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    I'm back from my appointment at the cancer clinic.. Blood work looked good. My hb level still on the rise. The doc is scheduling me for a CT scan with contrast for the full body and also an MRI on the head. So I guess after these scans are compared to the one I had in July of last year, we will see if this all has done me any good. He was telling me that I need to have a scan every three months for a couple years cause this is a very aggressive cancer. My leg swelling has gone down big time. Legs and feet are pretty much normal size now. My breathing is better also but don't know if some of my shortness of breath is from the clots in my lungs or the copd. Wants me to stay on the Xarelto for about three more months. Also my hair is starting to grow back. Have to be back at the clinic in a month and then probably will see the results of the scans.
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    Just wanted to stop in and say hello. It's been a while. So long I can't remember. Good people on here!! I will admit I got kind of bummed when GMountain died. I'd never met him face to face but we had struck up a friendship over the years. I still talk to a few of you guys via other avenues. So, for now, "howdy" and keep your powder dry!!
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    good read! https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-founders-saw-it-coming “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “It is in the interest of tyrants to reduce the people to ignorance and vice. For they cannot live in any country where virtue and knowledge prevail.” ~ Samuel Adams “I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious. Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have ... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “You know well that government always kept a kind of standing army of news writers who, without any regard to truth or to what should be like truth, invented and put into the papers whatever might serve the [government] ministers. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “The press is impotent when it abandons itself to falsehood.” ~ Thomas Jefferson “No generation has a right to contract debts greater than can be paid off during the course of its own existence.” ~ Thomas Jefferson
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    I hate this debate. Why will it never go away? It's the most hypocritical pile of rubbish among gun owners. Right to carry, but only the way "I" think you should? WTF??? If this was an "actual" problem vs. a "perceived" problem based off this one example then logic dictates that even with professional weapon retention training at play there'd be a "noticeable" number of sidearm snatches from Police Officers ("NOTICABLE" - NOT "many": Reading comprehension is important here) as well paired with many more instances of grabs like this one. One instance does not make a rule but it does give one something to think a good deal about if and when they choose open carry. This is the single most ridiculous long-standing and the MOST divisive debate in the firearms community. What does it matter who advocates for what exactly? Why do people get so up in arms over this topic? Do I have the right to tell any of you to or not to open carry? Open carriers don't make concealed carriers look stupid and concealed carriers don't make open carriers look stupid either. The notion that one reflects in any way on the other on every single observer out there is infantile, egotistical and patently absurd. There's over 150 million gun owners in America and we all have our position on this. You open carry haters will never convince those who make that choice nor vise versa. I've said it before an I'll say it again, there is no empirical data from a reputable source that uses real stats from any source which favors one over the other and every single solitary time someone chimes in and makes grandiose claims about FBI statistics, blah blah blah, I ask them to post the data. Their response: "I'll have to find it again". Do they ever find it post it? Nope. Why? Because it doesn't exist. No one has ever actually studied this. Both sides are right and both sides are wrong. Anyone in my opinion that gets hostile about open carry is anti-2A and pro-government control. Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say ".....keep and bear arms except when the firearm is visible"? If you don't like open carry then don't open carry! Why continue to start this crap against the two chains of thought? What happens to freedom of choice whenever this comes up? What you feel is your reason to or not to is relevant to no one but yourself. I advocate for neither position as I have no right to do so nor do I criticize anyone's choice in the matter. I do what's right for me, appropriate to the circumstances when it comes to carrying a weapon based on my experience and opinion. I suggest all of you do the same.
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    After using the Ignore Button for the first time, I came to the realization that I was using it to provide a "safe space" to escape the schoolyard bully. Having determined that, I vowed to control my own response to obnoxious behavior rather than using a tool to protect me from it, and I have now disabled the ignore button. If I choose to let anyone get under my skin, I have to own up to the fact that I LET that person get to me. If I respond in kind, that only feeds the ego of the bully and does nothing to resolve the situation. If my comments have offended anyone over the past few days, I apologize and will make every effort to avoid doing so in the future.
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    https://simpleflying.com/united-boeing-737-passenger-pepper-spray/ I am confused. Everyone on the flight was wearing a mask and the mask is supposed to protect everyone from coronavirus but the pepper spray still made them cough. This in spite of the fact that the droplet size of pepper spray is the same size as respiratory droplets which spread covid-19 and the droplets are on the order of 1,000 times the size of the virus itself. The odor particles are about 1/10 the size of the virus as well, but the virus is still remarkably tiny. Yet, the odor of pepper spray isn't enough to cause symptoms of exposure, it takes droplets suspended in the air. And aircraft replace the air inside the plane with fresh air every few minutes thus purging the virus and pepper spray out of the aircraft. If flying results in an insignificant amount of new cases of the virus then how is it even possible for Hmmm, if this is true, the passengers inside the plane should have at most suffered from watery itchy eyes and had no respiratory symptoms at all. Interesting, it is almost like they have been bullshitting us the whole time.
