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    Thought I'd beat everyone to it! I entered the world of the "black rifle" around November of 2017. I came from a MUCH different background. I had lots of stupid "newbie" questions..............mainly because I had previously sworn I'd never have one of those damned "assault rifles" in my hands. Boy was I ever mistaken!!!!! I wanted to wish all of you who have taken the time to edumecate me about the AR, and all the things it can do and all of the things I could do to it, a Blessed Christmas. I know this time of the year can often get all confused with Santa Claus and the commercial-ness of the season, but I want you to know the "reason for the season" is the one I express when I hope for you and yours a wonderful and Blessed Christmas. And may you also have a safe and wonderful New Years Eve and new year. Send a lot of lead downrange and have a wonderul 2019!!!!!
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    We all know death is just a fact of life and just a month short of my 61st birthday, its time for friends to start having issues and dying. Nothing prepares you for a sudden death where a buddy goes to sleep and does not wake up. Seems like a peaceful way to go unless at the moment of death you experience some excruciating bolt of pain then gone. My buddy was a few months older than I and had known him since we were both 11. We met in the Boy Scouts, he was from an influential family on the right side of the tracks and I was from a poor single parent home on the other side but the love of the outdoors brought us together in brotherhood. We drifted apart a bit in high school because of different school and different girl friends but shortly after we came back together and served as Assistant Scoutmasters. We hunted together and explored the Smoky Mountains many times. He would show up to my dorm room at 4am and say "Lets go huntin!" and our 8 o'clock classes were skipped. `So many great memories over 40 years, some things we were not proud of and so many more we were and they will live in my memory and be cherished until I pass. A few years later I moved to Florida and he became a successful construction manager on many power plant projects thru ought the eastern US. We still kept up with each other and when I moved to Alabama just 90 miles south of where we grew up in MS we grew close again. We bought and sold firearms and cars back and forth over the 40 years we knew each other. Whoever needed the money at the time sold the gun with the express direction to not sell it to anyone but each other. I know we traded one Mini 14 back and forth at least 6 times, several others and about 5 cars/trucks. We never took advantage of each other or sold off anything that had the pact on it. Three years ago Robert went to work with a Jacksonville based company but worked all over the country doing food processing plant shut downs and expansions. I had hoped he would have worked locally as my shop does all the plumbing work for his company. It was not to be but he did make it to town a few times a year and we always got together for dinner and reminisce about our mad cap adventures and talk about future ones. Alas Robert, we have one more adventure. His wish was to be cremated and his ashes spread in the Smoky's. Seems like fitting end and I look forward to seeing you laid to rest in one of the most beautiful places on earth and one with so many memories near and dear to both of us. Thats all I have right now, the keyboard is getting a little blurry. Godspeed Robert, you will be missed.
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    The Light has come into the world ! Thank you, Father, for sending your only begotten Son for the salvation of all mankind. Amen. Let us Rejoice ! Rejoice and be glad ! ! Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus ! And a Merry Christmas to one and all. John
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    Merry Christmas!! peace and love.
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    That is my all time favorite version of that song. That little girl is so gifted it’s amazing. Happy birthday Jesus! Thanks for saving the entire world. Not even Chuck Norris has saved as many lives as Jesus, think about that!
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    Good buddy of mine at work who is one of the few other Conservatives in the office gave me a 5 oz coin with the front engraved with a Minuteman with rifle on the background of a Flag and the words "Constitutional Right to Bear Arms" , and the mirror polished back has the complete 2A in the center with Jefferson's quote around the border stating "No Free Man Shall Ever Be Debarred The Use Of Arms. It is .999 % pure Copper. It is quite handsome and I am going to try and find a display case for it. I had never seen such a thing, and he was tickled by how tickled I was with it. Just had to pass it along. I think a coin like this would make a great present for many occasions for the gun lovers in your life you want to give something to that they will be happy to display, and that will last, without huge expense. Made my day, but then maybe I'm just easily amused.
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    Happy Birthday Jesus Merry Christmas to all my friends here on the Armory.
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    May we all remember what Christmas is all about. Wishing every one of you, my friends, a blessed Christmas.
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    It has been 17 years of war in Afghanistan, if it isn't fixed yet, it won't ever be fixed. We really do need to pull out of there and let nature take its' course. If it goes south again, nuke it from orbit, no one will miss them.
