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  1. I know your pain, we had many deliveries coming from vendors especially out of Canada, and dealing with those truckers was worse than pulling teeth. I would tell them go to this dock door with this number, located in this building with number and all the buildings at toyota has numbers on the buildings. Those shitstains would go either to different doors or opposite end of the plant to a empty door which the door number was not remotely close to the number I gave them, or to a different building number. So dealing with them in a LEO capacity during inspections, etc I just imagine your pain.
  2. Chamber brush and q-tips, even on my LMT MRP uppers I remove one bolt, loosen another one, remove the barrel, and have it handy right thereat eye level.
  3. Honestly, I have one upper that does not have the forward assist, brass deflector, or dust cover but it is left handed. I would not run a upper without these, but that is just me.
  4. Glad you have a great time, dang smoke was aggravating.
  5. Welcome to the Armory I missed the part with no barrel, sorry. Is the firing pin in the BCG?
  6. Morning!! Taking recycling and getting mower gas this morning. The 7+ inches of rain we had over the weekend has spoiled my plans and tripled my work.
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