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  1. Stock night sights (Champion) and lack of undercut are my main complaints with the DW too. Neither the Colt or Kimber need an additional undercut, at least in my hands.
  2. Cracker, Thank you for the up-to-date review! There were some reports of early models having some bugs. I am glad that they have worked them out. The bang for $ value simply cannot be dismissed. As for cast vs forge I agree- a good cast is superior to a poor forging and vice versa.
  3. Kimber, Dan Wesson & Fusion are ramped if you are looking for a stock 10mm 1911.
  4. Man I have to check this forum more frequently. The only ones on there now are more than they are new!
  5. Excellent! I have always thought that they are a sharp looking pistol - congrats!
  6. Just saw this on SigForum and thought I would share: http://sigforum.com/eve/forums?a=tpc&s=674608412&f=430601935&m=2350060723&r=1870060723#1870060723
  7. People say that about every 10mm platform except maybe for the 1006 and Megastar ...
  8. I don't think you will find anything else, S&W's lawyers will not allow posting of their manuals or scans of them.
  9. That's a pleasant surprise! That way you can keep the dual spring too. But, is it really only 14# combined weight? I run a heavier spring for 40S&W in my fullsize 1911.
  10. Well that is a concern! 14lbs is pretty light. Weird because I know that Wolff makes them up to 22# for the standard single spring 9/40 compact. Can you just replace it with the old style guide and use a single spring?
  11. I have read that also, but in my mind more metal is better, especially in a 10mm I see no reason for them to round the slides other than to make them look slightly different. I think that the Tanfoglios are highly under-rated. They just need to hammer out this and the mags issues.
  12. I suspect this is why they have gone back to using a thicker (less scalloped slide). I never liked that look anyway.
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