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Site Rules

By using AR15Armory.com or brdnews.com you knowingly, willingly, and agree to accept the conditions and rules of this Forum. If you do not agree or find any rule unacceptable to the Forum Rules please feel free to find another site to fit your criteria. We Reserve The Right, to add, modify, delete, or revise sections of these terms and or rules at any time which will benefit the site and or members. Please check the Forum Rules and Terms on a regular basis for changes. AR15Armory will post a notification to notify all members of Forum Rules and or Term Modifications, Changes, and or Revisions. Members who continue to use AR15Armory.com Forum after said changes have been made and notification has been given will not be exempt from warnings if said member violates Forum Rules or Terms.

Pictures, Images, Documents, and Links uploaded to AR15Armory.com was and or is approved for such upload by the original Author, Owner, Creator, Patent Holder, and or Copyright Holder. AR15Armory.com reserves the right to Alter, Revise, Publish, Retro-Fit, and or Distribute in any type of Past, Present, and or Future Technical Devices in Accordance with Local, State, and Federal Laws.

Sponsors, Dealers, and Members dealing in the Equipment Exchange and or private sales, trades, purchases conducted through e-mail or personal message. AR15Armory.com does not accept any responsibility for the items, or transactions nor will AR15Armory.com provide any warranty for the purchasing, selling, buying, and or trading of any Items sold here on the Forum.
All Items Sold, Traded, Purchased, through AR15Armory.com is sold AS IS; this Forum will not replace, repair, or warranty any items. Transactions conducted are solely the responsibility of the parties involved.

AR15Armory enjoys support from many vendors and other sites. We will not allow links to other vendors that are not supporters of the Armory. Posts containing links attempting to sell items on an external site that is not affiliated with AR15Armory.com will be removed.

Forum Rules and Guidelines

1. AR15Armory.com strongly supports the Sacrifices that have been made and are made on a daily basis by Active Duty Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement Organizations, Firefighters and Emts’ while serving in their Country, State and Local Community. If any Member is found to be falsely claiming they are Active Duty: Military, Law Enforcement Official, and or a Firefighter/EMT and as well If any Member is found falsely accusing Active or Retired Military, Law Enforcement Official or Agencies, and or a Firefighter/EMT or Agencies as well as any member of this site, of wrongful doings, Illegal Activities your account here will be suspended and said Member will be Banned. When wrongful accusations are made against these Individuals or Agencies, we must have hard core proof to back up the accusations. Your account here will be suspended and said Member will be Un-registered immediately without regards.

2. Personal Photos, E-mail address, Street address, Phone Numbers. Members are free to post or link to photos and or personal information in our site with express consent of the other party involved. However should anyone post a photo, e-mail address, street address and or phone number which is “original, modified, revised, past, present and or future” of a member and the member wishes to have it removed, it will be removed post hast. Repeated posting of a member who has expressed their photo and or any type of personal information is not to be posted on our Forum will result in your account being suspended and could lead to permanent exile for AR15Armory.com.

3. AR15Armory.com asks that no profanity, racial slurs, and or anti American slogans, wording, or concept be used in thread titles. Posts made up of or are of a racist nature are reviewed, discussed, and moderated on a case by case basis. Should any Member or Members make a post and or reply which are deemed to be nothing more than pure racist and or Anti-American in any context, it will be trashed immediately. If a Member or Members continue to post material of this nature, your account will be suspended and possibly Banned

4. Senseless and un-wanted postings or in other words spamming the forums and or posting with the intentions to attract attention or anger other members will not be tolerated. Threads and or Posts of this nature will be Locked and or Deleted. This type of malicious activities will result in your user account being suspended and or Banned without notice or warning.

5. Equipment Supply Forum, if you wish to sell, trade, or buy merchandise from a Sponsor, Dealer, or Member this business is to be conducted in the Equipment Supply forum only. AR15Armory.com is not responsible for any Merchandise Sold, Purchased, and or Traded for In This Forum.

6. AR15Armory.com will gladly recognize Member’s User Names from other gun-boards. The Staff here at AR15Armory.com has met many Members over the years and would like to let everyone feel they are welcome and comfortable with their normal User Name. If the user name of a Member who is well known in the Gun board community has been used by a New Member new to the Gun-Boards we will ask the New Member to change their user name so the Veteran Member may maintain their user name.