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    Hey, guys, and gals...I have been away for a while but am back. I've missed it here!!!
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    I remember when mom saved S&H and Gold Bond stamps.
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    WTF?? Why is that MF still at school?!?! I’d have another serious discussion with the principal, Commie or not, and tell him that this is about to go on Facebook, to all the local news stations, newspapers, everywhere you can think of to post it, it will be there, along with his, the principal’s, name. freak that “safe area” BS!
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    Howdy Doc. Certainly good to hear from you, as always. I too was gone for a while, but it’s good to be back among friends, and the principal. Hope everything is well you and your family.
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    Not because I say so , it's the Law of Physics . Leaving water on does three things , waste water , eventual erodes whatever it's running through ( universal solvent ) and with Mild freezing may prevent pipe burst . Derk ; it's like anything else there are minimal and extremes . At what Temperature does the pipe burst 30 , 4 degrees ?, there's simply too many factors involved to give an absolute degree at which something will fail . I personally would not have believed slightly running water out of a 10" silcock would or could actually freeze , let alone migrate up inside to where it joined the wall water pipe and Burst !. Valve body was thicker than copper tubing ,so it burst at point of least resistance . Our cold water temp is 52 Degrees inside the house year round , at the pump it's 50 degrees . So it warms slightly moving under the ground and into the house . That particular silcock is located closest to where the water line enters our house , it's also on an East exposed wall , at a point lower than our Thermometer is located , maybe 80 ft. away and 20 ft. lower elevation !. It Didn't freeze in a couple of hours ,that I do know . I've walked across frozen rivers that were 3-4 ft. thick Ice , that I Know of and have actually stood next to a frozen waterfall . Bottom line : Whether a pipe or a river will freeze depends upon how cold it gets and for HOW LONG .
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    The issue with open carry is not about gun rights its about smart vs stupid. One does not put his cards on the table in poker face up. You would be the dumbest poker player in history. Same with open carry. To telegraph to any criminal or other nut job Hey I have a gun, here it is on my hip is just stupid unless you are living in a very rural area where its just a tool you use on the ranch. If you are carrying for defense its like saying I have an alarm on my home and here is the pass number. Its just stupid. First off if someone is going to shoot up or rob some area and they see that gun you are most likely going to get a bullet to the head to neutralize your threat. IMO open carry is liked by the macho idiots who think they are living in the 1880s. This aint Dodge city and you aint Bill Hickok. The other big reason IMO open carry is stupid is when you make Grandma or some stupid libtard socker mom blow her mind, you are just causing anti gun people to be even more anti gun activists. I am not saying we need to bend over for the nut jobs but since IMO I don't see any advantage to OC why poke the bear when you don't have to? Just because one can does not mean one should.
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    Rush's wife just announced that he has passed away. I'm gutted. He has been a staple of my information for 30 years. Go with God, Rush. You will be profoundly missed.
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    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Friday that we will order flags to be flown at half-mast in the state to honor talk radio icon and Florida resident Rush Limbaugh, who passed away this week at the age of 70 after suffering complications from the effects of lung cancer. https://nationalfile.com/breaking-ron-desantis-announces-florida-will-fly-flags-at-half-staff-to-honor-rush-limbaugh/ Very cool.
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    Here's an update on my week so far. Monday the roads were all frozen over it was like being on an island. The bridge between Corpus Christi and Portland was shut down. The road leaving town headed north was shutdown. No way to leave town. I lost power at around 6:00 PM and it didn't come back on until midnight. I left the bedroom light on to see when it came back on. Also, no internet. Even my cell phone wouldn't allow text messages or the internet. It's a different provider than my internet service. I do have phone service. Tuesday evening no water. I'd hear of other people losing water or being under a boil notice. So I filled up containers to be able to flush the toilet. Glad I did. No internet. Same as before. Wed. still no water. The internet just came back on. The weather is 37 degrees. Later this afternoon they may open up the roads.
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    That is like outlawing electricity in a building. Natural gas is the number one heat source for homes and cooking in the bay Area...........what it their plan to replace it? Unicorn farts? If that law is an actual fact it is the stupidest thing I have heard in my life. How the hell do they think all those electric cars are getting charged right now? The giant solar farm out in the desert that feeds power to the bay area uses more gas than whole cities just to fire it up each day........people are stupid...https://www.iflscience.com/environment/if-solar-plant-uses-natural-gas-it-still-green/
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    About three years ago my wife and I went to watch our nephews football game. After the game while walking through the crowd we passed by a group of teenage boys rough housing. One of the boys fell backwards into me and I caught him with no consequences to either one of us. His friend then tells him that he should be more careful when there are old people around. Boy did that take the wind out of my sails. My wife chuckled and grabbed my arm and said “ let’s get you home and to bed old manl”
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    TT, you just may be an Alfa-Hotel. But, you are *our* kinda A-H.
