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    A dedicated .22LR AR pistol upper build. Was commenting on Dbltap22's, "Indian Creek BFD and CMMG 22" thread on how I was thinking about putting one together. Of course Dbltap22 , fitting in just fine as a new Forum member, goaded me with the quote... " It's just a little 22. Everyone's doing it. Common. Live a little. Ha!" Soooo that and that darn BRD virus got me moving. It also helped that Right to Bear had a great deal on the barrel. Let's get to the picture. I know how you guys are. Upper parts list. Davidson Defense Black Diamond billet stripped upper, less forward assist. Davidson Defense Black Diamond 10" M-LOK Slant handguard. Delta Team Tactical has these on over-run sale for $39.99. Right to Bear 9" dedicated .22LR AR barrel. CMMG dedicated .22LR SS bolt group. Pulled from my CMMG dedicated carbine upper. Kaw Vally .223/5.56 linear comp. Right to Bear dedicated .22LR charging handle. It's a CMMG .22LR dedicated charging handle for two bucks less. CMMG .22LR ejection port cover kit. Only other option I want to put on the upper is a Magpul M-LOK AFG. I did have to modify the deflector on the CMMG .22LR ejection port cover kit. That is because of the billet upper being shaped different than a standard milspec upper. In the picture below, you can see a gap behind the BCG. The CMMG .22LR ejection port cover kit resolves that. See if I can get out this weekend and see how this puppy runs. Thanks, Glenn P.S. Still need to finish the 10.5" 300 Blackout AR pistol upper I'm assembling... Freak'n BRD!!!
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    God shed His grace on thee... John “Remember, no matter where you go, there you are,” —Buckaroo Banzai
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    Well honestly, they saw it my way and I got an Infinity QX-80 which is a tank of a vehicle. I was hoping for a bit more lux but the tank is OK. I can see how Nissan really wanted to make it a nice SUV but truthfully it isnt that comfortable. Large and in charge it is. And it will definitely haul ass. Smooth on good road and holds the curves well but if your turning a rough road curve, its kinda skittery in the ass end. All in all I guess they did what they thought was right. Its a bit more expensive than I thought overall. I had to do a deposit on a major card for the "luxury" car and pay the rental up front. I was thinking and in the past IIRC I always paid the rental fee after the fact. Thought maybe they would take the rental out of the deposit. Needless to say it shot out my little low limit card I got for this trip. Its great to see who I consider family, Robert's wife and kids who I spent a great deal of time with too. Circumstances could be better but I know Robert is looking down and liking us all together to honor his wishes.
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    Was 6.6 according to my readings got it down from 8.3.
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    Got my John Hancock Rifle out again today. I tell ya what, this rifle just gets better and better. This is 5 shots at 100 yards, with the Magnetospeed hanging on the barrel. This is 3 shots at 200 yards. I shot the 8" round steel at 400 yards, and was hitting it every time. First time I've ever shot that distance. Ii used the number my ballistics calculator gave me for a bullet drop, dialed it in, and bam, it was right on. I'm ready to reach out and touch some steel at 500-600 yards. I have to get qualified for the 1000 yard range first. This rifle just boggles my mind how it shoots. I don't think I've ever shot anything as consistent as this before. I'm just having lots of fun.
