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  2. https://bearingarms.com/kp-bearingarms/2013/07/02/awesome-magpul-industries-floods-colorado-with-30-round-magazines-n16939 "Today new gun control laws limiting ammunition magazine capacity to 15 rounds go into effect in Colorado. Magpul industries, a company based in Colorado that manufactures standard capacity 30-round magazines and firearms accessories, held an event over the weekend to give away thousands of magazines, flooding the state before the ban goes into effect. Gun-owners and gun-lovers converged on Infinity Park on Saturday afternoon in a last-minute protest against a new Colorado law banning the sale of magazines of more than 15 rounds. “You are in the Vatican of liberty, the Luxembourg of freedom,” Glendale Mayor Mike Dunfon told the crowd at the beginning of the rally. Organizers say some 5,000 people attended the “Farewell to Arms Freedom” festival, which was hosted by Free Colorado, a nonprofit group that advocates for firearms rights. Hours before the event began, people formed a line over a half- mile long outside the park. The first 1,500 who were at least 18 years old were handed tickets they could redeem for a free 30-round magazine, courtesy of Magpul Industries. Magpul donated a total of 20,000 magazines for the event, which featured live music, speakers and food. All the free magazines arrived, with great fanfare, via helicopter. Event organizers brought in talk radio host Dana Loesch (who is banned from Piers Morgan’s television show) via helicopter to distribute the magazines."
  3. Iirc, SSI is the disability payments folks can be eligible for even without having payed fica taxes, also known as social security taxes.
  4. Well, I put a fridge in here and stock it with cheese, lunchmeats, mayo and such. I dont heat anything in the truck. I'm not home much now as the shipper has become more demanding on delivery times. I can tolerate that, as I'm still getting a great rate and freight rates have fallen quite a bit so I'll keep their schedules in exchange for $. No apologies necessary. It's my choice to do what I do and even in my situation I agree that it's minor compared to the state of our union.
  5. Hell if I know. I don't even want their friken disability, when there are old folks out there who can't buy food AND medicine, let alone a few new guns and cases of ammo.
  6. I'm sorry you have been put in this position, and I apologize for painting with such a broad brush. I do need to ask though, is it not possible to prepare some simple foods with a cooler that runs off of the electricity from the truck, and get better (and more) food that is not only healthier but cheaper ? I'm not sure what all you can run off your system, but if it has to be an eggamuffin, would that not be pretty siple to do either prepared at home, and warmed, or cooked in a couple of minutes ? IDK... Be safe, brother. john
  7. In my experience at the Federal level, it is quite easy, as long as you can associate it with a criminal act. As a matter of fact, I found the rules of evidence to be so biased against the defendant, I found them to border on the unconstitutional, if not downright criminal. They can seize money simply because you have to much of it. Once that money id seized for forfeiture, it is up to the defendant to prove that he came by that money, house, cars, etc. by legal means. In Federal Court, let's say the .gov has good proof that the defendant sold or conspired to sell 1 kilo of cocaine, and he is found Guilty. After that, the government begins another phase of the proceedings where co-conspirators are put under oath, and testify before the Judge on such and such a date or time they saw the defendant in control of 3 kilos of cocaine. They will do this with several "eye witnesses" almost all of which are testifying in exchange for lighter sentences. SO, if the Judge determines in his mind, that the person on the stand is being truthful about the times and dates the defendant, now righteously convicted of trafficking 1 kilo of cocaine, is suddenly being sentenced for trafficking 5 kilos of cocaine, based solely on others saying they saw him trafficking these other weights of cocaine at different times. So the defendant is sentenced for trafficking FIVE kilos of cocaine not ONE. (the amounts are usually higher than my example) So if the rules of evidence in Federal court are this loose and fancy free, do you really think the forfeiture laws are going to be difficult to be put in the Feds favor, when the burden of proof is even lower ? I'm not doubting your word or experience for a minute. But there have been a number of studies and actual investigative journalists looking into this, and IMHO, it is way too easy for the government to seize money and other property. I was seriously disturbed by what I saw. As far as the State/County level, I did not get the impression it was much different. In Illinois, all you need to do to seize a car and money is to have enough dope with it to charge the defendant with possession with intent to sell. Easy peasy. He or she does not even have to be found criminally guilty of anything. I have been hoping this ended up in the Supreme Court. Even though I loved putting bad guys in prison for long times, and taking the stuff they bought from selling their drugs (or whatever) the State must have the burden of proving guilt, not the defendant proving they are innocent. Red Flag laws did not come up until years later, but it's the same thing, and I would not be surprised one bit id the gun grabbers got their idea for Red flag laws from the way the government handles other seizures. It all stinks.
