. I don't want to piss anyone off, I don't demand you share the same values, except that abortion is murder. Period. If you were complicit with that, I guess it makes the prospect of Judgement Day a bit more uncomfortable. If there are actually people here who have had 4 kids by 3 different women, and are not involved in their lives, I'd be surprised. Our culture and Judeo-Christian ethics have been under attack for much longer than the Marxists have gotten to the point where they now believe the culture will accept the tyranny of Marxism. Look at the culture war as the artillery barrage that softened up our society before the main invasion of a total Marxist takeover. Anyone who believes the marxists are stupid are not paying attention to the battles they have won, and continue to win. When and IF we will ever make a sincere effort to stop them fades with each passing month. Once we fail to organize, and those in power are able to successfully paint those with conservative values and a belief in the original intent of the Constitution as "Domestic Terrorists", it is all over except the wailing and gnashing of teeth. If History repeats, then our lack of opposition will mean decades if not a century of subjugation by the government until we finally get tired of America's version of George III, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, etc. ME ? I prefer to oppose serfdom through politics, political activism, and civil disobedience, rather than to "let it burn" and next hide in a bunker. The importation of illegals at our Southern border is one of the cornerstones of the Marxists agenda. Their plan will be seriously hampered or make their agenda improbable without this mass migration. Take this leg away, and their taable will likely fall. I can not think of an issue for The People to oppose that would be easier to stop without large negative consequences, especially when so many of these invaders are infected with various strains the Wuhan Red Death. However, I am not optimistic that our Tribe will lift a finger to oppose this part of the Marxist's battleplan. Now that Trump has floated the balloon that he will run again, many in the Tribe are just going to kick back and gamble that Trump will win the next election. But remember one thing; if the democrats and Republicans were willing to go to the lengths they did to defeat Trump, what do you think they will be willing to do to Americans and the Rule of law to prevent him from returning to Office ? The Marxists are on shaky ground right now, and vulnerable against a large opposition. This will probably not be true in a couple of years. To say that the meekness and the lack of urgency among Conservatives is frustrating is an understatement to the nth degree. The Republican Establishment is now trying to convince us they supported Trump, and it appears they are being successful. I have one thing to say to that. This is the Party that put dozens of Repeal Obamacare bills on Obama's desk, knowing they could not override his guaranteed veto. When Trump was elected, they had 2 years to fully repeal Obamacare, with majorities in the House and Senate. Not one bill to repeal Obamacare made it to President Trump's desk, and he had already said he would sign it. I don't know what else one needs to know about the Republican Party, but their list of scummy deeds and failures to act is a very long one. I am being convinced that the Tribe talks the talk but does not walk the walk.
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  4. The wife watches more TV/news than I do, hate the local news and only watch if I want to see something they covered, otherwise it's off to the interweb for news and weather
  5. Wait. Let me put on my surprised look.
  6. Amen brother! '68 Triumph 250 (yes that's a car) banging gears on any CO mountain road. Really nothing like the ride of a British sports car.
  7. I remember that. I was on WestPac cruise then on the USS Kitty Hawk.
  8. Getting ready to do battle with broad leaf weeds with celiuos broadleaf weed control.
  9. Flame thrower.....
  10. When it rains it pours, finally got the pieces parts on backorder......with I could backorder the rest of what I want, but nope, just sign up for e mail notification’s....
  11. The pdogs are coming out already. One of my ranchers called today with the news. I will have to plan a trip after this next set of storms passes. I have not made much time for shooting in the last year or so...it's time to go burn up some ammo. I'll have to get my guns and gear ready in the next week and make a day to go blast some critters soon. My poor shooting trailer has not been out in a couple years and I need to take a day and get it ready if I'm going to take it. I have not used it in a while and have just been using my swivel chair....probably won't take the trailer just yet.
  12. I have a Caldwell catcher that snaps right over the ejection port on my AR15....works like a dream. A sheet or tarp works well for pistols if you are shooting the same direction each time.
  13. Yep, I was around then. Worked security for President Ford's campaign visit to Dallas SMU. He was a decent guy.
  14. I am getting ready to start spraying my weeds again. The lawns are growing and the weeds are sprouting out. It's a little early for me to start as I like a few more to pop out first. A few years ago we had a little thistle that has white spots on it's leaves take over my pasture. I dug every one up as the appeared and tossed them in the trash. I got rid of all of them. I have a broad leaf weed that gets a big stalk if you let them grow out there now but I keep it mowed and they have not had a chance to multiply for a while. I dig out a few a year and they are getting thinner.
  15. That is how my uncle got into the Korean war......it was jail or enlist.....he chose to enlist. He was a wild one with cars in his youth as well.
