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  1. Accused/implicated of what crime? He apparently was not informed of any such crime. He was questioned by a sheriff's deputy, but was not held or arrested in any fashion. And was in fact told by the deputy he could go. And since Virginia is not a "Stop and ID" state, what law did he violate by refusing to provide ID? It just seems to me that some people are reading more into this incident that has been provided by news and others. There were no charges levied until he was home, or at least on his way home. Otherwise, why didn't the deputy arrest him on the spot? Or isn't that a good question too?
  2. How many lawyers do you know, will tell you to share all the info of your "predicament" on the internet, for all to see and read? The OCer who's been charged was told in no uncertain terms by his lawyer to keep quiet on the internet about his situation, since it is well known that LEOs and PA/CA/SA (whatever they call the prosecutor in your state) frequent sites such as OCDO and others, looking for information. If you don't believe that, check out Police One forums, they're going on all the time about OCDO and other pro-2nd amendment sites.
  3. alowe56

    Indiana CCP

    By federal law you have to be 21 to buy a handgun from an FFL dealer. You can buy a handgun via private sale at the age of 18. Also, as long as you are not incapable of owning a firearm yourself, you can be gifted a firearm, from an older adult, such as your parents. No, this is NOT a straw purchase. A straw purchase is when someone buys a firearm and gives it to someone they know cannot legally own one them selves, such as ex-cons and other prohibited persons.
  4. As I understand it, at the time he was questioned by the LEO, he was not behind the wheel of his car. Now, if we still assume the LEO thought he had RAS or PC to demand identification, why not arrest him right then and there? Why wait?
  5. Well, I did find a review, sort of at this place, on the .45 version. Sarsilmaz K2-45 Looking over the specs for all the calibers, I was impressed the .45 version holds 14+1, and the 9mm 21+1. I'm hopeful, then, the 10mm/.40S&W will hold 19+1 as stated in EAA's propaganda page.
  6. I've carried and used 1911 style pistols for over 30 years. I ONLY carry condition one, cocked, locked and fully loaded (on single action pistols only). But I've lowered the hammer on more than a few firearms safely. And I have serious doubts about the "mar the sear" statement. Then again, I don't carry a $1200+ pistol either. Question, is lowering the hammer on a loaded chamber potentially dangerous? Answer: Yes. But, it can be done. Although, I do not recommend it. If you feel you can do so, and have that desire, that is your choice, in the end. For me, the only pistol I lower the hammer on, with a loaded chamber is my Taurus PT92AFS, and that's only because the ambidextrous safety gets disengaged too often for my satisfaction. Regarding ambidextrous safeties, I used to like them a lot, since it made it possible for me to use a pistol with either hand. Of late, I'm of they opinion they suck. My reasoning, they get pushed off, inadvertently by various objects and actions. Example, I had a Rock Island Armory .45 Tactical, with combat sights and ambi safety. Since I usually carry in a Blackhawk Serpa holster, the safety is not covered, and brushing against things would push it off. Since the pistol was a 1911, and there for has a grip safety also, I was not overly concerned, but it still bothered me. The time came around, I needed cash, I sold that pistol, mostly because of the safety. I have since replaced it with a 1911 mil spec RIA with a non-ambidextrous safety (and polished nickel finish ) and I am much happier. But hey, that's just me, your mileage may vary.
  7. "Instead of OCing???" (FYI, instead is one word, not two.) OCing is how I've managed to interest many people in firearms and protecting our rights. And I'm not out in the boondocks somewhere, I'm in the Lansing area of Michigan, the state capitol. For me, however, OCing is not really about education, as much as it is convenience. Of course, I have to admit here, I am not a full time OCer. For me, it's mostly in the warmer months. In the colder months, my heavy coat tends to cover my weapon of choice. But once the temperatures hit higher numbers, say around 70 or better, my pistol is completely uncovered. And sometimes, even before that, if I think to pull my jacket up and put it behind my pistol's handle. As for the rest, if you don't want to donate, don't. As I understand it, the police in VA can and usually do deny FOIA requests on misdemeanor charges, with impunity. So don't count on seeing a copy of the police report any time soon. Myself, I'm sort of in a situation at the moment, but when I get paid next Friday, I'm gonna send at least $5.00. Maybe not a large sum, but in the grand scheme of things, every little bit helps. And following the old adage of what goes around comes around, I hope that should I ever find my self in a similar situation, I will see the same show of support on OCDO that Paul is getting. BGA
  8. Except, the particular Rohrbaugh in question is a 9mm, not a .380. Still, not my caliber of choice, and in my humble estimation, too small for OCing. When I OC, I want something big and shiny to show off.................. Like this:
  9. I have a CZ52, and I love it. Here in Michigan, it's considered to be a Winter weather gun. It gets pretty cold here, so in the Winter, if you pack for self defense, you know you need something that will get through all the layers of clothing most people tend to put on. The 7.62x25mm round will do just that.
  10. Most of the gun stores I've been in around here, have people who seem to know their stuff about guns. But you never know when you're gonna end up talking to someone more interested in making a sale, than in making the customer happy.
  11. My Witness started life as a .45ACP version. I then bought a conversion kit and voila, 10mm! From what I have read in various places, and from talking with pistol experts, I think the recoil spring is NOT the only thing that should be changed. More than a few people have told me that a recoil buffer would do much more than a recoil spring, in helping to protect this pistol and tame the recoil. The problem I've had with the heavier recoil spring is, with the limited grip area, it's nearly impossible for me to rack the slide with the 20# spring in the pistol. The 18# is a little easier to work with, but still, it requires I use the rear sight for leverage. Regarding ammo the Original Poster used, my reading is he used mostly factory ammo, which is generally underpowered, compared to ammo from some custom loaders. Perhaps this would be a good time to contact Tanfoglio and and recommend they NOT reduce the metal on the slides to save weight, and maybe they need to take a closer look at their heat treating process.
  12. I don't understand that part. The 10mm is no wider than a .40 "short & weak". It's longer.
  13. What's it like, shooting 10mm from a revolver?
  14. If they need a suggestion, I'd recommend they adapt the 24/7 OSS/DS to 10mm. I think that would be an excellent platform.
  15. I currently own a Taurus PT92AFS that I bought over 14 years ago. It's never failed, never jammed, always works. I have owned other Taurus pistols besides, and in general, I like the company. I have also had occasion to contact their customer service, and the results have always been more than satisfactory. The last Taurus I bought NIB, was a model 617B2, 7 shot, .357 magnum revolver. I have to say, I think it was a great little backup. Unfortunately, financial difficulties forced me to sell it, along with a PT911, that I had. Now that I have work again, once other problems are fixed, I will replace the PT911, and maybe the 617 as well. That being said, I'd prefer to see them make a 10mm version of the PT92/99 series. They've already made one in .40 S&W, the PT100/101 series. But maybe that's just me. :smile:
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