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  1. Happy Birthday poppy!

  2. Thanks for all the kind words. You are making me re-consider somewhat, but I needed more room in the safe. Since I now have the Delta Elite in stainless, I can part with old "blue".
  3. I know guys, but I bought a new Colt Delta Elite and I only have room for one 10mm.
  4. These are not the best pics. but here they are. I've been a member here for quite some time but have not been active. I want to sell the Megastar, but I don't have enough posts to qualify for an ad. I hope I am not out of line by referring you all to The High Road or The Firing Line for my ad, where I am a senior member in good standing and have completed several deals.
  5. I did not take a close look at it but a private table seller had a 1076 with 2 mags and nights sights, but no box for $485. Is that in the right ball park? poppy
  6. I did not look at the second mag, or the original grips, or the box. I will take another look the next time I am over there. I would be happy to hook your friend up with this dealer. poppy
  7. After I ran a few rounds through my Megastar, I looked over the used handguns at the local range/store. They had a 1066 with 2 sets of grips and two factory mags for $580 + tax. It looked to be in pretty good shape and the second set of grips had the S&W logo on them. Is this something I could make money on (it would be about $618 OTD)? poppy
  8. I finally got my Megastar to the range today. I fired some Blazer 165 Gr. TMJ through my FN Hi Power 40 Cal. first to establish a benchmark. I then fired some Blazer 200 Gr. TMJ through the Star. Man, it surely does shoot sweet. The sights were easy to pick up for my old eyes and the recoil was certainly less than the Hi Power and was probably less than my 9mm pistols. I had no trouble outshooting the Hi Power. I'm impressed. poppy
  9. I have been reading about 10mm pistols for several months now. It seems that everytime 40S&W comes up, someone mentions 10mm, so I got interested. Went to the ProGun show in Wilmington, OH on Saturday, thinking I would check out some 10's. A guy has a Megastar that he was asking $400 for. I had never heard of them. I was going to check out Colt Deltas, if I could find any. I figured I would have to settle for a Glock G20, if I really wanted to have a 10mm that wouldn't break the bank. One of my gun show buying rules is to never buy a used recent production pistol unless it has the orginal box and most of the original accessories. So this guy tells me that he paid $650 for the Star 15 years ago (later, I found the price tag from B.C. Cornett Firearms Co. marked $429.95 and Pd. $445 complete on the back), it will destroy anything it hits, he didn't shoot it much, but he needs the money. I walked away. I bumped into him again and looked at things closer. The gun was dirty, but he had the box, both 14 rd factory mags showing little wear, the cleaning rod and never used mop, the field stripping tool, all papers, and the plastic bag that the gun was shipped in. Even though I had never heard of this particular model gun, I knew that Star built some heavy duty pistols, and the package met my buying criteria, and so I offered $375 which he took. Now I have be told that I got a good deal, but I do have a couple of questions. Are parts available? Do 45ACP mags really work in the 10mm? Any good after market mags? Thanks. poppy
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