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  1. Jim I

    BFA Candidate Voter Guide!

    The personalized voter guide will be up in a few days. Maybe tomorrow. You can enter your address and email address, and it will email you just our endorsed candidate for each of your districts. Big thanks to Joe Eaton for the programming. Jim Irvine
  2. Jim I

    Hey guys, I'm looking for classes

    Travel down to TDI for a weekend. Get a hotel room. Split it with a friend if you can. It is well worth the price. The training will be on a whole new level than you will get at any of the local places. Local places are great for getting started or correcting a specific problem. There are lots of good local instructors. Nothing wrong with them or the niche they are filling, but if you want to take things to the next level, make the effort and go to TDI. The only bad thing is that it's rather addictive, and before you finish your drive home you will be plotting your next trip South. Have fun. Jim I
  3. Jim I

    Senator schuler just called

    It's a team effort. Every time someone posts about a conversation with their elected official, I get to know that person a little bit more. I may learn something that I can use help the cause. Others may read it and go talk to their Representative/Senator. If we all took a little bit of time, we would have HUGE influence in Columbus. We are getting there. While I can't promise you that HB347 will become law, I will tell you that I have been promised that it will be voted on after the elections. I understand that anyone who has been around the block does not trust the R controlled Senate to pass a good bill "after the elections." Don't kill the messenger. Even though the legislature is in recess, work continues on HB347 on almost a daily basis. Constituent feedback is crucial at this stage of the game. Nothing is a "done deal" at this point, and though it's hard to get a good read much of the time, I promise you that your opinion matters more that you think it does. If you have things you want to see fixed, make sure your Senator knows. If there are things they better not put in the bill (more penalties for license holders) you better let them know that too. Don't bother your Representative - they already voted on a good bill. The Ohio Senate is the key. Thanks to everyone for your support of Buckeye. It truly is everyone at the grassroots level who makes the difference. Without you we'd be a few friends and a web site - with you we are political force that politicians want to join hands with. Jim Irvine
  4. Jim I

    Another Democratic Governor signs castle Doctrine

    With the likely exception of Mike DeWine, I don't know of anyone, from any party who does not agree you on that. Jim Irvine
  5. Jim I

    Another Democratic Governor signs castle Doctrine

    Actually, I have no idea where Taft stands on castle doctrine or Katrina legislation. Everything has been pushed back while focusing passing a good HB347. While there is strong support from the legislature, they are simply going to run out of time this session to get these other bills passed. Jim I
  6. Jim I

    Senator schuler just called

    Schuler is strongly on our side. If he said he doesn’t have a position on if you should or should not start a news paper, or if you should go to church on Sunday, he is not anti- First Amendment. He’s saying it’s an individual choice. (He’s right) It’s his position that he should not dictate how you should live your life regarding guns or any other subject. That is what we want out of all politicians. Less government oversight. RetDet – thanks for contacting him. These conversations go a long way. I think your reading too much into Schulers comments. He’s talking to you as one gun owner to another. Does not mean you will agree on everything, just as you will disagree with folks at a gun store or on this list. Schuler is a pretty straight shooter. (no pun intended) He’s also up for election this year. That means he will take a little extra time to listen to constituents. Good job giving him some good points to think about. Try to get some of your neighbors to do the same. If you can drag someone along to help do some campaign stuff to that really makes an impression. (He is not endorsed by Buckeye Firearms – we are waiting to see what the Senate does with HB347) MickeyMouse – Buckeye Firearms is working on all the laws you suggest, and more. Preemption is in HB347, but the rest will likely have to wait till next session. We have begun to let everyone know that we don’t need to change a few laws, we need to overhaul Ohio’s entire firearms laws. NRA has made great progress in the rest of the country in the last 15 years, we have one bad CCW law. It’s time to make up lost time, and I want it all in one year. Sporks - We don’t have castle doctrine in Ohio. While you don’t need to retreat in your own home, you do still need to prove you life was in imminent danger. Castle establishes that if someone breaks into your occupied dwelling, your life is in danger, and thus you are justified in using deadly force. You have nothing else to prove to the prosecutor. Jim Irvine
  7. Jim I

    Rep. Joe Uecker stung by article in Enquirer

    I agree. It's always the few causing problems for the many - no matter the issue. It's great to hear a story where the LEO handled the situation so nice. I think it happens more than we know, but no one yells these stories from the mountain top. Jim I
  8. Jim I

    Rep. Joe Uecker stung by article in Enquirer

    I think the idiot is the one who can't keep his bullets on his own property. Especially if they are bouncing into your neighbors house over/around his kids playing in their own back yard. This is not the first time this complaint has come up and we've had to deal with it. (I'm not sure of the exact problems with this one, but gun owners do some really dumb things sometimes) I'm not saying (and neither is Uecker) we need more laws - I agree that there are already laws on the books. The problem is LEO's don't know every law either. We've had them say, "What can I do?" In this case, Uecker contacted Buckeye Firearms to help with the problem. We are working with him, but no one is talking about introducing new legislation to solve the problem. (Well the inquirer did, but don't believe everything you read in the paper) Jim Irvine
  9. Jim I


    If you want a business sized card (fits in your purse/wallet) with Ohio reciprocity info on it speak up and we'll get you some. It's interesting to look at other states and how they handle the issues so differently. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. I certainly agree that Ohio law has a long way to go. But I also know that truly good law is an obtainable goal if we all work together. Jim I