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  1. Good Morning!!!
  2. The bodies should have been piled up, stealing, looting, and rioting cannot be tolerated.
  3. If I cannot find it made in USA, then I look and purchase German made. If anyone buys tools made in China to save money then you are not a True American.
  4. Nwatson99

    Hey md65636

    Happy Birthday Brother
  5. Wow what a useless death of someone very inexperienced and lack of knowledge of the river.
  6. Here is one out of my pond. I was estimating 18 to 21 lb. I have a set of scales now up to 50lb and can weigh them. LOL Also here is one that was born in my pond. I caught this one with my bluegill pole. and
  7. My poor little pond has been raped and pillaged over the last three years and I have lost some huge catfish out of my pond, so I restocked it this year with an additional 300lb. My pond and the neighbors 4 acre little lake were attacked this year by river otters, the little bastiages took out 18 cats out of my pond, smallest carcass I found was 8 to 10 lb. So I took care of the issue (5) and now trying to replenish my pond. 2 years prior to that muskrats wreaked havoc on my pond, killed most of my cat tails and I am just now getting some of them to come back. Yes I want them for the bass to play in, they work on the bugs that land on them.
  8. I have been hitting the catfish when I am not at work or working outside here, but these cold fronts have them biting like bluegills and keeping them deep this time of year.
  9. Well here is my theory If it isn't a black snake it is a cobra, kill them all. Red says, if it is a snake its a cobra. I work on the water snakes around here when they are brave enough to visit my pond, they are not welcome in my pond and I took one out yesterday at neighbor's pond.
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