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  1. You are going to love it. I recently bought the same gun but without the rail. It shoots great and is accurate as hell. I put 200 rds down it and not a single malfunction of any type. I also have the full size version without a rail and it is equally impressive. Enjoy!
  2. Finally got a reply from EAA...they are relief cuts. Fyi....
  3. Here she is...just put on the Raasco Diamondwood grips.....very nice.
  4. Just an update for all you folks....I went with a Witt Machine Muzzle Brake. Installed using 2 crush washers to get it indexed correctly. I finally got to shoot it...had to wait for my shoulder to heal after surgery...3 months. The difference is amazing. Before the Muzzle Brake was put on this gun was downright punishing to your shoulder. After I put it on.....it's like shooting a 223. I can't believe the difference. There is absolutely no rise on the Muzzle at all and very little recoil. I shot 75 rounds Monday with no problem and wanted to shoot more..... I highly recommend Witt Machine if you need a 308 Brake. They advertise a 60%-65% reduction in recoil......I believe it.
  5. So....I just happen to stop in my local Gander Mtn store for their big red tag event on firearms and lo and behold....they had a new Witness Hunter in 10mm. I checked it out....the price was below what I'd been seeing so I bought it. I've been checking these out for awhile and couldn't pass this deal up. I take her home and remove the grips as I was going to disassemble it and it has a crack on both sides of the frame extending from the mag release to the edge of the metal on the outside. I was a little shocked as I knew their guns had issues a few years back but that was on the slides...not the frames. I called the store...they said to bring it back...they'll ship it back at no charge to me as a warranty. I'm guessing I'll be getting a new gun back as I'm fairly confident they can't fix that. Anybody heard of this on any of their guns? I own 5 of their guns and have been extremely happy with all of them so I didn't hesitate on this purchase.
  6. Range report..... Fired 200 rounds of my favorite 180g TFN and 155g RN thru it without any malfunctions. The brass flies anywhere from your 6 to 3 o'clock at varying distances....about 20 feet. Very accurate....just like it's big brother. I like it!
  7. What They said ^^^^^ Winchester primers....you don't need anything else
  8. I swapped the recoil spring on my fullsize model to a 20 lb and also put in an XP firing pin spring. Wolff Springs.
  9. I've got the FS also....It's a great shooter....totally reliable. I swapped the grips out for something less aggressive from VZ and put a 20 lb recoil spring and an XP firing pin spring in. Shoots great!
  10. Full size frame with a 4.25" slide......
  11. I just bought one and am impressed. Commander...full size frame...no rail...10mm of course. The fit and finish is good. Magwell is fitted well, everything is smooth and tight. I'll be shooting this in the near future and I'll put up a range report. I have the full size version of the same gun and love it. Over 200 rds thru it without ANY problems. The only changes I made were swapping the recoil spring for a 20 lb and got some less aggressive grips. Those VZ grips are hand shredders....I've heard you can take them down with 400 grit paper but I haven't tried that. Anyways....I love the gun.
  12. Fellow Shooters, I am looking for feedback on what combo wrenches you use that are good for disassembly/replacement of various parts on an AR15/AR10. I've read various reviews on the Tapco...NcStar...DPMS wrenches but none have been very good. What would be your recommendations as to a high quality tool? Thanks
  13. Any particular make/model that you would recommend......a lot of choices but I'm sure they aren't all the same in effectiveness.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am looking for feedback on muzzle breaks for an AR 10....more specifically an Armalite AR 10 but any AR 10 info will work. What I would like to know is if anyone is using aftermarket brakes, what model/manufacturer, and how you thought it worked. The recoil on that weapon is downright punishing. I'm just looking for info on brakes......nothing else. I've been looking at the GoGun SuperCompXL and the testing videos look good. Thanks for your feed back and time.
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