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  1. Exactly, but don't listen to this guy about the english language But season the crap out of it first before doing any sanding on it, 3 good wood fires with nothing else in it does very good after adding a thick layer of his most commonly used cooking oil. You can do it in the oven also, just takes longer and more times heating it to cure.
  2. Rampy he is staff and asked you nicely, do not circumvent the filter bud, you know we keep it cleaner here.
  3. I am sorry I disagree 100% in this case, your examples above are fine, but speaking about water damage is totally different situation. How much area did the water leak extend to your floor as they say? The word extends in your case of a leak could hurt you with insurance claims and repairs, that is too vague and not enough information. There needs to be a complete and thorough inspection done first, then a properly worded contract for getting all the damage repaired. Did you or the contractor go under your floor and inspect the flooring for water damage, is water soak through visible? Has flooring been removed or pulled up for inspection on how much flooring show signs of water? What does the wall sill look like?
  4. We do things simpler here, first they or you would cut out a section of the wall down to the floor to verify if the water leak made it to the floor, if the leak did make it to the floor a competent contractor would say We must replace the walls and until we remove your floor covering we do not know how much flooring requires replacement, but there is definitely water damage to your floor
  5. Now that is one of those maybe, could be, perhaps type of responses If I was told the damage extended to the floor, then in my mind it would be no the floor did not get wet, no the floor is not damaged, and the wall damage stopped at the floor level.
  6. Still people not wearing them here all over the place, I am not scared of it but around here especially at the first of the month I never go out without my mask, too many people hacking and coughing so why take the chance. My masks are two layers sandwiching a nano-filter.
  7. Nwatson99

    Dash Cams

    Guys watching how folks are driving so distracted texting these days, I want to purchase a good quality dash cam. Here is what I am looking for: Excellent quality video Suction cup mount so I can take it in between my two vehicles Not hardwired just want to plug into 12 volt again so I can go between vehicles Adaptative to larger SD card for storing data Ability to save recorded content encase I am in a wreck or witness one.
  8. Funny snatches a glock from the side of a brain dead imbecile, but just so happens shatstain has a 33rd magazine for the pistol he just snached.
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