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    None of these are funny. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If ya live where it gets cold (cold, not cool) like the outside temp is lower than your freezer cold.......where you throw boiling water into the air and it vaporizes before ever hitting the snow cold..... Ya should think about getting a pair of these gloves, they are the warmest gloves I've ever had & are quite agile as you break them in...they started out really stiff, but the more I wear em....the better they get and woza...they are toasty warm...... Yep, they are expensive, but worth every penny....... Hestra Fält Guide Glove
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    My annual call to patriots of: who wants to be part of our staff at the NRAWC Adventure Camp here in Raton, NM. I posted this on my FB page.... Are you doing enough for Liberty? Are you thinking: “What more can I do for Lady Liberty”? Join our NRAWC Adventure Camp staff here in Raton, NM for 5 weeks roughly in June and first week of July. You can sign up to help out with our mission at the NRA Whittington Center Youth Adventure Camp. See details on the WC website and the links below. The camp specializes in Leadership, Patriotism and Marksmanship. The camp is for our posterity, who will one day run our great Nation. And that is why this great Nation needs this camp now more than ever! As of now, we have positions available for Pistol and Assistant Pistol, Assistant Muzzleloader, Assistant Archery, Outdoor Cooking(cook skills), Transportation, Leadership and Photography. Fill out an app from the Whittington Center link or simply contact Eric Whaley, who is both our Adventure Camp Coordinator and the Event Coordinator for the NRAWC in Raton, NM. You get 3 hots and a cot in the founders cabin. And plenty of time to shoot on your spare time. I will be senior rifle instructor this year. And thanks to that super patriot Ronnie Barrett, we be running the big Barrett semi auto 50BMB to 1000 yards and the 338 Lapua Barrett MRAD to one mile on day 2 on the south flats. And those bad boys deliver massive doses of Liberty downrange. Politico tyrants ask why...BFYTW. Let Liberty ring. Yes you can actually hear the ring of the steel! Our Governor fxxxxd us out of camp last year and we were caught off guard with all the plandemic nonsense. God willing we won’t be fooled again. So I will see you all there again this year! And remember the words of John F. Kennedy: “Today we need a nation of Minute Men, citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of Liberty to be the basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that Liberty.” And yes, JFK’s words mirror that of our Declaration of Independence. Pic link here showing all the fun we have: https://adventurecamp.pixieset.com/?fbclid=IwAR0-RuEhog5zrzFMcxcFs-UOgDSVz-X1iTOkcJezaZdmnfSmagsRV8-FA_k Application Link: https://www.nrawc.org/wc-experience/youth-programs/
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    I did the same thing, or close to it the other day. I keep each car key/fob separate, and on their own carabiner key ring. I clipped the keys to my car on my belt loop, went and did something, then griped because they weren't hanging up on the key rack. That is, until my wife un-clipped them and shook them in my face. I stopped griping pretty quickly.
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    So your life is so pathetic you made an account, just to make this post. You need to find the nearest forest, walk into it, and apologize to all the trees for wasting the oxygen they produce.
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    Must be the liberal version of the test. It is still a nasal swab, they just have their heads up their ass. Have to go in through the anus to get to a nostril!
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    This is SO spot on. It is great to own "the best" of anything, but it must be put into context. Some folks feel that only "operator approved " gear is worth using. You gave a perfect example of putting things in context with your possum problem. Some people get their ego all wrapped up in their choice of gear, and there are times when substitutes are not acceptable, being too cheaply made for any use. Throwing good money after bad as they say. Thanks for a perfect example of using context to illustrate when a (slightly?) less rugged model perfectly accommodates it's intended use and available budget.
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    If I were stuck on an outpost in Where-the-heckistan and needed to blind a sniper on a hilltop 2 miles away, I definitely would be looking for the best light money could buy, even if I had to mortgage something to get it. As I currently find myself on a farm in the pineywoods of northeast Texas and most likely to be looking for a 'possum trying to get into my chickenhouse, I have a few different options. If I wanted to skip a week's worth of groceries, I could invest that extra amount in a better light. Living within my budgetary constraints and trying not to lose too much of my hard-earned fat, I opted for the Olight, which is a pretty decent light at a less exorbitant price. Considering that the OP said he's a college student on a limited budget, I suspect he has a similar frame of mind.
