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    They are worthless junk....send them to me and I'll pay the postage.......
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    I took an early retirement. The job was killing me mentally and physically, and it had turned into something I didn't recognize any longer. Traffic tickets with fines larger than that for possession of hard drugs. Legal marijuana. Refusal or inability of the prosecutors or jails to lodge even felony property crimes. Failure of prosecutors to actually prosecute real cases. It's an ongoing issue. I'm not finding fault with those still on the job, I was in their shoes. I realized that I was giving ground daily. I was hanging onto the notion that I desperately needed that career to survive. There is life outside of LE, and while I'm not making as much money as I did in LE, I have more peace of mind.
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    This is America. There is no one coming to save you. If things go down, there will be no one to resupply you with airdrops of food, ammo or medicine. There is no place to run off to to find or create liberty. America is the last hope for you and the world. That was the concept around the term, “the shot heard round the world”. As Captain John Parker said, “Stand your ground, don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here”. In the meantime, teach your children well. Especially your girls.
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    I wonder if you could've defused the situation with a little flattery? Something like "Gee, Karen, I like your mask. It makes you look much prettier. "
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    Hey, I already shot the NRA's White Buffalo at 1,123 yards with an M-1 Garand with iron sights. The physical part is a problem for me. When my wife said I'm not physically fit, I had a physical fit and had to agree with her.
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    Stopping over at my nephews house tomorrow on our way back to Illinois from our AZ house. He called yesterday to let me know that he had a nice Winchester ammo package for me. 2000 rounds .223 for 38 cents /round 1000 rounds 9mm for 28 cents/round 500 rounds .45 ACP for 35 cents/round 2000 12 ga 1 1/8 oz #7.5 shot 22 cents/round 5000 small pistol primers $133 i really love my nephew.
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    A co-worker and his wife were killed instantly by a freak accident recently and they left behind 5 kids. A go fund me was set up and the goal amount was raised a few times as they were surprised at the outpouring of help. As they were nearing the end of the campaign to the goal it stalled out a bit. A person that knew the man through work stopped in and asked what they were short of to make the goal.....he was told $22,000....the man wrote the check and walked away. In all they raised half a million bucks for the kids.......this is the first large scale go-fund-me that really makes any sense to me. One of the luckiest things is there were adult children that took in the younger one's so nobody had to be displaced. I was this man's instructor and although I never met his wife or children they were a blended family that was living the dream. Both hard working and raising their kids in a rural setting
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    Well, it's not *Exactly* a 1911... but it looks like one! What you say? A Rock Island XTM 22 Mag. I've wanted one for a few years since the first time I saw one in Bud's online catalog. Of course it's been out of stock every time I remembered to look for one. Was on a local gun sales forum posting some stuff to sell. I just happened to spot the listing only 5 mins after it was posted. Mine! Burnt Bronze Ceracoat finish. I'm driving the hour each way to Ft. Worth to pick it up. It's used but the price is about what a new one sells for and includes 100 rounds of ammo. Happy me!
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    As one commentator stated....my childhood gets dimmer by the day. That was a mainstay program in our house. RIP Johnny.....
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    Rest in peace, Mr. Crawford. I hope yo realized how much joy you brought into the hearts of little boys and girls, and for the parents like my Dad, who watched all kinds of Westerns. These series were mostly morality plays, and helped teach the difference between right and wrong. These days much of the point seems to be in shock value and vulgarity. You sir, can be proud of the memories you left behind.
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    From the same friend that sent me the powder: I will be listing all of these for sale over the weekend. Terry
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    They say they are pro-2A and they depend on the American People to keep the doors open. How about if they open up their mouths and tell the biden administration to piss off. If the biden administration is so anti-gun then they will surely understand how we as American gun and ammo manufacturers cannot sell them either guns or ammo. At the current situation, there won't be any guns or ammo sitting on the shelves because the feds aren't getting them. Do the same thing to commiefornia. You hate guns, then clearly you do not need them for your state. It wouldn't hurt to have the body armor people step up too and any of the different suppliers of technology used by law enforcement. The government has "excepted" themselves from all of the gun laws they have created. I think it is time to turn it on them and force them to jump through the same hoops they want the People to jump through. Notice, there is no part of the Constitution which gives the government the explicit Right to be armed, that all comes from the People allowing it. Be a whole different can of worms if the US Secret Service were to have to tell the President, "Sir, we cannot make this trip today as we have been unable to secure any ammunition for our weapons." Come on Manufacturers, help us out here or don't whine when you are legislated out of business.
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    I completely agree with federalism. I would rather 50 separate experiments than one centralized experiment. If another state wants to limit rights, let them do so. But don't force me to comply with their standards. Allow me to peacefully move to a state or community that more closely aligns with my own values. Washington D.C. is too powerful, we were never meant to have this kind of central government.
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    It would seem that the criminal demented pedophile Biden has aligned himself with MURDERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!. Biden's DoJ says capital hill police are justified MURDERING an unarmed Woman during the capital hill break in . As the Air-force Veteran Ashli Babbitt was Not an immediate threat and posed NO danger to anyone . Still the unidentified capital hill police officer was justified MURDERING that You woman BURN THAT TOILET DOWN AND EVERY democrap in it !!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/04/ashli-babbitts-legal-team-releases-statement-doj-abruptly-closes-investigation-murder-inside-us-capitol/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=the-gateway-pundit&utm_campaign=dailyam&utm_content=daily The DOJ stated that shooting her dead without warning was appropriate. Evidently, this is the new standard for murder in our country. The statement concluded, “…the investigation revealed no evidence to establish that, at the time the officer fired a single shot at Ms. Babbitt, the officer did not reasonably believe that it was necessary to do so in self-defense or in defense of the Members of Congress and others evacuating the House Chamber. Acknowledging the tragic loss of life and offering condolences to Ms. Babbitt’s family, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and U.S. Department of Justice have therefore closed the investigation into this matter.” WHERE IN THE FOOK IS HER HUSBANDS $27 MILLION SETTLEMENT
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    I am praying that it happens now, when I can still fight. I'd rather suffer so that my children and their children won't have to.