  16. Every spring, I get to spot spray purple thistle, what we call bull thistle. If I get it before it bulbs out, I can kill it with a mixture of Roundup (Cornerstone is a generic) 8oz to gal and Crossbow 4 oz to gal. I put out 30 gallons of spot spray yesterday morning. With sunshine all yesterday and today also, it was too wet to put the tractor on the ground, so I used the 72 volt electric sporting clays cart and the 25 gal electric spray tank. That cart comes in handy for all manner of farm chores, fencing, fence mending, riding fence, mail runs, spraying weeds, spraying bugs, grass seeding, light fire control, fertilizing the fruit trees, etc. It comes in real handy on wet ground when you do not want to tear up wet grassed areas. By this evening some of the thistle leaves had started turning grey. Within two weeks they will each be a spot of black dead leaves. It is a nasty and hard plant to kill if it bulbs out and way worse if it goes to seed. In a week I will go back and criss cross to check for missed plants. They are easy to go by and miss one or two.
  17. Can't find the report on secondary infection from COVID 19 vaccine shot . I had a hell of a time getting this one ,seems anything negative about vaccines is BURIED !. Thousands at Oakland Coliseum received wrong vaccine dosage, medical staff say https://www.ktvu.com/news/thousands-at-oakland-coliseum-received-wrong-vaccine-dosage-medical-staff-say
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  19. Read an article about a bunch of people getting secondary infections ,from receiving COVID 19 vaccination ?. I'll try and hunt it down and post it .
  20. NorthFace typical junior morons , We're so green but NONE of our suppliers are
  21. I've also considered the exact same thing , I'm just NOT sure if I want to do it and if there's a decided advantage ?. I can barely stand the crap on local news broadcast and have resorted to weather ONLY since dipshat behind the curtain took or stole the office .
  22. Wife's Mom 94 lives in Vegas . I Don't like Vegas much any more and usually only stop for fuel or visit . My Wife HATES Vegas long story but it's got to do with her Dad having been a professional gambler !. She used to blame her Dad for ruined vacations ,because they ALWAYS ended up in Vegas . Kids stayed in the motel room gamblers went drinking and gambling . Not exactly a highlight for Kids ,even with Circus Circus back in the day . So Wife blamed Dad all those years ,even after the divorce . Funny part My Wife is Close with her ex Step Mom and their only 3 years age difference between them . Her Mom moved too Lost Wages married a drunken Bum . Long dead now but My Wife finally figured it out it , WASN'T her Dad's Fault . He was Heavy weight Boxing Navy and gambled cards . When he got out gambling seemed easier than being face bashed and decided to make a living at it . Man was Honest liked to gamble and drink , definitely had his vices but dishonesty wasn't one of them . Made enough money to run a decent household and start # boys off in business and raise a family of #5 and #3 on the next go around . Funny even until the end he was NEVER a burden on anyone , was well liked by nearly everyone who met him . Many years later he had some severe health issues !!. Sent his second Wife , Girlfriend really never married her ,off with her Girlfriend on vacation , while they were gone , went out back beyond the property and committed suicide . Didn't want his GF to have to clean up after him , she cleaned houses for a living . True Story
  23. I'm almost to the point of cancelling cable TV and going to a 100% streaming kind of thing.....just need to do more research into the different screening programs/apps & cost....I know some have commercials & those are even more left wing than normal cable
  24. No idea about who owns/owned the company or anything other than they are a Colorado based company and HUGE in the snowflake liberal community....... at least 80% of the people I saw in WInter Park Colorado last weekend were wearing something with the NF logo on it......
  25. Going on a AR pistol lower, under $800........just need to order a dead air muzzle device for the sandman K Upper Receiver and Hand Guard SKU: LT556x01-559x02-ML10.5-BLK Complete Upper Receiver w/Charging Handle: LaRue Upper Receiver (M4 Feed Ramps) Stealth 2.0 Handguard (Choose Length): 10.5" M-LOK Color: Black LaRue $99 M4 Barrel SKU: LT15-6S-M-223-8-Y-12-1C-M4 $99 Barrel (M4 Feed Ramps) w/custom barrel wrench: Stealth 5.56 - 12" Barrel $99 Matching Bolt Carrier Group SKU: larue-5-56-bolt-carrier-group_larue-bolt-carrier $99 Matching Bolt Carrier Group: LaRue Bolt Carrier Group $99 2 Stage Trigger Installed In TAC SKU: LTMBT-2S $99 Matching Gas Block/Tube Assembly SKU: larue-gas-block-tube-assembly2 $99 Matching Gas Block/Tube Assembly: LaRue Gas Block/Tube Assembly $99 Muzzle Device SKU: LTB223 $99 Index Clips - Grip - Stock w/Buffer Tube Assembly SKU: LT-POLYMER-SC-BLK
  26. You're watching to damn much TV . Call Me old fashion stubborn obstinate bull headed pig headed Ahole whatever you wish but I'll be damned if I'm going to PAY for TV and have to be insulted by commercials . NOPE That's why those damn outfits give you DVRHD's or whatever those recording boxes are . MUTE and FAST FORWARD are TWO buttons which have reflex memory and MY fingers fit them PERFECTLY
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