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    Ya should see the looks I get when I wear a shemag to places like the gun counter at Academy.
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    Howdy ya'll I see a lot of new names and plenty of old ones here now. Been a long time since I dropped by last and thought I would say hi. Lifes been a bit busy and crazy the last few years but the last year especially. Anyway hopefully I will remember to drop in more often.
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    Finishing out the 357/38 ammo for the wife's Dan Wesson. Moving to trimming/ swagging 308 casings. I threw my back out so no big projects today. Enjoying watching our 11 month tibetan mastiff roam the property from the window. I should say watch him sleep. Sent from my Moto E (4) Plus using Tapatalk
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    When you even suspect the municipal system is not going to be there for you 24-7-365 you best take care of you and yours. When I bought this farm, it had electricity and water “available“ so I asked about the actual service. I did not like the answers I got from the local residents, water is fine, pressure is low to nonexistent, power is constantly going out, phones lines have a lot of noise and do work OK on occasion, no cable, and no natural gas. So on the install list went a deep well, pressure tank, whole house propane generator wired to four structures, full up cel system including amp and Yag 70 amp antenna, HD sattalite dish, plus two 1,000 gallon underground propane tanks (my tanks), gas appliances, tankless water heaters and a Pure water system that eliminated all clothes washing detergents and bleach. I can be totally off grid for a long, long time. I burn one tank per year. It can be done for yourself, if you pre-plan.
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    We'll handle it at the state level. Not everything needs to be addressed in D.C. In case you don't know he doesn't have any authority at the state level. But, I'm sure you just thought it necessary to get in one of your digs.
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    The ERCOT board will be changing. Today would be good! All the board members should be required to be Texas Residents, from various areas of Texas at that.
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    Absolutely no excuse for rolling blackouts in a state like Texas. None. Git-a-rope.
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    Yesterday while working on a tractor I see a rope in the sky I have never seen before. I look out and there is a pickup tied to the rope and they are parked in front of my neighbors small house. The rope is tied to a palm tree. So, I immediately walk out front to investigate. Two houses down lives a young couple that are typical of our young folk around here....dumb as a post when it comes to doing anything in their yard. All the young folks in my area don't know how to do basic yard work....but that's another story. The father of the gal is an older meth head that must work for a tree company as he knows how to limb and drop trees. He cleaned up their back yard and did a great job dropping trees. Back to the palm tree....It is really tall and right up against the house two doors down. The tree guy has tied the rope right about where my red line is on the pictures. The rope angles out towards the street and is tied to the pickup right where the red ends near the ground. Number one.....the tree is tall enough that it will cross over the cyclone fence between yards. Number two....standing, the tree is only 20' from the power lines and is 8'-10' taller than the lines. Number three....they are pulling the tree towards the lines. Number four....the pickup pulling the rope is under the power lines. Number five....there are small trees along the fence that the palm is going to hit. Number six....he was going to drop it from the base. Number seven....the wind was blowing left to right in the pictures. The guy walked over to tell my neighbor that he was dropping the tree. I walked up to him and asked if he was really going to try to drop that palm that way....from the base. He got bent out of shape and said he measured twice and there was room. All I said back to him was "that is tight, and if you take out the power lines you will owe me a bunch of equipment". Ten minutes later he walked over and told me he was getting a crane truck. I was not the only one to balk at his first idea. In this first picture I am standing under the power lines. The red line is the direction he was going to drop the tree. In this shot you can see the power lines that parallel the street and the angle he was going to pull. Not to mention the small trees and fence. The base of the tree is on the other side of the cars parked on the left of the Dodge. I stay out of my neighbors business but when it's going to effect me I speak my mind.....
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    We soon shall see! I hope I can get int my meds if I need them...new hip tomorrow morning.
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    I have been called many things....from master to genius all the way down to a spaz and an idiot. But, through all of it I can do one thing and do it very well.....and that is improvise. I was having trouble finding a short piece of 1 1/4" black pipe to make a new top pipe for the tractor. No hardware stores cut and thread pipe anymore like the good old days. I had the old pipe but the elbow was too tall......well, not anymore. A little slice and dice did the trick . I cut a section out of the original elbow. Don't piss me off...cuz I'll just make it myself!
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    The current use of most masks is to make the wearer feel superior & keep the public in a state of fear. It may also serve as an indicator of of the low iq or gullibility of the person wearing a mask. Note that the already low iq of the wearer must be halved if they are wearing more than one mask or are wearing a mask while alone in a vehicle.
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    I can smell my wife's fart through a wall! Terry
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    I’ve been on the other site you speak of, and it was a hostile place. The Armory is NOT that place, and your frontal attack is unwarranted. If you came to just stir up crap you are right about your stay being short. THAT is up to you. Frank
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