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    Picked up a PSA "Space Force" lower today.
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    In a town about 30 miles away for a WWII B-17 tail gunner who died on a bombing mission over Germany in 1944. The rest of his crew got out and were taken prisoner but they never saw him bail out of the plane. His body was recovered by locals and buried in the local cemetery. He was declared MIA and later KIA. After the war his grave was opened and the military graves registration crew declared the remains unidentifiable and he was reburied in a military cemetery in Belgium. In 1950 he was officially listed as KIA, remains unrecoverable. In 2016 a researcher working from the original records requested a new investigation by the Defense POW/MIA accounting agency. The body was exhumed and a DNA test done on the remains. His sister who was 14 when he died was contacted and submitted a DNA sample. I decided to take the family over to pay our respects to the family and to give the kids a little glimpse of what it means to be an American and how many people have fought and died so they could live the lives they lead today. Except for his sister, everyone that knew him is now dead, but there will be 5 people there who appreciate the sacrifice he made for us.
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    I got bored half way through and quit.......I got an email later that said I never finish what I start.
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    You know what would be sweeter than punching him? Playing the victim, and claiming all sorts of emotional distress, PTSD, and retiring on the proceeds of that one punch. Eff-him.
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    This was taken at the airport in Missoula, MT when President Trump arrrived for the rally this Thursday.
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    Today I went to do a little pesting with my Stoeger X20S air rifle. There were pigeons infesting the original old B-24 bomber production plant now owned by the Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport. The building is scheduled for a certain amount of restoration to eventually be the new Museum. In the mean time it is being used for a restoration building where they are working on some of the old war birds. I cut feathers and likely mortally wounded two pigeons, and let the air out of two others (confirmed). I also had an opportunity to take a few pics. I also got to go over to the maintenance bay for a close up look at a few other birds.
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    I don't frequent the mall.....and I cannot remember the last time I was at this one. There is a spa and bbq store there that sells parts and I needed a new power cord for my hot tub. Store opens at 10 am and I get there at 9:35 am. So, I walk around looking at the different stores in the mall that I have never heard of and don't care to go into when I notice all the mall walkers. You know them....old timers getting their morning exercise by walking the perimeter of the mall floor. Number one.....god forbid you stand where they want to walk....they must travel the perimeter and not deviate or they lose a lap or something.....I'm sorry, old lady, for making you walk two extra steps. Number two....the fanny pack is still in style...who knew. Number three.....don't lean against the back of one of the couch's at the end of the mall...even though there are six other couch's that are free the mall walkers will sit down in the couch your leaning on with you right there behind them so close you could grab their purse and run out the door. That is their couch. Number four....cell phones the size of laptops look really stupid hung on that belt clip like a colostomy bag. Number five.....when the store owners are opening up the big metal grates to their store and having trouble with it the mall walker finds it a perfect time to tell them good morning as they walk past when the gal is upside down bent over trying to undo the lock. Number six....if your so lucky to watch the shop owner open those grates from a distance and watch her look up when the old fart says good morning you will notice that there is an underhanded game at play......as the shop owner looks up to say good morning from her bent over pose she exposes a great view down her top to which the mall walker takes great pride in seeing as he has a ear to ear grin on his face afterwords. Number seven......when I asked the shop owner if the same guys walked by each morning at the same time she replied "yes" I asked her if any offered to help her with the grates...she said "no"....so I told her they were too busy watching her bend over to help. She got a little embarrassed and then said "I'll fix that!"
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    Over the last couple months we have had a rash of arson fires in the little community south of me and my own town. House fires, grass fires, businesses, and even a death from one house fire. There were seven fires in one night over a week ago. Well, the cops had surveillance video of a red sedan and that was all they had. They did not let out that info until he was caught. Thursday night he came to my town and started two houses on fire in a nice neighborhood. Police responding to the fires see a red car leaving the area so they pull him over. He lived in the original little town right in the middle of all the early fires. The little punk will be tied to the dead woman and her fire as well as the others. He's toast. He is a little gang banger type and his fires were very random. I hope he never sees the outside of a jail cell again.
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    This made me smile. Hopefully you too.
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    And the tree of liberty is refreshed! I saw a couple with two girls aged 11 ad 13 shooting rifles at my range. Talk about smile. I went down to their bench and told them what a good job they were doing. They appreciated my comments.
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    Now the images are here! A really good morning, and I think I just might have two new converts. Now it’s time for her little brother, but I want a totally focused trip to the range for him. We’ll start him out on a rimfire long gun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I made it! Cardiologist looked at it while I was there....no problems.
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    No one's giving me hard time. No grubs. Probably less than 20-30 fire ant beds at any given time. I believe digging is now part of their culture. An involuntary muscle-type deal. I do have zillions of earthworms which they evidently enjoy dining on. They eat about any insect, larvae, etc. Pretty much every thing but broccoli. They eat lead and copper/polymer mix too.
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    My third AR build. I wasn't satisfied with the current AR -15's going pew pew and want something that goes pow pow. Enter the AR-10 lower ready for milling and drilling. In the 80% Gen2 Jig. The same jig I milled the AR-15's with but when the side plates and tube is reversed, it fits the AR-10 lowers. After milling and drilling. After blackening with Aluminum Black. Now, I'm waiting for the rest of the build to show up. The tracking says tomorrow but I think Monday.
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    This is just one of many consequences that arise when post-Constitutional Liberal propagandized Americans reach positions of power. In addition, a good number of the generations younger than they have had the same post-Constitutional indoctrination. The Constitution is not supposed to be a buffet where you pick and choose what American rights and you want to respect, and those you don't. The Constitution is the blueprint for the continuation of the greatest nation ever formed by man and Providence. As long as the government schools, the Left wing media, and the liberal pop culture hold such sway in the forming of the value system of our young people, the problem of not respecting the Constitution, and having an anti-American globalist world view will continue to grow. IMHO.
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    Here's what I found wrong; "...federal police officers escorting the migrant caravan across the southern state of Chiapas."
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    As of the 2016 presidential election there were 65,853,514 morons in the US. Some were dead though. Darrell
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    Dayum I admire your dedication. I just run a cleaning rod down the barrel a few times and shoot the crap out of it.
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    Not me, but my 10 y/o son this time. If he can recite Col. Cooper's 4 rules of firearm safety, then I let him shoot with me when I hit the yard plinking.
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