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  1. Nwatson99

    You East Coast Peoples R Crazy

    Well my best advice to you is, if you hear banjos don't get out of the car.
  2. Nwatson99

    You East Coast Peoples R Crazy

    LOL yea Shitcago we don't claim it Rampy. it is the central USA dem's nest.
  3. Nwatson99

    Good Morning!

  4. Nwatson99

    Stabbing at local Walmart

    There was a young man killed yesterday morning in southern Ky when the gas station he was in was being held up. He was a patron in the store and tried running out the door when the shitbird shot and killed him.
  5. Nwatson99

    Gas tube leakage

    Glad you got it fixed, reading your topic until I saw your it was fixed post I was beginning to wonder if it was the port hole in your barrel was too small.
  6. Greetings Neil, 

    I know I'm not Staff, but I am sure you have noticed the increase in new members. 

    In one of the "Read this first" threads, some new guys were discussing becoming Patrons.


    It crossed my mind that it has been a while since the Armory had a group buy. 

    Since I don't have the industry connections, I thought I would write you and plant the seed, 

    as the timing might be spot on to have a killer group buy. To be frank, the idea has been raised

    in thread a couple of times in the past 6 months or so, people give their ideas, and then it fizzles out. 


    I have noticed that a number of the new guys are coming to the board are into building, either having just 

    finished a rifle, or looking for help with one, if that helps any. Also with so many guys running optics, I was wondering if quality BUIS at a killer price might not work, although the old guard may have drawers full of them.  IDK. Usually not something you buy and then not use, especially for the price of the quality brands. 


    Just trying to help the Armory, my friend, FWIW.



  7. Nwatson99

    Good Morning!

  8. Nwatson99

    Got the call today...

  9. Screw ticketing for simple modifications, work on the ones that won't fix their exhaust, then go after the heavily modified exhaust systems.
  10. Get blacks to stop with all their crimes since that is the route she wants to take If not "which I think a wet-bar opening in hell stands a better chance", then let her cook wearing that fur during California summers.
  11. Nwatson99

    Freak I HATE DEATH..........

    Condolences Rampy
  12. Nwatson99

    He fell down!!

    ahh good to see happy ending results