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    Doctor went over the results of my CT scan. The results are no reoccurring cancer. See you in two years.
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    Had my last SABR treatment today. Have a follow up with radiation in a month. Now I start my chemo in 12 days for 4 rounds. Don't know what to expect with the chemo but will see what happens.
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    Done today. In at 9 out about 11:15 or so. Should be the same tomorrow then done till I come in a week and half for a blood work up to make sure my counts don't go too low. then a week and half after that another round of chemo. Still feeling ok.
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    Had Friday through Monday off work, so headed east of the Continental Divide in Montana to put the dogs on some sharptails. Had a great time. Didn't have cell service most of the trip, saw 1 other rig on the 124 miles of gravel road I drove (and it was the border patrol) found some birds and caught 40+ tiny smallmouth in a stunted lake in a bit over an hour. Camp was on the plains where I am the happiest. Not a tree or person or sign of civilization in site. Called in a coyote to 250 yards awaiting it with the 16" 300blk rifle only to have the only rig I'd see of the trip scare it off at dusk (border patrol). I almost didn't come back to Idaho. Going back in October to chase pheasants, sharptails and ducks.
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    As of now, in our area, there is no sign of AntiFa doing anything. There are idiots lighting spot fires, but there haven't been any legit arrests in this county. Not that it isn't a priority, but we're all over it. The fire is falling back on itself right now. The temps are going down, high was in the 70s. Humidity went up a bunch. Was into the 60% range again. Satellite heat imagery was showing heat signatures are "older". Some stuff is falling off the map. Few spot fires here and there. No new anticipated evacuations, or changes in evac levels. So while not awesome news, it's not horrible news either.
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    Now Rampy in all honesty I thought of YOU when I saw this one ( I'm gonna pull that one on the Lab gal when I see her Oh and isn't that the Truth And Now for the more serious stuff I would also like to know the answer to that question An Folks that's a fact
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    ....you tell your wife that every time she visits the feed/gun store she needs to buy ammo for her shotgun, to stock up, and she buys the bulk pack not a box of 20.
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    I used Coyote Alumahyde ll: The lower is PSA and the upper is SAA. The brace is the KAK Blade Adjustable and the grip is ERGO in FDE. I think it’s a pretty close match to the Coyote. Handguard is BCA, muzzle device is AR Stoner linear brake and the barrel is Radical Firearms 10.5” 1/7. Crimson Trace weapon light and Northtac Ronin red dot. BCG is Fail Zero and FCG is PSA enhanced with JP springs which gives me a consistent 5lb break. Added a little bling: Added the Blitzkrieg glowing front sight post to the BUIS: Can’t wait to shoot it. Just started work on the final build, a 308 AR. I also Alumahyded my primary carbine barrel, that I just got fluted, dark parkerizing gray. Waiting for it to cure while I work on the 308 build. Then I’ll put my carbine back together. Then I’ll start work on my custom 1911. Then…… I’ll take a nap. Terry
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    Adult Viewing only as content is factual : And if you don't agree with the last three ,there's something seriously wrong with YOU
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    How many yards are they from that white parking garage in the background? Asking for a friend.
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    Blackwater was a cool facility. They were still constructing some of the ranges in the late 90s when I was there. I attended the first AR15 Armorers course they held, taught by Al Zitta. Got to shoot the prototype piston system AR15s he designed full auto. They were sweet! I still have some of the prototype Accuwedges and bungee slings he designed too. Got to meet Rob Leatham who was there at the time. I also got a challenge coin they gave to us for being in that first class. I've since misplaced it somewhere. I still have the certificate though. Terry
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    Looks like a great place to set up a trail cam.
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    Just got a call from the radiation gal at the clinic and have to be there on Monday at 11:30 to start radiation. Also have had an appointment at 9:15 that same day to talk to the chemo side and the NP there and do some blood work and stuff to get ready for the chemo when the radiation treatments are done.
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    Matt Bracken posted this today. Bring it on...
