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  1. Post them up gents!! Edit to add: My latest two SBRs' LMT MRP CQB 10.5" DI Magwell Shot Anderson Manufacturing 6.8 with 12.25" Barrel DI Magwell Shot
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    Good Morning!

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    George Bush Sr. Dead

    President Bush
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    Is the site loading slow for anyone else??

    Sorry guys just got an alert yesterday I am going to reboot server now
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    Good Morning!

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    Do not mess with old women.

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    Good Morning!

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    Just bought myself a Christmas present.

    I am not touching those with a 10 foot pole, it would cost me a fortune to update. But let us know how it shoots
  9. I prefer and only want to run chrome line barrels
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    Good Morning!

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    Same thing happened to me Friday night, so I went out last night and had a come to jesus with stinky and told him if it did that again 5.56 to the back of the head.
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    M4 Ramps Misaligned

    Apologies late to the topic, the alignment dowel is off or that would be my first suspect. Now before I did all of what is listed below I strongly suggested he sent the barrel back for a replacement, but being the eager beaver he was he wanted this rifle functioning before he left my house. So I checked his barrel with two more blank uppers which showed same, then after re-mounting the barrel to his upper I then used a PLS so you could see the FSP was out 2.5 mm from top dead center before the shimming and filing took place. The fix I did: I loosened up everything, rolled the dowel hard left, place a little shim in there to hold it left, showed the owner what is looked like, he liked it and asked me to dremel it just a tad. Instead of the dremel I took a round file and 20 minutes later smooth transition.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
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    Application of LMT Enhanced BCG

    Sorry late for the topic, but the only issue with the LMT Enhanced BCG was it would never run right in a upper with a barrel shorter that 14.5". LMT was aware of this and never offered it in the SBR uppers. LMT might have worked that out by now and got it fixed. I have that BCG in my 14.5" upper and never had a single hiccup or issue with it.
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    Larue MBT-2S and BAD-CASS-SA compatibility

    Never used that combo, however just install the selector switch and check it with the clearance. As soon as you flip over the selector you will know if there is an issue. Also if you do have an issue, please post it up with the pics, we have helped with many mods to get things working.
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    Armory 2 theme???

    I am trying to get that fixed for ya bud, thank you for doing the birthdays much appreciated.
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    Armory 2 theme???

    Al try it now, if it still doing it clear your cookies and try again. Please post here and let me know
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    Armory 2 theme???

    Okay got ya bud, the sidebar Well unfortunately there is no option for that, either it is on or off for everyone the members no longer can chose to see them or not. I however am working with a coder to get this back so the members can chose to have on the sidebars or not. Like I said they took our old software, sent it to china, cut the guts out of it and sent it back. I can assure everyone I would not have upgraded however we were at the point with the new browser interfaces and the server companies where forced to upgrade the server software. The new software with our old reliable system was soon to be unusable with all this stinking so-called software upgrades.
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    Armory 2 theme???

    I am in Armory1 and working perfect for me
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    Colt M4s On Sale

    I would take that 6920 if I knew the pins are true .154 size and if it had the colt carry handle.
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    I'm liking the new forum, thanks Neal

    I swear bud I don't honestly remember the scrolling through that list.
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    I'm liking the new forum, thanks Neal

    Thanks bud What do you mean I have the birthdays all listed at the bottom of the forum, plus they are listed here. Calendar
  23. When they should that to us at work, I said that ain't here is it.
  24. If that ain't a true statement there