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  1. Well Twisting wrenches DIDN'T go as planned ,it's too damn COLD and the snow is piling as I type Our garage is like 38 Deg. and it's fully insulated but NO heat source and it's just too cold to be disassembling and assembling brakes Hubs axles CV joints differential seals and such when it's this fricken cold So I put a sewn band-aide on the arterial tear so to speak . Launch Tomorrow and see IF it holds on !. In the mean time Life marches forward in the frozen North . I finally got to the bottom of Bucket #2 , LC 1953 & 54 , that mixed assortment of 7.62X63 mm ,contained #1, 7.62X51mm and #1 .300 Savage ; So much for Mixed assortment These are original GI ,once Fired #70 year old brass cases ,which up until a few days ago had NEVER taken a bath or cleaned in anyway shape or form . Only Range scrounger's can imagine HOW UGLY brass can get setting to the weather in 5 Gal. buckets for over #70 years. Heads up , they DON'T get clean or pretty by bringing them inside either ,leastwise the #20 + years I've had them inside mine hadn't IF anyone wants to know there are # 2,314 , LC 30-06 cases ,just shy of 64 lb. in one 5 Gal. bucket or # 28,925 grams . Brass Resurrection : I knock out the Ugly and put in the Cool and Beautiful Yep they almost photograph black aka The UGLY !. OK here is LIVING PROOF, that an Ultrasonic of the correct type CLEANS and does it QUICKLY #3 Minutes per batch . YES they will polish Nicely ,that's #22 Minutes in solution with SS pins wet tumbled . Yes fully cleaned annealed sized and trimmed . I'm polishing wiping and vacuum bagging #200 at a time for later retrieval and use . I don't mind telling you it is a PITA but it's DAMN GOOD BRASS with EXCELLENT GAS GUN LONGEVITY . MY 7.62X51mm have #24 firings and are currently loaded for #25 when weather breaks . I'm setting 1.3 grains under Max load currently and have gone within .5 grain of Max more than a couple of times with those. Accuracy suffered is WHY I backed them down . One more note ,those 30-06 slipped into the case gauge WITHOUT Resizing but I fully Prepped each and everyone including running them through and uniforming primer pockets . I'M GOOD on 7.62 63 and 51 I NOW KNOW the true meaning of the phrase ; WASH DAY
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  2. I had to pull some loaded 243 cases to figure out which bullets and how much IMR4350 was under those bullets. Some how I had loaded them without making a written record in my reloading log. So the loads were right out of the Lyman #45 manual, which is a saving grace. I have had about a dozen, never kept one 243, broke them down and made other cartridge guns out of them or traded them off if someone wanted one. So I guess I just loaded some brass try guns with, to see if an old 243 barrel shot OK. Now that I have the 26" barrel rifle finished, I want to give it a proper bench try out.
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  3. +1 on gun mag warehouse. Bought a used two tone P226 maybe two years ago, and it came with two of the Clinton specials. Nobody was carrying them, so I ordered 15 round mags and also some M1 carbine mags from them.
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