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  1. bglimpse

    G20 disassembly question

    This is true, but my G20 is the only Glock I have owned that does this. All the others will catch on the second lug and stay there. The G20 drags on the frame while removing the slide :why:
  2. bglimpse

    WTS DW RZ-10 10mm Like New - SE Michigan

    Hey John, I am about 30min from Toledo. Too bad we can't do a FTF. Bryan
  3. bglimpse

    WTS DW RZ-10 10mm Like New - SE Michigan

    Artz, It is a 5" barreled 1911. It came with the 2pc guide rod and I switched to the GI setup. There is no performance difference between the two. I just prefer the GI setup. The 2pc looks cool though :biggrin:
  4. I have a pristine Dan Wesson RZ-10 for sale. I've put less than 120 rounds through her. It has performed flawlessly with Winchester Silvertips and Lancer 180gr JHP. You guys know the rest, I'm gonna stick with .45 acp 1911's for ammo reasons (I have a great connection for .45 acp). It's a 2006 MY (6*** Serial) with the following changes made from reading posts here. -hand fit EGW oversize FP stop, flat bottom -20lb ISMI recoil spring (extra included) -Kimber rubber grips, didn't like the Hogues -(2) Metalform 8rd and (1) Metalform 9rd mag. I have an 8rd round follower coming for the 9rd mag (last round issues) - all three have new Wolff extra power springs -(1) CMC 9rd mag with bumper I also have with the RZ-10: 20rd box of Silvertips and (4) 50rd boxes of Lancer 180gr SOLD bglimpse@yahoo.com
  5. bglimpse

    Adjustable Sights for Eclipse

    It's not mine, I took that photo from the website. I would say installation would be pretty easy since the stock sight and Novak sight use set screws. According to the Novak sight, you should use a .175 front sight. All of my Kimbers have .175 tall front sights, I would assume that is standard. You can also choose from plain, 2 dot and nightsights. I would go plain black rear with the front nightsight.
  6. bglimpse

    Adjustable Sights for Eclipse

    Kimber dosen't use a standard Novak rear sight cut. They are about a 1/8" longer for some reason. If they are machining the slide, installing the adj sight and refinishing it thats not a bad deal for $175. Or check out the Novak website (se below) they make an adjustable sight for the Kimber cut. This is the way I would go. http://www.novaksights.com/extreme_duty_ad...ight.htm#KIMBER Bryan
  7. Looking to consolidate my mags to all 8rd Metalforms. $20 shipped bglimpse at yahoo.com
  8. bglimpse

    Metalform 9 round mag problem

    I contacted Metalform about this. They are sending me a new 8rd metal round follower to replace the crappy orange one. I also replaced the springs with ISMI springs. Bryan
  9. Bought a week or so ago, but I need something smaller to carry. This is a CZ serial number stainless .45acp PM7. I have changed out the "MIM" mag catch to an extended Ed Brown. I have 150rds through it, very accurate. The slide to frame fit is perfect, no movement in any direction. I bought this, then went back and bought a Dan Wesson RZ-10. At this point, I can't keep them all. I have (4) CMC Match Grade 8rd mags Here is a list of the components from the website, I can take and supply pics as needed. www.cz-usa.com/01.detail.php?id=65 The Pointman Seven is a 5” series 70 style 1911 featuring a stainless steel frame and forged stainless steel slide. Like all Dan Wesson 1911s, Pointman models incorporate top quality parts from the best names in the industry · Forged, one piece match grade barrel and bushing. · Round top slide with Bo-Mar style adjustable target sight · Hand polished flat surfaces with contrasting bead blasted rounds · Flat, all steel 20-LPI checkered mainspring housing · Front and rear cocking serrations · Beveled magwell · All sharp edges dehorned by hand · Lowered and flared ejection port · Hand polished feed ramp · Ed Brown slide stop · Ed Brown memory groove grip safety · Ed Brown tactical extended thumb safety · GI length stainless guide rod · Commander style tool steel match hammer · Match grade tool steel sear · McCormick aluminum trigger with stainless bow · Ed Brown extended serrated magazine catch · Wolff springs used exclusively · Diamond checkered coco-bolo grips · Tuned, machined, internal extractor · Test fired for reliability · 38 ounces unloaded $700 shipped bglimpse at yahoo.com
  10. bglimpse

    10mm 1911 mags for sale

    Email sent on the Tripp mags.
  11. bglimpse

    Metalform 9 round mag problem

    I am also having some issues with the orange follow in the Metalforms. My 8rd Metalforms with the metal follower work great. I plan to just change the follower and maybe the spring. The orange followers look like Wilsons but they don't work well. Bryan
  12. bglimpse

    My New Concealed Carry Weapon!!!

    I carry a 642 almost everyday as well. Great little piece, throw it in a pocket and forget about it.