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    Areo Precision Upper Receiver - wanted a BCM but no one had them. Faxon Firearms 11.5" Gunner, 5.56 NATO, Mid-Length PSA 5.56 Nitride MPI Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group Ballistic Advantage Melonite Gas Tube, Midlength Superlative Arms Bleed Off Adjustable Gas Block Set Screw .625" - Melonite Midwest Industries AR-15 Free Float 1-Piece Handguard, 10.5 inch Combat Rail, Black Radian Weapons Raptor-LT Ambidextrous Charging Handle TacFire 5.56 1/2X28 Linear Compensators, Black Aero Precision Stripped Lower Receiver AR-15 - Gen 2 PSA Custom AR Single-Stage Drop-In Trigger, Curved Bow AR15 MOE Lower Parts Kit Minus FCG Bravo Company Manufacturing MIL-SPEC Carbine Stock Hardware Kit SB Tactical SBA3 Forgot Troy Battle sights front and back and a Sig Romeo 5
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    We made it through with no major issues. One tree uprooted and blown down, but it didn't land on anything. Power was back on as of last night, so the wife can have her cold a/c and hot coffee. Happy wife, happy life.
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    We have a refresher today on active shooter training and I am going to play the bad guy with Sims. It's hot so I won't be layering up. It could get bloody on both sides. I just love this training even though I'm not receiving the training , getting to be a role player is great experience. It has helped me think under fire and is the best live fire practice you can get. The one thing I always remember when doing these is that I'm the bad guy....I have the jump on the officers......what they experience is completely different as I can shoot anyone and they have to locate only me. There have been times where I have been able to be on their side and go find the bad guy but it's just not the same as actually being the officer. I take the training for what it gains me....critical thinking under fire. I still have to prepare myself for a bad guy coming after me in real life but I'll take this training any day of the week!
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    Not sure how I missed this. Turned 15 yesterday. Here's to many more years.
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    And after giving them over 100 nights to perfect their practices in Portland we have essentially let them learn on the job how to be better.
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    "Pennsylvania judge sets bail for accused rioters at $1M each" https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/pennsylvania-judge-sets-bail-for-accused-rioters-at-1m-each "Several individuals accused of rioting in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, after the police shooting of Ricardo Munoz have had their bail set at $1 million. Of the nine who were given that bail amount, none were able to post it. Twelve adults have been charged with criminal conspiracy for arson, riot, institutional vandalism, failure to disperse, obstructing highways and other public passages, disorderly conduct, and defiant trespass. Nine of them had their bails set at $1 million. One of the 12 faced an additional charge of illegal possession of a firearm. According to police, at least eight of those charged are not Lancaster residents. One 16-year-old has been charged with riot, disorderly conduct, possession of instruments of crime, possession of a small amount of marijuana, propulsion of missiles onto a roadway, and institutional vandalism. The arrests happened early on Monday morning."
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    A man is truly blessed when he has the companionship of a good dog!
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    I believe we are seeing a war being waged on the police but it is not being waged by we, the people. It is being waged by the politicians, media and their useful idiot minions. I also believe that you, me, Red and nearly everyone else on this forum would come to the aid of an officer without hesitation. Terry
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    Well, my work city just got bumped back to a Level 1 as well. Home is still at Level 3. I went back today to get a couple things and check things out, and lo and behold, the power was on. I didn't lose my freezer full of food, the milk in the fridge still smelled good. The air quality is still too bad to stay there, I can't be outside without a full respirator. The smoke is thicker than I've ever seen it before, even through the fires of several years ago. If/when the smoke lifts a little, we'll probably be able to move back home.
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    My grandma,who turned 91 in July,decided she wanted a gun before the election. Seeing as she’s still sharp as a tack I figured it wouldn’t hurt to help her in her quest. Went to several gun stores to find nearly nothing left,but did run across a rock island m206 which she found to her liking. So in a week my granny,at 91,will be a first time gun owner. I will of course take her to the range to run her through the do’s & don’ts of Fire arm ownership as she’s requested.
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    I hate it for those people affected by the fires. A few years ago, my aunt lost her home and everything else but her vehicle to the Paradise, CA fire. She up and moved to America, and now lives near my mom in TX.
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    If the range rules are posted prominently near the entrance and include the fact that everyone MUST obey the RSO, I would hope you rubbed her nose on that sign on the way out. Folks like her do not understand that range safety is of paramount importance. You handled it better than I might have.
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    Yep, I have a riot gun. It's whatever I have on me when I encounter a riot.