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    I'd be more concerned if it reared up and handed me a Red Delicious apple and told me to have a bite.............. Greg
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    When I bought my place 27 years ago I could drive anywhere on the property with a tractor. 20 years before that it was tilled ground. Anyway, I had planned to fence and cross-fence it all for pastures for the horses. I was poor at that time, so it was a plan that was going to come together over time, but in the meanwhile I periodically went through there with a brush-hog and mowed where the fence lines were going to go just to keep brush from growing up and making it more work. Fast forward 5 years.... They came through and paved my road. When they did that they also installed catch basins where a county drain STARTED. They never did anything to the drain itself, and it was a tiled drain through there that hadn't been serviced in any way for probably 40 years or more. The first few years it wasn't a problem, but it was also a rather dry period those years too. Since then it has gotten progressively worse every year, and as my land became wetter and wetter I started going to the drain commissioners office every year when the drain assessments came in the mail and review dates were made known. One year they came out and jet-rodded back from the road about 300ft........it accomplished nothing! Another year I went in hollering that at one open point I witnessed the water running backward through the drain, and that got their attention, so they came out and fixed the drain from that point on, but did nothing about what was between the start of the drain and that point, so the water kept backing up at my place. Another year they offered to re-zone part of my property as "flood plain" to save me money on my property taxes......I DON'T THINK SO!!! I wasn't about to have them essentially condemn nearly half my land! Yet another year I took them pictures of places where the tiles had heaved enough that the outlet side was a foot + higher than the inlet side. That got them to send a small crew out to replace about a thirty yard long section where it had heaved, but that was all that they did, and the water just kept backing up at my place. By now I'd lost the use of a paddock that I had been putting horses on because it was growing cattails it was so swampy. Finally, this year I went in with veins bulging and told them that after 20 years I'd had enough, and that if something wasn't done to finally fix it I was going to hire an attorney and sue them for 20 years lost use of my land! (BIG money!) That was Monday this week. Guess what? Today I came home from work and saw an excavator parked along the edge of a field next to the drain. And as I type this there is a guy in that excavator with a tree eater on the end of the stick clearing the brush over the drain so that they can put the bucket back on and actually dig it out the way they should have decades ago. Now I may still have to tile my place, and pay the county the $50 for a "drain tap permit" to totally dry my place out, but it will be worth it for what it will do for my property resale value down the road. At this point I'm almost giddy! I may even foot the bill to have someone come in and dig a pond for the water to have a place to go rather than tile it all. And then I'd only have to run a line from the overflow to the drain. I just wish that it didn't take 20 years of b¡tching and threats to get them off their collective asses and do their job!
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    Up North Michigan for summer vacation. Went to the Cherry Festival air show in Traverse City today. We went last year and saw the Blue Angels, this year we got to see the Thunderbirds. It is a different air show in what I am used to as it is over the lake instead of at the airport. Last year we just happened into it at the last minute, this year we planned it out in advance. We got lucky last year and found a spot to park at a church and walk about 200 yards to a street corner with nice shade and a good view out over the lake. We parked at the same spot today and sat in the same shade. It is a short airshow, about 3 hours, started with 2 Coast Guard choppers doing their thing, simulated rescue out on the lake. Those Coastie pilots are pretty good. Got to see the Harrier and I have to say the Marine pilot was the shat. He got that thing cranking across the lake. Then he did some hovering and backwards flying. The F-22 was impressive. I'd have to say about 1/2 of the time it wasn't so much flying as it was staying in the air and maneuvering through raw power and giant brass balls. That thing turned on a dime and gave you change. Went straight up until it had no forward speed but wasn't falling either, just kind of hanging there and then he cracked open the afterburner and just pulled right out of it into flight. He did a pretty goo d sneak pass too. Had to have been damn close to mach 1 because we didn't hear him coming until he was past us. No boom but a lot of roar. There were a few prop planes, P-51 was the coolest. Of course the Thunderbirds ended the show. Was surprised to see that one of the 4 in the main formation was a 2 seater. I'd give a nut to sit in the back seat for that again. They were impressive, hard to believe it has been 10 years since I sat there. On the way back we were driving along and I mentioned that we have been coming up here for 20 years and have never seen a bear when all of us were together. Have seen them out hunting but never when the whole family was there. Not 5 minutes later, I look down a road as we drive past it and there is a bear about 150 yards down the road just standing in the middle of the road. It was one of those straight roads they cut to log back in the day. Flat and straight for a long ways with scrub pine on either side. We got turned around and back to the road and no bear. He just wandered off in the 2 minutes it took to turn around and go back. The road is sandy and I found his footprints in the dust. He couldn't have been too far away. Been a long day, everyone is beat and ready for bed early. Need to do some fishing and some shooting and some relaxing, heavy duty relaxing.
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    Thanks for your classy post, for a classy guy, Joel. Augie was a great teacher of how to love life, and appreciating every minute God gives you. Rest in Peace, Augie.
