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  2. Very well said. One thing though, I don't think America is as divided as we think. That is a creation of the Marxists in government, and their corporate, media, Big Tech, and useful idiot activists. I think it is really simple. Good people have been frightened into giving up their free speech because they fear the consequences which is the woke mob. It's all hogwash. All we have to do is be more sure of ourselves and more vocal than all the activist groups combined, and we can stop this insanity. All we have to do is speak up, push hard, and believe we are on the side of good, because we are. In times past, these Marxist activists would have been as dangerous as a pimple on my butt, and they would have dried up and gone away. The Marxists, having a few more decades to increase their influence, which is all deception, think that this is their shining moment in History when the greatest nation on Earth can be brought to it knees. It's time the average American stood up, and explained they hold no more power of is than that pimple on our butts that is a simple scratch away. Why are we so afraid of these losers ? I wish I knew, I would be a rich man. I honestly think it has something to do with the Republicans putting the Congress under one Party rule. Other than that I am clueless. If all of the Patriots among 340 million Americans can't figure out how much power they possess, I guess we will go out whimpering to a few special interest groups. We can either make History or be history. The powers that be would like us to believe that our Republic is already history. But it's all lies, smoke, and mirrors. Have the courage to speak truth to power. In large numbers. I have zero respect for those who have paralyzed themselves because they fear blowback from the government, their woke co-workers or peers, or are worried about their social status. It reminds me too much of Nazi Germany and all the Germans who narced on their family and friends. It makes me want to vomit. Just when can we expect the average Red Blooded American to become disgusted enough with the Marxist Police State that is being built up all around us ? Anyone ?
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  4. No problem anytime. I have had the antigen/ rapid test twice. Last Christmas when I tested positive and like 2 weeks ago I had to go tested to fly back from Mexico and it came back negative. The PCR test is supposed to be better than the Antigen test but who really knows. Sean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Once again I'm disappointed. My money will continue to go elsewhere. Since I'm white, I'm sure they won't mind. Terry
  6. As PT Barnum once said ; Theirs one born every minute . I believe he may of made a mathematical error and believe it's every 12 seconds The order was for a number of Dies and their individual components , I had also asked for a Wholesale account setup for a larger quantity volume buy . Highly doubtful another wholesaler or individual would want what I ordered but Orders can be broken down and I'm CERTAIN that's EXACTLY what will transpire . I fully expect to hear from a couple of the manufactures within a week ,as to accounts . Especially with another Major NEGATIVE Publicity campaign on the horizon !. I'm willing to bet MY money I'll hear within two weeks ,how the Factories are now caught up and an account can be established . Real question is HOW MUCH MORE % COST ,will it be now than 7-8 months ago
  7. So, it was true…. What I read was not the “woke” statement…must have been reading an older or different position paper….they still won’t see my money. People are so caught up in all this race bating crap; I know it was there before O’bummer….but ignited by his administration and fanned by Biden and his crew, these leftist fueled unAmerican sentiments are now burning like a California wild fire….just what the left wants. This is not the America of my youth, we all got along, and life simply was so much more congenial. I never thought I would ever see America so divided….
  8. Variants will get hyped as worse than all previous the closer we get to the next election..got to keep the pressure on to continue violation of all reasonable election laws..
  9. So, it's now official? They're retracting the crt guide they never issued?
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  11. After my box had been bashed a couple of times and stolen once, post and all, I finally fixed it. Bought a large box and a huge box (the large fits in the huge with about a 2" gap all around) then put the smaller one into the bigger one and drilled 4 holes through the bottom of both boxes and inserted carriage bolts to act as standoffs and anchors. Then I filled the gap with Sakrete, making sure it went all the way around the sides and back of the box. I welded a 1/4" steel plate to the top of a 3" steel pipe and welded legs on the bottom of the pipe to stabilize it, then set that in an old wash tub. You guessed it! I filled the tub with Sakrete, bolted the boxes to the top, then hollowed out a landscape timber to hide the steel post. All of that got set into the roadside berm and the tub covered with dirt. There's no way to know how many times it's been hit since then, as I've found a couple of chips in the paint, but it's still right where I left it. I suspect that if anybody took a baseball bat to it, they'd ring like a chime.
  12. ... And you haven't heard back, because they found somebody who'd pay the current price for them, right?
  13. Thanks again for your time. I'll respond better when I get a minute
  14. I agree to a certain degree. Unfortunately we humans as a species, inevitably will all die one day, that's a hard, inescapable fact of life. Naturally when one reaches in to the 70-75yrs old, they're nearing the end of their lives. Of course people have live to exceed 100yrs old, but the average lifespan is like 72 or so for men and 75 or so for women, so as you said, it should be no surprise when an elderly individual passes away, be it covid-19, a heart attack, stroke, or whatever. What I meant by agreeing tina certain degree is that though the individual may be elderly and at the end of their life, nobody wants to meet the reaper any sooner than they have to, and that also goes for their families and friends as well. Nobody in their right mind would want their grandma, grandpa, mother, or father, we all would like our beloved family members and friends to be around for as long as possible. Only thing covid is is just YET ANOTHER way to help us meet our maker, and are just as likely to go from the flu, a stroke, cardiac pulmonary embolism, or whatever. I also wish the idiots on the far-left would stop with the "just get vaccinated already so we can get rid of covid" because they really don't realize how stupid they sound. The idea that covid is going to magically vanish and no longer be a thing is so laughable, it hurts. Anyone with a functional brain knows that it isn't going anywhere, and will likely become a seasonal thing. So, in my opinion, the sooner we're all exposed to it and either develop immunity or die, then and only then we will be able to move past it, the quarantine thing is just so dumb, I can't believe they thought it would do anything but slow the spread, if it even did that, but I've learned there is no point in delaying the inevitable. Almost forgot, a special thank you to @WhiteGTDropTop for being so kind to take his time to answer my questions, its much appreciated my friend. I'll have to look back and see which test that was developed without an actual sample so I know which of the 2 tests is actually worth taking if I ever decide to get tested.