  8. Today
  9. I have to disagree with you somewhat. Not that the prices are bankrupting me, but living on the road fast food is most of my diet. I actually like the sausage egg mcmuffin, but the sausage patties have become so thin I'm amazed they stay together. Sit down restaurants where I can park a truck have ceased to exist for all practical purposes. Even the fast food shops in truckstops are disappearing, replaced by roller grills. I do agree that there are more pressing problems. Oh yeah, I'm not 600#. (Yet)😁
  10. Fast food portion size and price, is at the bottom of my list as pertaining to things i am concerned about. I hardly ever eat that crap, usually when we forget, or run out of time to make lunches before hitting the road. My God, if you just have to worry about something, make it something of real concern. Anyone who is deeply affected by fast food's raise in price while they decrease portion size, it a world class loser in the first place, and I certainly don't want them and their 600 LB life whining in my face.
  11. Way cool, my friend ! Thanks for posting.
  12. What's the world coming to? What's next, no more soylent sammiches?
  13. Just learned this is a thing and that I’ve got a 6x & 5x grandfathers who fought in the revolutionary war & are buried in PA This is some very interesting stuff
  14. I have built a few, the one I am in now was already built.
  15. McDonald's just announced they were dropping the meatless burger from their stores. The sales were not good and customers never really liked them. Greg
  16. Yesterday
  17. OK, here's an attempt to add a pic of my chicken tractor. https://www.dropbox.com/s/06xv1pwdjrdcssj/Chicken Tractor.JPG?dl=0" Hmmm...
  18. "The new route opened after Mayorkas visited the Darien Gap area in April." Mayorkas should be taken to the south side of the Darien Gap and made to crawl across it.
  19. In a court of law, you must prove the defendant owns the property to be seized. As a deputy who had to do that for civil court actions, I can tell you that's a very hard thing to do, even with law abiding citizens. If there's no paper trail linking the property to the defendant, the court can't seize it.
  20. Save money and only make it a single wall form when they do the pour.
  21. Only when I was fired by Time in 1994 for investigating a story that threatened President Bill Clinton and many senior officials in his administration did I begin to understand that the mainstream media was dead. https://nypost.com/2022/08/06/kenneth-r-timmerman-reflects-on-the-day-journalism-died-in-us/?fbclid=IwAR2dtQFewgUEVAiDLPpRbsdqTYnFkFnzSzgpTeBeXTubFsFzjTID3oscrN0
  22. You would not believe the idiots here who want a gun safe in every school room and a pre positioned rifle and shotgun for the teacher to use They want each teacher to have a key card to open the locker & then the teacher can use whatever they feel more comfortable with & no need to zero them individually as you just point and shoot These same idiots don’t trust a teacher to carry a personal handgun concealed as students will frisk a teacher and take the gun freaking idiots
  23. More expensive and smaller fast food portions…..is that a bad thing?? More expensive meat & fruits veggies just means more cheap carbs for people and more health problems from eating cheap garbage Fried Spam & eggs anybody
  24. Bidet is a switch hitter, keeps testing positive then negative, then positive. Might need a concrete sarcophagus like Chernobyl to be poured over him.
  25. We have money for 89K new IRS agents but not border agents? Do you honestly think those IRS agents are going to go after millionaires and billionaires who’ll fight every audit in court for years? Oh no, they’re coming after mom & pop businesses and you and me who don’t have the $$$ to fight Big Brother! 🚨 Amendment to the Manchin bill to limit the bill's 87,000 new IRS agents to auditing comapnes and individuals with income of $400,000 or more FAILED 50-50. 🚨
  26. Call times X while you get your gun during an emergency. I would like to see that scheduled in a 3 gun match as the rifle event.
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