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    You know what the best part of the Trump Presidency is ? It's being able to say Merry Christmas again without feeling like you are breaking some sort of law. Out in the world, not a single person has wished me "Happy Holidays" this year. It's Merry Christmas with a smile. God bless a free America and let's keep it that way. Matt
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    This is a ceramic tree my sister made for my Dad about 30+ years ago. When he died I glommed on to it and brought it to Arizona. It means a lot when it goes up reminding me of my childhood Christmases. when I didn't always get socks. A brick of 22 was one of my fondest memories taking them all out of the boxes, counting them and repackaging. Greg
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    The wife and I got each other one small gift and I bought and received one other small gift. It's been a tough three months for us but the greatest gift I will see in the morning is my wife of 34 years by my side. Nothing else matters. Merry Christmas.
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    I hear what you're saying Rampy, and it has slowed. There are quite a few factors, and G's passing played a big part of it. I'll try to share a little behind the scenes stuff so you guys know what's what, and the direction the forum is taking. For quite a bit of time, Neil was hurt, and didn't have a bunch to do except hang out on the forum. He used his time wisely, drumming up advertising, sponsors, and driving up new membership. But, good for him, but bad for the forum, he healed enough to go back to work. And he found his skills in great demand, and can't hardly get time to breathe, let alone throw many hours at the forum and it's development. He spent many sleepless nights when we changed software, and had to involve outside people for the first time since the forum was started. G did a bunch. He was our voice of reason and moderation in many cases. Since he's passed, I've thought often of what he would say about a particular problem when it's being discussed in a staff room. Other staffers, life has gotten in the way, and they haven't had time to be as active. We've had to add a few staff members, and thank God that they were willing to step up and accept new roles within the forum. The problem with that is, they only have a finite amount of time to devote to the forum, either posting or moderating, or debating staff stuff, so their behind the scenes duties often take them away from posting in public areas. Finally, those of us that are left are dealing with a bunch of stuff. I personally don't look at the internet on my days off anymore unless it's an extended break. My work days, I spend my breaks and lunch here doing what needs to be done, and I'll cruise through while I've got down time. Gone are the days of spending 10-12 hours a day on the forums. After 15 years, it wears on you. Not saying I don't still enjoy this place, and I don't think I'd ever want to walk away from what i do, but I have to do it in moderation. I can't go all-in anymore, it takes too much time that I could be spending with family and friends. I cherish the friendships I've made here, I wouldn't trade them for anything. Some of the best people on the planet call this forum home, and I'm proud to know all of them. I think if we wanted more members, we need to scrounge for them. We need to get our name out there again, and push. Drop links places, mention the forum when you talk to your gun friends that aren't already here. Mention it when you're at club meetings. Forums are old tech with all the social media that is around these days, but it's still viable, and still a lot of fun if we promote it.
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    https://www.westernjournal.com/thousands-showed-arlington-natl-cemetery-honor-fallen-warriors-christmastime/ "On Dec. 14, multitudes of volunteers braved the nasty weather at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia to lay wreaths at the headstones of our fallen heroes. The crowd of grateful Americans, numbering well into the thousands, quickly filled up the cemetery parking lots and overflowed into the streets. By the end of the day, over 250,000 wreaths were laid and each name was read aloud in remembrance, according to The Hill."
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    I'm so old I remember walking home from grammer school about a mile or so from my house and no one was worried about it. I always stopped off at the corner Rexall Drugs to check out the comics on the spinner rack. My Mama left the back door unlocked for me. I actually was allowed to go trick or treating around the neighborhood on Halloween without adult supervision. I remember being allowed to play outside, ride my bike without a helmet and actually climb trees! We've lost a lot since those days. It sucks being old now but I'm glad I had my childhood when I did. Terry
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    For me this place has a natural ebb and flow. Do I miss G? Yes I don't see a downward spiral. I know that the closer we get to elections and the fact that so many states are trying to take away our guns, has so many people angry. It's hard to be upbeat with all this happening. Holidays aren't the same for me with so many of my family have passed. Seems like I only know a handful of the people at the holiday get together's. I'm the outsider being allowed in. I try my best to just participate, I feel bad that I'm watching the clock to see when I can escape all the joy of others. I try to fake it the best I can. Don't take this wrong, I'm not depressed. It's just not the same. I realize there is a time for everything. And my time is closer to the end than the beginning. It's my failing not others for not feeling the joy I once had at Christmas. If not for the kids unwrapping the presents I'd just as soon stay home. Rampy, you've been here much longer than I have. You've seen many come and go for different reasons. I hope you find some relief for your ailments. Maybe it's just me but I think there are a few here about a half a bubble off level. Now pull my finger. (It's the little things that bring me joy)
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    Saw this on another forum and thought it would go well here. Merry Christmas, one and all.
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    My two sons back under my roof for the holiday.
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    This had better be the first drop of an approaching monsoon. These guys may be important cogs in the wheel, but they are still low hanging fruit. This rot needs to be eradicated as far up and down the ladder as it goes.
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    God bless you Molineaux! Seems every now and then you have a derogatory adjective you throw my way. So here's the deal. I own both an Aimpoint T1 with a 2 moa dot and a TRS-25 with the 3 moa dot. Both have been shot on my M1A Socom 16 which is a 16" semi-auto .308 Winchester M14 style rifle. They both do very well on this rifle and keep zero. Right now I have the Aimpoint T1 set on an American Defense mount. (American Defense is one of this Forums sponsors, excellent products.) So it is set up to cowitness on my AR's. While both do the job intended, the T1 does it better. Better selection of dot intensity. Better battery life. And most of all better clarity TRS-25 Aimpoint T1 So you get what you pay for. And one other thing, I did not pay $800 for my Aimpoint. Got it on sale from a reputable Aimpoint dealer for $465 at the time. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Glenn
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    Look at the label on your Viagra, if it is made in China don't use it........ They are trying to meddle in our erections.
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    Quick! Let's schedule a Feb. Winter Armory event!
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    Fur lined jock strap is advisable.
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    I just got the call from my local FFL that my CZ455 Tacticool is here!!! Going to pick it up in the morning cold or no cold! Terry
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    FAMILY. The Best, regardless circumstances. Phoned my Mom and talked this afternoon... Sister, all the nieces and their family's together. Precious. I am across country but was great to talk with them today (I call my mom every week anyway), but special for a special day.
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    Good on you! I have been home alone today, and decided to do something non-traditional also... I am making Tacos with shredded cabbage salad, guacamole sauce (home made), and might still make a dish of enchiladas with the leftover taco meat. So quiet a day, cooking keeps me occupied and results in a pleasure at the end of the day! GF gone for 3 weeks in the Caribbean, I couldnt afford to go but not complaining... always a nice break to have some alone time. I can get a lot of things done around the house when she is gone that I cant when she is here. Just easier not to have to work around someone. I may go to town tomorrow, hit the grocery store, figure there may be sales on all the stuff they didnt sell for the holiday. GF dosent like "Real Food"... a TV Dinner junkie. Me, not had a TV dinner in 20 years. I also LOVE sushi, have a ton of sushi stuff in the freezer that just came out. Defrosting and going to be eating excellent this next week. Something I cant do when the GF is around. Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas, and a happy, prosperous New Year!
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    I don't stockpile food. I just write down the addresses of everyone who does and buy more guns and ammo with the money I save! That's good prepping isn't it? 😁
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    Almost filtered my milk and cookies! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=police+dog+goes+through+window&view=detail&mid=56A9B29CABC54194042156A9B29CABC541940421&FORM=VIRE