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  1. That old fart playing a mobster most of his career better leave his hollywood dream life at hollywood and never make those statements about the real public. biden and his cult should be worried especially if they ever try to take away our goodies and constitutional rights away from us
  2. I have the DD MK18 with the RIAS rail system and M4 which both of them are older units when DD started making rifles and had zero issues with either one, they shoot like a demon. Like Rampy I have an original DPMS SBR with LMT 10.5" barrel I would not hesitate to use anytime or anyplace. 07 just remember if you can luck out and score a LMT while shopping, do not pass that up.
  3. that little stick figure is slightly inaccurate about the 40. I was knocking over steel plates at 50yds on the plate rack stand with my 40 cal Sig Elite Tactical and 165 grain Privi FMJ. 40 has more bunch than folks think at further distances, unless you try to running 185 grain and higher rounds which you will get the lob effect. I use 165 grain FHS in mine for carry and you do not to get hit at 50yds with them.
  4. to the Armory Dry hole right now, for finding a rifle hit all the little stores, but be leary they are not selling you a franken rifle at Tier 1 pricing. For parts check Bravo Company USA, DSG Arms, Rails I usually start at Midwest Industries first and work my way around AR Mags check DSG and The Mag Shack, Pistol mags I look at Greg Cote LLC usually first, then the mag shack and work my way around from there.
  5. Sorry the Nightmare I was wanting is in 229 I am like you this will be my last 9mm purchase, I have 5 already and I mainly roll with the 40. Sig has lost their mind not producing the 40 so much in Legion, Nightmare, Scorpion. I called and asked why, they said sales, I said sales hell find a 40 cal legion in any store to purchase and it has been that way since you stopped making them. But Sig with the Mil contract is focusing more on the 9mm and 1911
  6. Oh sorry time for an sad update Sat. 10/17 I was in the gun shop neighboring county helping a friend pick out and buy a pistol, dealer showed me a P320 Scorpion which someone had already bought the evening prior and put it on layaway, but he said his distributor had another one I said I will take it get it in here. Week later dealer called and said he checked all suppliers, the Scorpion was UTL, then why the heck did you tell me about it and show it to me Well the same morning 10/17 I also placed an order for the new Sig Nightmare that came out in early Oct. Still today which I cannot call since they are not open I have not heard a peep from them, I have chalked it all up to the election buying frenzy and them slammed selling everything on the shelf , however these purchases and the election is not my reasons for ordering I just want those two pistols. Hopefully before I get too I will get a call about them, but thanks for reminding me I will call tomorrow.
  7. President Trump we know for sure was beat by the illegal mail in and same day voting registration., but switching the machines I would not put past the demorats at all. I strongly disagree, there is already too much proof out about voter fraud now, too many folks coming to announce what they were told to do which was illegal, then voters voting and their DOB 1900 just for example.
  8. That is what we will be facing guys, got any armor for that??
  9. Okay I received some new Mec-Gar P226 mags since I was running low on them and figured needed to get some just encase the dems steal this election and dang they are skimping on the roll marks, I mean does Mec-Gar want someone my age to call for the hubble to view and tell me what I have or what? To paint the way I paint these, you first need to clean the mag good, this is what I use, Testors Thinner and Paint Brush Cleaner: You will see this evaporating, but then I clean right after it is gone with rubbing alcohol. Next the paint brush, you will need a fine tip to fill in the roll marks good. Finally the paint, Testors 1103 Red Rouge: Here is what the mag looks like after I have added the paint: Sig P229 40 Cal Same mag after letting the paint dry for 2 hours and cleaning off the excess with rubbing alcohol and a good shop towel. Then the new Mec-Gar P226 40 cal mags that arrived today with their very small roll mark, these are the images before and after I painted them: and Mec-Gar P226 40 cal mag cleaned with rubbing alcohol: After I paint and clean them with the rubbing alcohol to remove the excess paint, I let them dry for 2 hours or more before putting them up to assure the paint is dry and will never come out. I have tested mags after the drying period and no bleeding of the paint happened. Note even after drying DO NOT use the paint thinner or cleaner, it will bring out the paint if it has soaked on it.
  10. Just send them, trust me. I know he sand blasts them and some other things before he micro sliks them. I break all my down clean, oil, and wipe them once they come back, they have just a tad of residue left on them.
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