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    After spending decades protecting the "right" to slaughter unborn babies it's pretty obvious that she had no respect for human life. I'll shed no tears for hers and save them for the millions of unborn children that had no chance at life. Terry
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    RIP Mrs. Ginsburg ; I'm thankful You're no longer on the court and you stayed waaaaay to long as it was . NO salute is afforded you , as you were a liberal communist and that should never be respected !.
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    Praise the Lord. They're in stable condition. https://www.foxnews.com/us/los-angeles-county-sheriffs-reward-ambush-attacker The sheriff’s deputies’ injuries were listed as critical immediately after the shooting, and both underwent surgery, police said. Their conditions have since been updated to stable, according to multiple reports.
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    All one can do is giggle and laugh...... Staying in a Embassy Suites and they have a very nice breakfast, but Covid has made it school lunch cafeteria style.....no biggie....it’s still quite tasty........ However, people are wack a doodle.......... Zero social distancing when in line for the food, people inches away from others waiting.....chatty as all out, like nothing is going on......and quite a few do not have masks...... However, after eating......masks on, in elevators people stand in corners facing the wall.....one guy stood in front of the floor buttons and would not touch them.....it’s like a light switch has been flicked...... Humans sure are strange creatures
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    BRAVO ! ! All good boys and girls say their prayers. Next steps are getting the gun control acts of 1934, 1938, and 1968 repealed. (etc. etc.) Visualize the original Second Amendment ! https://www.thoughtco.com/us-gun-control-timeline-3963620
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    In my 51 years on earth, I have been aware from a very young age that the left despises our military. What was the term our boys were welcomed home with? Oh yeah, "Baby killers". And who was welcoming them home that way? The same freaking hippies that are running the lamestream media today. They have spent the last half a century shatting all over the military. From the opening up the ranks to gays and making the whole military a social experiment to paying for mentally ill soldiers to visit Dr. Kutcherpeckeroff to cure their "gender issues". And then the trying heroes for "war crimes" for killing the enemy. The left has done nothing good for the military and now they are suddenly offended by an anonymous source who says the POTUS "said mean things" which the rest of the people there all say never happened. bullshat, they've run the bullshitometer into the peg and wrapped the needle around the stops.
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    I remember it every day and with every post.
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    Nothing is sacred to these vermin. Nothing too low for these filthy people.
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    https://www.redstate.com/mike_miller/2020/08/27/sports-journalist-jason-whitlock-has-a-powerful-message-for-black-america-joe-biden-kamala-harris-should-follow-his-lead/ "Whitlock was not having it. “I’m black. I’m not scared. I’m not terrified. Neither is LeBron James. He’s lying. He and the political activists controlling him want black people to immerse themselves in fear. Fear is a tool used to control people. If you comply with police instructions, there is virtually no chance of an American citizen being harmed by police.” Whitlock’s observation not only couldn’t be more true, it should be reinforced by politicians on both sides of the political aisle, but we’ll get to that in few minutes. Whitlock’s tweet was in response to the following tweet, which contains video of James’s comments."
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    GOA is helping too: https://gunowners.org/goa-media-demonizes-apparent-self-defender-kyle-rittenhouse/ “Springfield, VA – Gun Owners of America (GOA) Senior Vice President Erich Pratt released the following statement on Kyle Rittenhouse’s citizen-involved shooting: “Based upon publicly available video evidence, it appears that Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense. And despite fake news media reports, it is clear that Kyle was not firing indiscriminately into a crowd. “GOA has reached out to Rittenhouse’s attorneys and the Lake County Public Defender’s office, and we have our own attorneys and use of force experts looking into this case, as well.” Terry
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    Due to a guy running from the cops who was suspected of murder....... Killing himself and the cops never fired a shot....the video is quite graphic of him suck starting a handgun and people around freaking out..... It’s not about blm, it’s all about rioting and stealing
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    The attorney for Nick Sandman is coordinating a defense team for Kyle Rittenhouse.
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    I did the Kenny Moats Memorial ride yesterday. Kenny is a fallen officer in my county killed in the line of duty who left a wife and two children behind in 2016. A charity run, the proceeds goes to the family. The reason why I am posting this is this year was a record run. I'm talking motorcycles as far as the eyes can see both directions even on four lane highway straight away. . Almost every on coming car stopped in respect and people lined the roads. Never seen such a thing. Methinks the media left blitz is having the opposite effect here. Tj
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