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    History has shown that: “When law and morality contradict each other the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his sense of morality or losing respect for the law”-Frederic Bastiat John Ross in his must read book ‘Unintended Consequences’ says “The downside to gun control is genocide”. And history is replete with examples that show gun registration and confiscation have preceded every modern genocide in history. You either learn to drive a rifle or you will ride a boxcar. Arm up, ammo up and train up....while you can. While Democrats usually spearhead much of this, don't rely on the Republicans to protect firearms ownership. Their record is just as shoddy. The collectivists on both side of the political aisle detest the notion of an armed citizenry of law abiding patriotic Americans, especially ones armed with the same set of weapons afforded the armed thugs of the state. Our politicos do not fear criminals. What they fear are ordinary Americans whose lives and liberties their policies are destroying. Depending on how much Americans will endure, things might get a bit sporty in 2019 in regards to firearms liberties. So far non-compliance is ruling the day as many citizens is states like CO and NJ, etc. are giving the finger to the gun grabbers. http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/bipartisan-support-is-growing-for-gun-confiscation-in-2019_12272018
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    First order of business is to get rid of the Establishment Republicans, and have the Right represented by some true Conservatives. That's on us. Second order of business is to change the thinking of tens of millions of Americans that the Democratic Party has what is best for the American People in mind as they push their "progressive" (read socialist) agenda. IMO, the Democratic Party agenda is one of the gravest and most imminent threats to the future of our Republic. There are many Americans who need to have their eyes opened, and as I have said before, the Right has got to open their wallets and their calendars in order to accomplish this awakening. The failure of Conservatives to communicate why a smaller government , free market economics, and fidelity to the Constitution leads to more individual freedom and economic opportunity is directly related to the people we have been electing to Office for the past 100 + years. For Conservatives not to be able to convince more people, especially our young people, of the exceptionalism of our unique American culture, and to revere our History is inexcusable. This includes me, as a family man who saw the light decades ago when my contemporaries were protesting Vietnam and spitting on Veterans. We are all in this together, my friends. I have tried to use this platform to communicate the urgency of this epic battle, and how this is not a dress rehearsal. How many times have I said that the Left is playing for all the marbles, when by nature Conservatives just want to be left alone to live their lives and enjoy the freedoms afforded by this great Republic. The point is until the Right comes to the realization that if they just want to be left alone to live their lives, the Left will continue to chip away at those freedoms until our children, grandchildren and beyond will have no understanding of the freedoms they have never known. John
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    I'm really sad that you believe that the only thing President Trump has accomplished is setting the stage for a better economy. What he has done and what he is doing with China, the Middle East (including Iran) the number of regulations he has abolished, the Public Lands he has opened back up to their Statutory uses, etc etc in less than 2 years is short of amazing, pulling out of the Kyoto Accord, NAFTA, etc Before the mid-terms this 70 + year old man tirelessly crisscrossed the country and carried Republicans (some of them actually Conservatives !) across the finish line on his back, alone. Actually gaining seats in the Senate at midterm, and losing so few in the House is an amazing accomplishment in and of itself. Doing it without the support of the Establishment Republicans is just shy of a miracle. Yet we have people who blame president Trump for not doing enough as the Socialist Lite Republicans lift nary a finger to help. Your expectation from one man when he has a Congress to work with that we elected who are, in truth, liars and liberals defies logic. It is very difficult for me to listen to these expectations and the ingratitude without anger, but I'm sure you have good reason to believe that any President, especially one working under the constant attack from all sides like President Trump has endured, could be doing better. Have your forgotten the protests day one election night, absolutely no "honeymoon" with the press given any new president because he speaks our truth, and a White Coup started before he was even elected to destroy him through the politics of personal destruction, and an FBI and DOJ leadership that appears to have gone outside the law to persecute him and let the real criminals go free. That total disregard for his accomplishments also means that he also gets no support or encouragement from like thinkers as yourself. Nothing but "I'm not even going to consider giving you another 4 years to finish the job" OR a Congress with more true Conservatives to work with, your through. I'd rather have a Democrat. I am flabbergasted. Anyone who paid attention knows that during the Primaries I was NOT a fan of Trump. Not one bit. But the man has exceeded every expectation and is still eager to fight the good fight, and I will give him the support he deserves. But your message comes with a warning that if his super-human like accomplishments don't keep coming rapid fire, even though not enough of us made it to the polls for our Congressmen you don't get more time. Forget the Supreme Court nominations, a want a democrat to do it. Really ? It's 4 and out chump, you better get busy. Gee Mr. President, have you talked to the Republican Leadership lately ? Yeah I know, bloody traitors they are, but you still only get 4 years. You are the very first person I have heard use the "I'm staying home next election " mantra after President Trump has been in office less than 2 years. You say you are going to stay home and allow the Democrat/socialist collapse to come, basically because you believe Trump is not committed to his Agenda. I'm dumbfounded. I sincerely hope that you will take my words in the spirit in which they are offered, do a little more digging on how President Trump is changing the way this government does business, think about the improvements in our Military, and our once again proud leadership role as the world's great superpower, and reconsider your stance. I also sincerely hope you will do some digging on what the Republican House and Congress has been doing to help the Trump Agenda while they controlled Congress for the past two years, and reconsider who your ire should be aimed at instead of the President. Please also get the bottom line on how Trump the political outsider has had a giant bullseye on his back from the day he announced he was running, because regardless of Party, President Trump is the true threat to their power. If that does not tell you anything, or not make you understand why this populist President derives his power from The People, as it should be, I think you would be wanting to be offering thanks and encouragement for him to stay the course, because you, and millions of others have his back. Not sending the message you are already considering throwing him under the bus after 2 short years of some of the most brutal and brilliant politics I have seen in my lifetime. If your attitude becomes prevalent, I would not blame the man if he decided not to run for a second term. Why should he bother putting his billionaire life on further hold for the Republic he loves when the difference he is making, the winning against all odds, is so utterly unappreciated ? With respect, John
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    Surely you're kidding. Okay, here ya go. Jus what ya wanna see on a firearms forum.
