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  1. I have seen the mag mod but I really don't want to mod the gun to accommodate the ammo. I suppose just to do one or two mags would be ok though because they would still work with standard OAL rounds and I wouldn't have any need to load up 30 long loads at a time anyway. I usually only shoot groups of 5 or 10.
  2. Got it. I've been rolling my own for about 20 years so I know the drill.
  3. Thanks for the input. I built this weapon to be a kind of SPR type rifle. That's why I went with the 18" 1:8 twist barrel. I was hoping for a maximum of 600 yds. If I ever want better accuracy at greater distances I'll break out my Savage heavy barrel 223 and the 75gr A-Max load. I get 1/4 MOA with that rifle. I saw those 77gr SMK and Noslers but didn't know if they would make the mag length criteria. I'll give them a shot once I am able to get my hands on a few. What powder worked well for you with these bullets? I was thinking Varget or H4895 would work best and I already have both on hand.
  4. I just finished building my first AR-15 and was wondering if there are any good bullets that will make it out to 600 yards and still cycle thru the magazine. I had hopes of using the 75gr A-max but found that they must be loaded too long to cycle. I am now thinking that the 69gr SMK or similar might be the best option although a bit of a compromise due to the pathetic ballistic coefficient. The barrel is a melonite treated 18" 1:8 twist, Wylde chamber from AR Performance.
  5. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.
  6. I am a 21 year active duty combat veteran in the USAF and have never been in law enforcement although my father and grandfather were city police and my cousin is currently a deputy Sheriff. I have a friend from the AF that I have known for about 25 years who has recently taken to bashing law enforcement on Facebook by reposting what seems to be every "Police the Police" article that he reads. I prefer to catch my flies with honey before resorting to the use of vinegar especially when dealing with my friends so I would like to begin by counter-posting videos and articles of the great things that law enforcement does every day, all day. I know that there are of course bad cops out there just like there are bad anything else. It's like this here gun website. For every AR or 1911 or Glock that is reported in the forums as having problems, there are probably at least 100 others that have been trouble free for their owners since they were purchased. I just want there to be a fair representation of law enforcement and maybe send my buddy the hint that he's being overly judgmental and largely ridiculous in his apparent irritation with LE. So, can anybody direct me to a great news page or feed that focuses largely or exclusively on the great service and sacrifices that LEOs are making for the communities that they serve? I'd really appreciate it.
  7. Grips and sights finally installed. All that is left is for me to order the bobtail jig and MSH and cut the bobtail on the frame.
  8. In the spirit of the M-1, what about building the 10mm on a Ruger Mini-30? Could that work? I have a donor rifle in my safe that probably hasn't been fired in 5 years. I was thinking of doing a rebarrel anyway because stock, it is miserably inaccurate. I just checked the bolt face and it seems that it would work. The magazine holds 5 rounds and the feed lip angle would need to be adjusted as well as putting a block at the rear of the mag and welding feed lip extensions to the front. then it would probably require tuning of the gas orifice in the barrel to get the proper piston force to cycle the action. I think I found my next project!
  9. I like it. I have been kicking around the idea of building one similar. How does it function? Any feed/extract/eject issues or is it reliable?
  10. I'll bet if you sent Gary Reeder a scandium gun chambered in 357 and enough money, he would return to you many months later one of the most amazing 10mm revolvers that you will ever see. I don't own one of his guns (can't afford one) but I have seen, handled, and shot one of his Ruger Bisley 454 conversions and I assure you, he creates masterpieces.
  11. My Kart barrel has handled full power loads just fine. 180gr Gold Dots and XTPs at just over 1300fps and 200gr XTPs at about 1170fps.
  12. I've got the Caspian in shooting order and have carried it in an OWB a couple times just to see how it carries and it feels pretty good. After it is complete and has been fully function checked, I'll be getting a Milt Sparks Nexus and making it my EDC. The progress thread is over in the projects forum.
  13. Don't take it personally. It's just how we deal with our jealousy.
  14. Ok, I guess I could show what it looks like now. Remember, in its final form it will have a beavertail that is actually fit to the frame, Novak type sights, bobbed frame, and VZ Operator 2s in grey/black.
  15. They actually made a Delta 1911 back on 1909?!?! I thought they called it a 1911 for some reason. Based on the pic in your other post, I would start with a better set of sights, a beavertail, and some different grips. Without actually shooting it I would guess that it could probably use a trigger job as well. I just put a Cylinder and Slide 3.5# drop in kit in my Caspian 10mm and it is absolutely perfect and truly drop-in, no fitting needed. I think the kit was about $140.
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