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  1. Nwatson99

    My LMT New Zealand Rifle Build Journal

    LMT has a ambi lower?? Now they come out with one after buying 6 of their rifles and I ambi it as much as possible myself. Very nice rifle Centuriator, congrats and you will love the MRP CQB upper. PS the enhanved BCG is top notch and as good as they come.
  2. Nwatson99

    Time to kick some butt

    Kill it TT, mess with the babies and life will end Smoked 3 yotes in my front yard 4 weeks ago
  3. Nwatson99

    Good Morning!

  4. Nwatson99

    Winter Traffic Jam.......

    We had just a fraction of that with freezing rain and it paralyzed Lexington for most of a night earlier this week. Great pics Rampy
  5. Nwatson99

    New ride

  6. How dare those moronic imbeciles mock and disgrace Stan Lee by referring him to a piece of shat like that.
  7. That is a YM FA BCG, that they made for Addax and us that bought them. Is it marked on the other side with the AR15Armory GPU?
  8. I have a LMT SA that has been black T treated is the only one I have I could part with.
  9. Nwatson99

    I got carded at Walmart...

    TG sniffling the glue
  10. On case number 3 sir at this time!
  11. Nwatson99

    Snow in Dixie!

    My ground is completely snow covered at this time and when it stops I am creeping out to look for some fuzzy tail yotes.
  12. Nwatson99

    Hey The Woodsman

  13. Nwatson99

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    I knew it, I have said many times the bump stock would either be banned or classified as NFA for a stamp.
  14. Nwatson99

    Roy Clark dead

    Stan Lee and Roy Clark this week.
  15. Nwatson99

    Armory 2 theme???

    LOL no problem bud