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    if they do die yet continue to post on here at least you know they are democrat.....
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    Seems to me as though it would be easy enough to shut the water off to the house, and if the pump still keeps kicking on then you'll know that it's in the head assembly somewhere (likely the check valve). If the pump doesn't kick on with the house shut off, and you can't see a leak, then I would suspect an underground leak in the plumbing to your hydrants. That can be a real PITA to locate if soggy ground doesn't give it away.
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    Well then I'm the acception to that rule. I will not comply is in mine and many signatures here. Not because its a catch phrase. If they pass that law it will be a battle cry.
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    finally got the taxes from 2016 settled the IRS said I owed them a few thousand but as I finally got everything together they owed me several thousand dollars. bastardos. I think I deserve a new pistol or Rifle for all that frustration.
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    Perhaps should have given this a little more thought
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    Got pm..FW's power's been out..he's ok..
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    That's just neat as hell. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1999734/x-37b-breaks-record-lands-after-780-days-in-orbit/
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    Must be. I was gonna go on a rant about those who spend every minute of every day dividing this nation. But I won't. This is too good to tarnish with that. Jayden, a first-grade student at Charles Elementary School in Richmond, Ind., wanted to thank his football coach for his hard work through the season. In the video, he presents Coach Richard with a mug that reads “A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change a life.” “Thanks, buddy!” Coach Richard Nelloms says while embracing Jayden. But that wasn’t the only thing Jayden had for his coach. “Hold on, he’s got a little note he wrote you,” Jayden’s mother, Courtney Wigginton, can be heard saying behind the camera. The little boy soon pulled out a heartwarming letter he wrote for Nelloms, and read it aloud while his mom caught it on video. “Dear Coach Richard, you have been the greatest coach of my life. I love you Richard,” Jayden reads, as he starts to break down crying. “You help me love football again. Thank you for being my favorite coach. Love, Jayden.”
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    You mean me? I've been slogging getting the house ready for my Niece. I have been ordering ammo/brass, all in transit thank you FLESH WOUND, and what have you for my new pistol in 32 S&W.. Hopefully I will get to shot something next week. Also negotiating with Nikon for a new replacement scope for one I damaged. My new toys. 22 RF 32 S&W Long Range ready Gun-Ho box Greg
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    Nothing like a big pot of red beans and rice on a rainy day. Sent from my moto e5 play using Tapatalk
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    Working on .308 Winchester tonight. Gee, I wonder why? Have a Ruger American Predator .308 with the 18" threaded medium contour barrel coming in. The Savage model 10 P .308 I have with the 20" bull barrel has been a PITA since I got it. Looking at my log book, it has been three years since I shot it. It still needs a new butt pad and then it is getting sold. I have had it with it! So my next adventure will be with the Ruger. The above Magpul Hunter stock are on sale at Primary Arms for $219.99. That comes with the trigger assembly that takes AICS compatible magazines. One is provided with the stock, I purchased two more since they are on sale. Still waiting for the firearm to arrive at my local FFL. Planning on breaking it in with FGMM 168 & 175 grain ammo but want to supplement my ammunition for it. So back to the bench... I had a choice to make to see which brass I wanted to start with the new firearm. Which one will he choose? IMI 7.62 Match is the winner! Weight and volume are about identical with the LC LR brass. Have 51 all prepped, tumbled and ready for priming. Now I have to figure which projectile I want to load first. Here are my choices... Hornady 30 cal. ELD-X 178 gr., Nosler 30 cal. RDF 175 gr. HPBT and SMK 30 cal. 175 gr. HPBT. Leaning twards the little guys... SMK's. The Magpul 7.62 AC magazines will allow me to load to 2.880" Powder I have is Varget, IMR 4064 and Reloder 15. May just use the MK316 MOD 0 load data which uses IMR 4064 (41.745 gr.) to get started. This shot well in the Savage. Will have to see how the Ruger likes it. Thanks, Glenn
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    No go on the shooting today. It was still cloudy and spots of rain here and there. Of course by the afternoon it cleared up. But had another project I'm working on... Portable reloading bench. Not done yet, but getting there. Used a table top that was getting thrown away at work. Old round folding leaf type. Harbor Freight clamping type bench, "Workmate" for those old enough to remember. Basically using the H.F. bench to work on the top. Going to use the wood and legs to attach to the top directly and remove the adjusting parts. Which is what I will be doing next. Just wanted something more than the Lee Hand Press for when the weather gets nice and I can sit out back on my screened in porch and enjoy. Will do a separate post about it when it's done. Thanks, Glenn
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    I need to get out and go shooting. I have been so busy with work around the house and my job I have not made time to go shoot pistol or anything else for that matter. I'm working with two torn rotator cuffs right now and while it sucks big giant balls I can still get into a shooting position with a pistol. I want to take all five guns I have on my permit and do the qualification shooting that will be required of me when I renew in a couple years. I have to burn some vacation time before the end of the year and the wife needs me to take the last week of this month off into November. So, once she is squared away and tired of me I should be able to slip out and hit the range. I'll have to suck up my ego and post up my targets...I know they are going to be laughable as it's been a while since I played for groups on my carry guns. I will have another week of vacation to burn before December 31st so maybe I can make two trips to the range.....I really owe it to myself to shoot more. Having a ccw and not practicing does not instill confidence in me. I am a mediocre pistol shot when I do practice so no practice has me at the "oh, crap, get out of his way" level
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    I was born at Maxwell AFB My Alabama birth certificate was signed by an USAF Doctor. Don't remember seeing anything from the base. My dad was in the USMC with the Fleet Marines. He was home on leave and had to return but I had not popped out yet. My mother was sharing the room with another Marine Corps wife who was an older lady. My mother started crying when my Dad left to go pack to return. The older lady asked her what was the matter. She told her that my Dad's leave was up. Unbeknownst to my mother the lady was the wife of a Marine Corps General. She excused herself and came back. My Dad came back and told my Mom his leave had been extended for 14 days. The General's wife called and told her husband to see that it happened...lol.
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    Speaker Bonnen has decided not to run for reelection. He was the cause of Constitutional Carry not being enacted this year. He also appointed anti-gun Democrats to chairmanships that were over gun legislation. He then lied about one of the pro-gun leaders terrorizing his family. Alas, he got caught in a lie as two TX DPS troopers were there and got the whole thing on tape. Which showed the members going door to door in the neighborhood peacefully handing out flyers. He then got caught in a recording of him offering diet and making a deal with a journalism organization while disparaging his fellow GOP members. He was riding dirty and got caught.
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    I realize there is a “funnies” section, but these seemed more relevant here. If inappropriate, please delete. I came across these on a Facebook firearms meme group and thought I would share. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for checking in on me. This one was too freaking close. Less than 3 blocks from me. The Home Despot that got clobbered is literally across US75 from here. Lot's of other folks got clobbered too. Please keep them in your prayers. Power was out all last night. I shaved for work by the light of a flashlight at 6:30 this morning. Didn't sleep worth a damn since I could not run my CPAP. Thankfully the grid I live in is an emergency grid with a very large hospital and a small hospice on my street.
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    Anyone that thinks American gun ownership laws should be put into the hands of other countries can kiss my hairy white backside. Good job of Mr. Trump for getting us out of that one. Any President that seeks to put the 2nd Amendment second to some international treaty is committing suicide. This treaty would have been the Lefts wet dream. They would dissect it and have total gun confiscation on the table in under a year. If the words "shall not be infringed" have led us to where we are today imagine the way the treaty could be twisted.......