  15. IF were all serious ,then I'm IN . I think I can get the Gov. to supply the mask for Zero cost , However it will take time to have them printed with the message anyone know someone in printing where we can get a HUGE order and a cost ?
  16. All you gotta do now is brick it in.
  17. To answer a couple of your questions… 1. I believe there are only 2 different tests. The antigen and PCR tests. Antigen is the rapid test, pcr is the test that takes a few days to get back. There are multiple companies that make the rapid test. 2. Symptoms do vary greatly from person to person. When the wife and I had it we both had sinus issues, fatigue, and headaches. My brother and my cousin currently have it. They both have similar symptoms. My other cousins wife is getting over it and she had it pretty bad but is. She got pneumonia with it and was just exhausted for like 2 weeks. 3. Most people I know that had it the symptoms last 5-7 days. The lose of taste/ smell seems to last weeks to months for some people. I have had unexplained chest pains since having Covid that could be a lingering side effect. 4. I don’t know anyone that had it more than once but I keep a small circle. Theoretically if you can get it again your symptoms should be more mild since your body already has the antibodies. I am much like you and kept living life as normal as I could and never took it real serious. Hope that answers some of your questions Sean Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Some of you might remember MY beotching about a number of Retailers CANCELING MY Pre Firearm and accessories orders ,during their shortages some months back !. Well I got a Notification via Email Today ,that TWO of those orders are NOW in ; After THEY canceled them . One is 41% higher priced Total ,the other 63% Higher total price ! What strikes ME odd is these outfits aren't related even remotely ,yet BOTH notified ME on the same day and Both prices have gone up substantially . So I've sent them BOTH the Previously Quoted PRICES ,that They Sent ME when I ordered the stuff and asked IF they'll honor them
  19. Well at least You have one Some months back some low life SOB ,took a baseball bat too ours ,because it's Huge with two others on a welded rail affair and Right in the middle . So I brought it up to the house pounded the bgeesus out of it , straightened it re riveted it and put a sturdy door hinge support on it . Then went over to a metal sales outfit had them laser cut a pattern out of 3/16" steel tack it all together ( Cost ME more than #3 New mailboxes ) Yeah I should of asked before !!. So I slide it inside the old box and epoxy it in place ,actually used a product similar to 3M 5200 Marine adhesive but you get the idea . So MY Panzer Tiger mailbox outfitted for War ,gets reinstalled tack welded back to the Rail assembly . A week ago Tuesday the New mail lady Substitute fails to close the door on our box before engaging Warp drive ,not only did she nearly tear out her corner structure post support on HER Jeep 4x4 wagon ( Rural delivery ,they provide their own vehicle ) , She damn near tore off MY mail box along with it's Door . So after digging around inside MY container ,I came across a magnetic cabinet lock closure and installed that Monday . Yesterday our neighbor stopped by after work and welded all #3 Boxes to the NEW Rail Road Rail before going home !!!. He called Me I met him at the turn out where the boxes are and helped Hold that damn section of track . It is NOW truly Fortified
  20. Remdesivir Monoclonal antibodies and You will be Better than vaccinated , as You will have had Natural antibodies !!!. Get Better Quickly Lon Not MY intent to make light of your illness but must confess , IF the symptoms You're describing is SARS-COV2 ; I may have that permanently I've been doing some wire management ,as in running My New Stereo receiver phonograph and JBL Tower speakers ,along with More electronics including HDMI computer interface with My Onkyo Surround Sound Blue ray DVR RDVR Home Theater 4K TV 7.2 systems . In other words a Butt load of wires cables 12,14 gauge . Which I have been laying inside that 1" White split PVC cable sheath crap and boy did that get expensive just for that wire loom crap !!. We're getting SHAFTED on this inflation crap BIG TIME . Anyway YOU get Well ASAP . Take that dumbass Basketball dribble Lebron , Out with SARS-COV2 and Fully vaccinated All Mouth NO brain with limited talent Bum .
  21. They finally came and replaced it today: Terry
  22. Every time I click on a thread it takes me to the last post in the thread even when I haven't looked at the thread at all before then. Before it always went to the first unread post which in the case of a thread never opened would be the first post in it.
  23. I live in the great democratic state of hellinois, you know the one where the governor complained that Texas and Florida were taking up all the monoclonal antibodies and got biden to take over the distribution so that every state would "get an equitable share". Well, Illinois now has their fair share of the the juice but are only using it for people who are "deathly ill". Their definition of that is the virus has affected your body to the point you can't maintain your blood oxygen saturation above 90% WITH supplemental oxygen. Meanwhile in Texas and Florida you only need to have a positive covid test and the antibodies are available to you. It totally makes sense, if they treat you as soon as they know you have the virus you won't get sick enough to need hospitalized, you won't be infecting others for weeks on end and your family can be spared the risk of getting the virus. Nope, Illinois wants you deathly ill before they give you the treatment that actually works, which of course means the chances of it working are massively reduced. I am so pissed off right now, seriously guys, heads need to roll over this whole mess. Dr, Feces would be the first one to start with. He created the disease and that is undeniable. He is a mass murderer of epic proportions, right up there with hitler and ghengis khan. We need to rid ourselves of the scum doing this to us and fast.
  24. I already mentioned it to Neil, but the birthdays are missing from the community calendar.
  25. I know there are other issues being addressed with a higher priority, but I don't see where you can change themes.
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