7. Illegal Posting, No Thread or Posting of any type that is Illegal will be tolerated period. If you have something you wish to sell or modify and there is a doubt in your mind if it is Illegal or not, then do not post it. Threads or Posts with anything Illegal will be trashed immediately, if a Member repeats this offense then you are automatically Banned no questions asked. Examples of such are “ I just built a pipe bomb” “How can I make my AR full auto and I do not have a Class III License” “ Hot or stolen merchandise for sale or trade real cheap” “I am going to Kill You”

8. AR15Armory.com is all about selling of Firearms Merchandise and Discussion of Firearms. We ask the +1 or IBTL not be used here. We will warn habitual users of the +1 or IBTL, but if you continue to post in such a manner, the Staff will be forced to suspend your posting rights.

9. User Names, Avatars and Signature Pictures. AR15Armory.com asks that no User Names or provocative pictures be used when setting up your membership. No links to other vendors posted in your signature, we have Sponsors on our forum and we do not allow such links out of Respect to our Sponsors. The Use of Sexual content or material, Profanity, Bloody, Provocative, Anti-Troop, Anti-Law Enforcement, Anti-American material will not be tolerated period. We want families to be able to enjoy this site.

10. Personal Message System The personal message system is in place for parties to communicate privately, posting of a personal message out in public forum will not be tolerated without the express consent of both parties, if you post a communication used by personal message system you thread will be deleted, if you continue then your account is subject to suspension.

11. Site Security, Attempting to access Restricted forums, Posing as different members, creating multiple troll accounts, exploiting the site is automatic Un-Registered with no questions ask!
Information collected here at the Forum when you register is 100% private, no one and or outside party will have privilege to a Members Information.

12. Voluntary Account Closing. If you ask for your account to be closed, or you create a good-bye thread and or post, your account will be Banned Immediately.

13. Gun-Board problems elsewhere, Bashing and Bad Mouthing other gun-boards will not be tolerated. We are all Members of Different Gun Boards so just because you have a problem on another Board do not bring it here talking bad about the other Boards. Addresses of other Gun Forums is not allowed in the member's signature or in posts, unless approved by Admin, not allowing other web-sites in the member's signature and posts reduces turmoil and conflicts.

14. Personal Attacks If you have a disagreement with another member, by all means post your point, but absolutely do not attack the other member or members with name calling or degrading.

15: Conduct in Group Buy Threads. Group buy threads are for the sale of items at a special discount for the members of the Armory. Replies and discussion are to be limited to either posting your intentions to reserve your place in line for the group buy or to ask a question about the product or service being offered only.

16: Be safe and be responsible with Firearms and Reloading Information and Techniques.
Neither the Owners, Staff, Members, Guests or others viewing AR15Armory.com are responsible for mishaps that occur as a result of the use or misuse of any reloading data or firearms modifications contained herein.

17: Copyright Protection
It is the policy of AR15Armory.com that we respect copyright protection for all persons, and all content. When members post articles or excerpts from other websites, using any of the article or copyrighted material is not allowed. When posting news or other information, please post a link to the news story in it's original location, and only the original headline from the original article. Summaries created by members after they've reviewed copyrighted material does not fall under this rule, and are permitted. Any person asserting that their copyrighted material is used without permission will have the content removed immediately. They may use the "Contact Admin" link at the top of the forum, or may PM any administrator on the forums.

18. Red Text
Only AR15Armory Staff will be permitted to use red/red highlighted text.

AR15Armory.com Privacy Policy
Your right to privacy is very important to us. All personal information provided to us will remain solely with us. We at AR15Armory.com will not sell, rent, or share any information provided to us by phone, fax, email, mail or other website, except in response to legitimate law enforcement subpoena or warrant. By use of our site you are deemed to consent to our privacy practice. We reserve the right to revise or update this statement with no advance notice. Any changes made will be posted in this section at the time of the changes. If you have any questions in regards to this privacy statement please contact any member of our Admin Staff.
All Images and Material posted, displayed are our forum is the sole Ownership and Copyright of AR15Armory.com

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