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    So I’m recovering. Finally after 2 weeks in in a cast. This has not been fun so far but better days ahead. 4 incisions, 2 screws (to repair a bone that broke installing the ankle), a lengthened calf muscle, and a new ankle! 6 more weeks non weight bearing, then rehab. Good news is that all of the arthritis pain is GONE! I’m optimistic! And I just might have to do this!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll be busy tonight trimming my toenails... and maybe the goats' toenails... and maybe my wife's toenails, any of which would be preferable to watching that bunch.
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    These out to be a hit here in Eastern Oregon
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    About 6 weeks ago, I received my new PSA "M4A1" marked lower receiver. I have now begun to acquire parts for a M4A1 SOPMOD Block II build. Here is what I have done so far. Upper Assembly: Aero Precision Assembled Upper Receiver PRI M84 Gas Buster Charging Handle with Military Big Latch Daniel Defense Mk12 Low Profile Gas Block (.750") Daniel Defense Stainless Steel Gas Tube -Carbine Length Daniel Defense M4A1 Rail Interface System II, RIS II (FDE) (NSN: 1005-01-547-2624) MAGPUL Picatinny Ladder Rail Panel (3) - FDE BCM Standard 14.5" M4 Barrel, Stripped, SOCOM Aero Precision M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Phosphate Surefire 3-prong Flash hider/Suppressor Adapter (SF3P-556-1-2-28) CQD Forward Sling Mount Lower Assembly: Palmetto State Armory "Property of U.S. GOVT. M4A1" Lower Receiver Colt Full-Auto Ambi-Safety Selector (modified - fin removed) GEISSELE Super Semi-Automatic (SSA) trigger A2 Pistol Grip (Black) B5 Systems Gen I Enhanced SOPMOD Stock (Coyote Brown) Colt M4/M4A1 Receiver Extension (4 position) Carbine buffer spring H2 Buffer CQD Rear Sling Mount UID Sticker Optics/Sights: Eotech 553 (SU-231/PEQ) (NSN: 1240-01-533-0941) Knights Armament Flip-up M4 Front Sight Knights Armament 600 Meter Micro Flip-up Rear Sight (200-600M) Accessories: Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Pt. Combat Sling - Coyote Blue Force Gear Sling Snap Hooks Surefire, M300, Weaponlight, Picatinny, LED 500 Lumens, Z68 On/Off Tailcap, Tan SureFire Scout Light Weapon Light Switch Assembly w/Picatinny Pressure Pad, Tan (DS-SR07-TN)
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    Did you shake the magical AR tree and pick up what fell? I'd say you made out pretty well!
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    They need to adjust the machinery, the last row of confections are not laying flat. OMG!!! I'm turning into TT... Thanks, Glenn
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    My Chicago survival kit: Don't go to a Chicago.
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    Got all my targets made up for my range trip later this week. Managed to get all my pre-made spreadsheets on the thumb drive now I just have to add the data to flesh them out. I did some sleuthing on my 20 LBC barrel and the ammo that I found tucked away back on a shelf. I loaded the stuff back in May 2017. For the life of me I couldn't figure why I had loaded this as I was not too enamored to the ones I had fired before. I finally pulled my notes and looked over the data I had shot back in 2011-2012 and realized that the old original barrel was a 20" tube. The one setting on this upper is a 24" and on reflection I can barely remember getting this one built up and getting put on the back burner. I guess I got side tracked on some other project like the 22-NXS and just never found that round tuit. I did put a Nikon 6X18 on the upper yesterday so am ready to go paper punching with three different bullets. If this one down't shoot it goes away. On the plus side I happen to have a 26" bolt gun barrel for a Savage in the tube and the cartridge would really shine in that if the tube is good. Not fighting a gas system can do wonders for variable powder choices. It will be educational once this one shakes out. I'll be loading up some Bob's Bullets in 223 this week too to shoot next week in my good heavy barrel 70 to see what they are capable of in a primo tube. I have a batch of once fired brass from that chamber so may just NS them and call it good. Greg
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    Nothing can withstand Carl!
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    I just lost my Sharpie in a boating accident!!!
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    And I just now got on the scale just before getting a shower. I've lost 13 pounds since my last weight check 5 weeks ago. I'm very pleased with I-F and low carb eating.