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    Some of you may remember my wife getting in an accident at the beginning of the month. Well, what I didn’t tell you is what happened 2 days prior. On that Sunday evening we went to get family pics done. On the way home I pulled out onto the road and stomped it in our Kia Optima. The engine just died and I pulled over into the median. After trying to get it to start for a while I gave up and towed it to my shop. The next day my master tech and I were checking it out. After getting nowhere he put a breaker bar on the crank bolt and tugged. It didn’t budge, seized engine! Dammit! 2 days later the camaro pulls out in front of her and bam. We had zero cars for a day before we finally got a rental. It took State Farm 3 weeks to decide on my truck and they totaled it. The entire time the car sat at my shop. I was stressing over what to do with it. Even the used engines for it are expensive and I wasn’t sure I wanted to put a lot of money into it. It has 180k on and isn’t worth much. For Christmas I ended getting a damn good deal on a new Durango for her. She loves it! However, we still only have 1 working vehicle. I remembered that earlier this year I got a letter from Kia about engine failures and took it in for inspection. They said everything was fine at the time. I called them the day after Christmas and told them what happened. They sent a tow truck to the shop and picked it up for inspection. After waiting 2 days they finally called back. We are getting a brand new engine installed for free under warranty. 180000 miles and they are replacing the engine for free! Man, what a huge relief. Looks like we might keep this car for my oldest daughter to drive now.
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    I have had the opportunity to do many projects fo many of you guys a d for that i am thankful! Either way Flesh and I have been talking about this for what seems like a couple years about this project he had sitting around and I finally got my hands on it this last summer. Flesh sent me an STI frame he had cone across and and a liquidated Para slide from Sarco among other parts gathered through out time. Originally the task was to just make it work, but there is no fun or creativity in that. Once we verified the Para slide was not stainless I bead blasted the original finish off started to draw file the flats. When I do this I even remove the grip bushings and plunger tube. When work on that I even filed the slide stop protrusion smooth with the frame. I work my way up to 600 grit paper here. The barrel fitting is quite a bit of work and with the way this year has gone and my work load I was not able to capture picture to explain the measurement for the width and length as well as setup in the mill. Today I spent a couple hours blending the the slide, extractor, ejector and frame together. This is one of my huge pet peeves of mine on 1911 especially on high tier pistols. Something I tried new with this build was the crown. I have cut the crown deep with the hand cutter from Brownells before, but this time i tried it on the lathe. I chucked the whole slide and barrel assembly in the lathe with the 4 jaw chuck and dialed the muzzle in. Now remember the barrel does lock up at an angle so you can not actually crown the barrel in this manner so I slowly moved the tool in but never touched the factory crown. I just flowed the barrel bushing into the outer portion of the barrel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree work on the load but the first order of business to me, is to always shoot a group with factory ammunition if it is available. That way I have a baseline to work against. If the baseline is 5" I'd be very concerned. If it's 0.5" then I have my work cut out for me. To put a slant on it a journey of one thousand miles starts with the first step. We know where we want to go but for me we have to establish where we are starting from too. Greg
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    Keep it simple. Carbide sizing die, seating die, crimp die, a pound of Bullseye, and you’re good to go. I’ve been buying my bullets from X-treme Bullets. Inexpensive, and so far so good. https://www.xtremebullets.com/
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    Merry Christmas everyone Sent from my LG-SP320 using Tapatalk
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