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    The colonists were also very conscious of the political optics of the day. They did not want to be accused of starting the war. We are in a similar position today, waiting for them to fire the first shot. The moral high ground is a tough place to inhabit.
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    Sadly, we have an overabundance of those, and I just don't see there EVER being a shortage of those, anywhere, anytime, or ever. After all, we now live in a world where common sense is no longer common, but the exception to the rule. I blame it on the parents and crappy public schools that teach what "they" want the kids to be taught. BTW, haven't noticed a chicken shortage down here in SA, TX, Chick-fil-A is just as packed at lunch as it is every day, besides Sunday of course. If all else fails, EAT MORE BEEF AND PORK!!!🐄🐖
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    If their muzzles point anywhere near me, it's on like Donkey Kong! Terry
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    The way I have it figured, before this is over we will have more dead people than we lost in any war we have ever fought in. If I were Trump I would have nuked China when the whole thing started. In addition to the lives lost, this has cost the USA more money than World War 2 did and when placed next to the anti-American politicians has left us in a bad place.
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    This would be hilarious if it weren't TRUE , unfortunately it's VERY TRUE !. Not a single thing on this posting can be disputed Except None of those assholes are paying for any of it Blue State Sanctuary cities 2022 ,wait and see !!!. Their repulsively STUPID AS WELL AS IGNORANT ,that's what kind Well the old song by Pink Floyd momentary lapse of reason comes to mind except in criminal demented pedophiles case it's DECADES OF NO REASONING
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    I understand the taste varies from person to person....
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    Not sure any of my guns have a front sight..
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    Found these at my grandmother’s. 1917 Remington and Eddystone. Both of them 30.06. I don’t know much about them and was wondering if there’s anything I should know. They are both functional to my knowledge but I have not shot either of them yet. Thanks. -Jon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bummer! Mark was a lucky young man. R.I.P. Mr. Crawford. You'll be remembered.
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    Well well seems GUNS the BIG BAD BLACK RIFLES ; AREN'T the problem neither are handguns NOPE just another TOTAL FABRICATION BY THE LYING democraps !. Stop and consider just WHY president pedophile wants the Border wide open , Votes possibly but DRUGS by all means necessary is what democraps are ALL ABOUT !!!!!!!!!!. Just think about that and remember how Clinton got elected and all his open policies , just like Obama the Choom head and now Biden the empty head Have to admit USA is doing GREAT comparatively speaking The list is 20 times longer , space constraint but YOU get the message So what has any of the democraps done on opioid or drugs crisis , legalizing drugs Ironic because it's TRUE not a single democrap called for gun control measures A reminder it can and probably will happen AGAIN !!!.
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    I placed an order last November for a QD mount. It was just delivered today. Maybe Larue will get back to normal soon.
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    I just have one small quibble with what you wrote, which was very well done. Trump was under attack by the Obama/Biden Administration, the FBI, CIA, etc., long before he was ever elected President. They were going to stop him by any means necessary, and it worked. It not that fact that the Democrats played a lot of dirty tricks that caused the real damage, it was that the Republicans did not force anyone to be held accountable for it.
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    Nothing wrong with shooting the 30-06's. Just scrub the bores both before and afterward. DO NOT SHOOT THE MARLIN! It recently gained value with Marlin being bought by Ruger. Sure, there are a ton of model 39A's out there, but most of them have been shot because that's what you do with a .22LR. There will soon be a separate market for "pre-Ruger Marlins", and a Golden 39A unfired in the box is going to be worth a fair amount more than one that's been shot.
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    If she's willing to part with them, they are certainly worthy of being added to your collection. They are quite reliable and accurate by reputation.
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    They are both still all original, so DON'T go butchering them up! There are plenty of already butchered ones out there that can be had for a song if that's what you have a mind to do.
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    The shot heard 'round the world.
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    I told my girlfriend that everything is better with bacon. She said everything??? I said yes, EVERYTHING. Matt
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    If they're bent on taking on the largest, best equipped, best trained standing army in the world, then they'd better strap their Wrangler's on tight, 'cause it's going to get sporty.
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    If there is one piece of evidence that proves the shooting was not justified it is the FACT there were other CPD members there with weapons drawn who did not fire at the woman. Where was the deescalation? And let's not forget we have had liberal prosecutors charge private citizens with murder when they fired upon and killed unarmed people who were breaking into their homes. So which is it libbies? Can we now shoot and kill people who break into our homes are does that only apply in public buildings? The justice system is completely freaked. When the left overruns SCOTUS I fear it will be time to water the tree.
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    I'd rather have this one.
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    Simple math tells the tale. There are about 1 million sworn police officers in the US. There are less than 3 million members of the military in all branches including reserve components. There are likely 100 million lawful gun owners in the USA. Even if just a small percentage of those were to put up a fight, the government loses every time. But, it is the frog in a pot of water thing, bring the temp up slowly and the frog will sit there until it is cooked. Throw it in boiling water and it will hop right out. For 100 years the government has been slowly bringing up the temperature and we have sat and taken it. Now they think they can turn it all the way up to boil all at once. That doesn't end how they think it ends. They will get millions of frogs not just jumping out but retaliating. It may be the retaliation is simply with a vote, but it could be the retaliation is with the full intent of the 2A in mind. God help them if that is the case, because they will likely get tossed into that boiling pot of water and held there until cooked.
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