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  1. I become more amazed everyday reading about idiots in this country, the sad thing about it with society today it is only getting worse.
  2. Unreal, I am sorry you spent the night in your truck, but it was for a good cause and now you are home. Your daughters employer is a freaking idiot to even try to open during that warning. I would have rather had all the snow over the rain we received right after our freezing rain and snow, parents were flooded other than the house thank goodness. I spent 4 days here outside cutting up broken tree tops, limbs, and burning from the ice storm damage, then at least 8 days so far at my parents home helping with the clean up there.
  3. LOL news reported area crippled and I said HA, it snows there Oct through March those folks are use to snow.
  4. Rampy How much snow do you have?
  5. Morning!! On my way to parent's home to clean up from the flooding.
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