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    How do I add a photo to my Gallery now?

    Supposedly they have fixed the gallery in the new 4.4, but it is only in beta release so until they de-bug it we cannot upgrade the site
  2. Nwatson99

    How do I add a photo to my Gallery now?

    Hit the add image now and carry on with the prompts It will lead you to your album or at least I hope it does
  3. Post them up gents!! Edit to add: My latest two SBRs' LMT MRP CQB 10.5" DI Magwell Shot Anderson Manufacturing 6.8 with 12.25" Barrel DI Magwell Shot
  4. Nwatson99


    That is the best way, keeps the batteries life span at 98%
  5. Nwatson99


    I have had hitachi, they are excellent tools but their batteries are weak and will crap out on you in a short life span. My best advice to keep the batteries optimized is to completely drain them every 3 to 4 months, make sure they are not hot when you put it on the charger and let them fully charge. The battery tools that have impressed me more than anything is the Milwaukee Fuel brush less cordless, all the contractors working for me are also purchasing them. Best advice for those, do not get any Fuel tools with the battery smaller than the 5.0 battery, the saw-zall and skill saw get those with the 9.0 battery
  6. Nwatson99

    Death to Iran

    Ain't that the truth!!
  7. Nwatson99

    Leather Holster Owie.........

    I have a bunch of galco holsters and just checked them all, no collapse anywhere.
  8. Nwatson99

    Snow days...

    KY weather is just crazy now, 55, 60, 65, and 70 with rain, then the very next day 25 with freezing fog and drizzle. Bronchitis and strep throat is everywhere with people sick.
  9. Nwatson99

    Leather Holster Owie.........

    That is all I carry is Mitch Rosen, you will be fine, they are made to lock in the weapon. Looks like the Galco collapsed around the trigger thus discharging when the owner stuck his weapon in his lower back area for carrying.
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    Hey Smalls

  11. Nwatson99

    Good Morning, Valentines!

  12. Nwatson99

    Good Morning!

  13. Nwatson99

    Baby It's Cold Outside!! Brrrrrrr.....!!!

    I am currently enjoying the cold now, it is keeping me from mowing. LOL
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    Good Morning!

  15. Nwatson99

    Good Morning!

  16. Nwatson99

    Back in for repairs.

    Hope the best for you bud, be sure to keep us in the loop with status updates.
  17. Nwatson99

    Hey Nwatson99

    Thank you Everyone!
  18. Nwatson99

    You East Coast Peoples R Crazy

    Well my best advice to you is, if you hear banjos don't get out of the car.
  19. Nwatson99

    You East Coast Peoples R Crazy

    LOL yea Shitcago we don't claim it Rampy. it is the central USA dem's nest.
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    Good Morning!

  21. Nwatson99

    Stabbing at local Walmart

    There was a young man killed yesterday morning in southern Ky when the gas station he was in was being held up. He was a patron in the store and tried running out the door when the shitbird shot and killed him.
  22. Nwatson99

    Gas tube leakage

    Glad you got it fixed, reading your topic until I saw your it was fixed post I was beginning to wonder if it was the port hole in your barrel was too small.