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  1. I was finally able to get one of these practically brand new in the package from a gentleman on GB for about the same price I paid back in 1991! Funny thing is, I had given up looking for one & just stumbled across it while browsing around for AR parts. Talk about right place, right time! For those that may be interested, there is a 1006 for sale on GB with one of these installed. I have no connection whatsoever to the sale of that 1006. I hope that I haven't inadvertently violated any rules by mentioning that! If so, my sincerest apologies in advance!
  2. simpleman

    ss delta elite on market in AZ

    My apologies gentlemen, this pistol sold awhile ago & I forgot to update this ad. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. simpleman

    1006 at last!

  4. simpleman

    ss delta elite on market in AZ

  5. simpleman

    1076 is my choice. Whats yours?

    1.S&W 1006 2.S&W 1066 3.Ruger GP-100 .357 Mag.
  6. 1006 is my choice for 2 reasons. I don't like the frame decocker & prefer the longer barrel length. I've got a 1066, but still prefer my 1006.
  7. simpleman

    2 Missing GI's Found

    I'm with Wiseman. 20 years ago, I spent a year in the Persian Gulf while on active duty. These fanatics have no regard for anyone who is not a Muslim. We should either take the gloves off & fight this war to win it, or pull all our people out & nuke the sandbox, turning it into a nice peaceful, glass parking lot. :pissed:
  8. simpleman

    ccw ammo

    doubletap 180 xtp
  9. Galco makes some great leather holsters. I carry using the FED paddle & double magazine paddle, both are just awesome!
  10. simpleman

    1076 spurred hammer

    Try S&W, would think the spur hammer for a 1006 will work.
  11. simpleman

    Ugliest handguns?

    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE F@#$%^G KIDDING ME!!!! That looks like Kimber brought on "Barbie" as a design consultant!!!! :barf:
  12. simpleman

    ss delta elite on market in AZ

    Offered only on this forum for true 10mm fans!! Will sell for $1250(firm) plus shipping. If no results here, then will go up for sale on auction sites. No longer up for trade, purchased NIB 1066.
  13. my 2 original, came w/gun mags have the delta logo.
  14. simpleman

    Ugliest handguns?

    This, I believe, is what some refer to as an "ugly stick". It is rumored to be the reason some of us are "cosmetically challenged", due to this device imparting some of its "cursed magic" upon us after being struck with said device. :anim_rofl2:
  15. simpleman

    ss delta elite on market in AZ

    Still looking to trade for 1066.