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    I may have to buy a few of these.
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    Ive seen some of you guys mention paying for some random serviceman's lunch. I think everyone should do this. Ive done it a couple of times and the appreciation on the face of the person is priceless. I dont think it has anything to do with them not having to shell out the money and everything to do with someone showing them gratitude for what they are doing for us. I was in line today at Wendy's and there was an Airman in front of me and I told the cashier his money was no good and handed her a ten spot. He was either a First or a Master Sergeant working at our little FA-18 detachment at the airport. It is staffed by active duty staff and the pilots are all Florida Air Guard. I worked out there and watched them trundle out missiles to the jets and back again when they get back off patrol. It really felt good. I also like to shake the hand of older gentleman with a cap on with his unit or ship on it. I know it makes some of their days and for an instant you see the kid who joined the service in his teens.
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    I stopped by Chicken Express to pick up some to go chicken tenders. As I was going out a young lady was coming in she saw my Trump Punisher cap and looked like she was going to say something. I gave her the please say something look and a smile. She got sick I guess and walked out the door and left. There were a few that looked at me like they wanted to but a look and a smile turned them away.
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    Blow on your whistle, you carry a whistle don't you? If no one come, fire your gun in the air 3 times. Don't have a gun? You shouldn't have been in the woods. If still no one comes, yell out "Donald Trump is the greatest President ever!" A democrat will be along shortly to tell you how wrong you are. They won't help you get out of the woods but you can backtrack them to the nearest place that takes EBT.
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    Bought an upper assembly from them a couple of years ago. It has been sitting ever since. Took it out last weekend to see how it shoots and malfunction on the first round. The extractor broke. No biggie, I swapped in the extra I had and no more issues. Called PSA the next day and explained what happened. Had an email with a return shipping label within minutes. The UPS guy at work picked it up and just got a shipping notice the replacement is on the way. I am satisfied.
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    So, would a 3D printed "veggie" steak be considered a "miss" steak?
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    My wife brought up this issue years ago to a vegetarian co-worker......if eating veggies was so good why do they try and make them look like a piece of meat?
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    Argument and brand pissing will NOT be tolerated in the technical areas of the site. Example of appropriate discourse: "I like brand 'x' because they use properly staked gas keys. I don't like brand 'y' because they don't. Example of inappropriate pissing match: What was starting to happen above. A member asked a question about a specific brand, from a specific era. He got a couple of polite responses containing some facts, and some opinions. Then things devolved into this brand is shat, then that brand is shat, and we were on our way to "Tier" land. Stop it. Answer specific questions with answers and facts, even anecdotal evidence is fine. But pissing matches are NOT appropriate for a technical forum.
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    Kind of a long video but very important to understand the future of warfare and even the current practice of war. Make no mistake, the enemy is at war long before they fire a shot in anger. Unless we recognize that the media and the left are currently at war with the United States, we will lose our country. Make no mistake, the fight began long ago before we even realized there was a battlefield. This country is polarized and there seems to be no middle ground and that is exactly what they want.
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    The only common sense I want to hear is from Thomas Paine
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    I give up. Do the emoticons not mean anything ? I know Greg, brother. It was a joke.
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    On this topic, I have one comment. If someone can't be trusted with a gun in public, they shouldn't be in public. Tj
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    Dragging this topic back from the depths because I was cruising the 'Bay and found a seller a little cheaper for the same sling. I bought about 5 of these so far from the other guy and they are good quality with no issues on any of them. One is on my hunting Black Out so Ive carried it quite a bit and its taken everything Ive put it thru so far. Green must not be as popular, they are $10.95 and tan and black are $11.48. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HIGH-Quality-Adjustable-Tactical-Quick-Detach-2-Two-Point-Gun-Sling-US-Shipping/264077209034?hash=item3d7c3a6dca:m:mOVwLuUVHAiIs2VjAVt17Sw:rk:1:pf:1&frcectupt=true
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    https://freebeacon.com/issues/oklahoma-becomes-15th-permitless-gun-carry-state/ "Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt (R.) signed a bill into law on Wednesday that eliminated permitting requirements for concealed gun carry inside the state. The bill, H.B. 2597, would allow anyone who is 21 years old or older to legally carry a concealed firearm so long as they are legally allowed to possess a firearm. It also includes exemptions for anyone between the age of 18 and 21 to be able to carry without a permit so long as they are a member of the military, national guard, or are an honorably discharged veteran."
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    It's not about safety. Never has been. The Commies know it's harder to load armed citizens into box cars. Always remember. The Commies want you broke, dependent, underfoot or dead. Never forget this.
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    A quick synopsis of my mid-life with some dates and facts. It all stated when I picked up a Masters of Arts in Criminal Justice Management and Administration, lots of letters, summa c** laude..LOL I had been an RN for 10 years at that time along with some time with the US Border Patrol. (I do regret leaving the USBP BTW.)a and I wanted to get a Federal career going as at that time I was already 34. I started with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 6/85 as a CO at FCI El Reno, Oklahoma. Transferred to the Medical are there at El Reno where I started. Ran the Pharmacy for a couple years then the trauma room. Jumped on Con Air in 89 at El Reno as the first Flight Nurse they had. and the operation moved to OKC in 92 and from there I flew to 96. Came off the planes during a reorganization and took over the Q program for the medical department. Transferred to PHX in 98 as the Infectious Disease Coordinator and the IOP Coordinator, that's QA in real world hospitals. Retried in 07 mandatory at age 57. Along the way I became a Firearms Instructor and later was one of the Western Region Marksman/Observer Instructors, snipers if you work in the rest of the world, where I got to go all over the US teaching LR shooting involving putting a bullet anywhere you want it using math and good technique. I was a resource person for the FBOP staff at FLETC for the long gun. Somewhere in there I ended up on the PHX SORT/SWAT team and was the oldest operator, their words not mine, in the US on my retirement. All told I was basically in prison for drug distribution and gun running. I had a storied career with lots of benefits and recognition from my Con Air and teaching. I was high enough up to have some stroke but as long as I minded my own shop I was generally left alone. I got called on by the Central Office more often than was normal for most employees even though I tried not to be front and center. Many times I got calls from the BOP and , surprisingly, the US Marshal Service for extra teaching stints out East and some odd things involving hostage situations and drug lords in Central America. My job description has a line called: Other Duties as Assigned. A great job that let me have personal growth and satisfaction and thankfully in retirement is letting me keep a roof over my head, food on the table and fixings for my shooting habit. Greg
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    Why is it a small handful of people who are "offended" by such memorials feel/think they are more important that the majority of people who want the memorials and want them left the freak alone.... It's insane how these assholes feel they are more important and are offended to the point they have to make up bullshat to be offended about.... And your right, there's a storm a brewing....and these offended pussies are going to be shocked when they get turned into pavement pudding.......
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    I sleep like a baby.......I wake up every couple of hours and cry.