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    Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise

    Found it looks like enterprise is mainly for yearly license renewals, large corporations, and saw pricing starting out for volume activation.
  3. Well Windows 7 is now EOL and in my opinion it was just like XP, stable, secure, and seemed to have drivers for everything. Microsoft always seems to find a way to screw everything up IT dept. updated my work PC to 10 Enterprise last year, it is not as bad as the home version and it seems pretty stable. Windows 10 Pro which I ordered on my niece and nephews PCs' for Christmas I did not see all that spy features on it like home edition but a few line items for tracking things and turned those off. I am looking this morning trying to order 10 Enterprise for my home PCs' and I cannot find the option, has anyone been able to order 10 enterprise for their home PCs'? Windows 10 home is not even an option nor would I install it after what I saw last year.
  4. Because I have worked more hours in 2 months than most work in 5 months, apologies it will be removed now
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    Morning!! Joel thank you so much. G rest in peace brother
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    The Armory is in mourning.

    I just found out, speechless.