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  1. Man I love the 41 AE. It's the original 40 S&W, IMO. A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a new 1911 barrel in 41 AE and snatched it up. I'll get around to a build one of these days. I also lucked into a couple of boxes of the old Speer 180-gr Gold Dots so I'll have some ammo to test fire with. Check Midway every so often as they carry the Quality Cartridge 41 AE brass. Reed's also has ready-to-go brass and offers some custom factory loads. Pricey but what are you going to do if you like the weirdo stuff? I think that 180-gr Barnes XPB would make for a fantastic SD round in the 41 AE.
  2. The 610 is based on their N-Frame so it's not exactly designed for people with smaller hands. Doesn't mean they can't learn to shoot and handle an N-Frame but one of the smaller framed revos may be a better fit.
  3. There's been more auto cartridges chambered up in revolvers than a lot of people realize. Some may have been more of a gimmick while some actually make sense and have stuck. You can still get a 627 PC in 38 Super for instance, with the 8-rd. cylinder. How about the S&W's in .40 S&W (L-Frame - 646) or their 356 TSW revos? Back in the early 20th century, the .45 ACP revolver made a lot of sense and due to the popularity of the caliber, those remained viable. (Can't you shoot .45 Super out of .45 ACP revolvers?) To me, revos in auto calibers are more logical than revo calibers in autos.
  4. I do not shoot the 9x25 but I've given a 1911 Longslide in this caliber a lot of thought. In terms of components, the barrel would pose the most difficulty. If you couldn't convince a barrel maker to do one, you could always buy a 9mm Luger bbl. and have it converted. At worst, you'd have to order a chamber reamer and head-space gauges. All the other caliber-specific small parts are easy to find - ejector, extractor, slide stop, firing pin, mags, etc. are 10mm/40 S&W size. As far as the wear-and-tear issue, there are some preventive things you can do. For instance, a fully ramped barrel would be a good idea. A beefier recoil spring will help slow things down. Porting and use of a Shok-Buff would help as well. BUT, it is a super hot round and shooting it a lot will accelerate wear. That's why I was looking at the Longslide - more weight, longer distance for the slide to travel, etc.
  5. I had a Commander made up in 9x23 Win. I absolutely love it and after some initial regret over the ammo availability situation, I sucked it up and now order it on-line. The round was originally conceived for use in competitions (e.g. IPSC) to make Major, but I am a firm believer that it makes a tremendous SD/CCW round. Factory loadings are pushing a 125-gr. HP at around 1450 FPS/575 ft. lbs. To me, that's real impressive any way you cut it. It is similar dimensionally to .38 Super and 9mm Largo. In fact, I've heard numerous accounts of people shooting .38 S in 9x23 pistols. I've not tried this myself and don't think I ever will. The .38 S is semi-rimmed while the Win. is truly rimless. The Largo is identical as far as exterior dimensions are concerned. The Win. has a lot thicker web area and generates a LOT more pressure. A19 is correct in that you could shoot Largo in Win. chambered guns but the reverse is not advisable. It's a "fringe" round and probably always will be. I hope DT will start making some 9x23 loads.
  6. I would definitely commit to a new S&W revolver in 10mm. Absolutely NO M&P for me though. Exactly how would we get something like this organized? I think in the past, whenever something like this has come up, it ends up not panning out due to a lack of genuinely serious buyers and/or a very disorganized effort. It seems to me that there would need to be a set-in-stone consensus on the platform and features so that if a dialogue opens up, we could present this to S&W. Once the proposed revolver is settled on, having a list of names, addresses, and $$$ from each person (at least for a deposit) would go a long way to making this become a reality. I'm guessing S&W would be much more receptive if we could provide the names and funds. I would be more than willing to help in organizing this, provided there's enough people who are seriously interested. This would be a pretty big undertaking and will take some time but I've always wanted a revo in 10mm so if this presents an opportunity to get a new one, I'm all for it.
  7. While it's certainly not guaranteed, I am under the impression that Lew Horton has already commissioned S&W for a run of 610's for later this year. If I'm not mistaken, I think there's a thread here about 6 weeks old concerning this. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for this as I would love to grab a new 610 myself. Not sure about the price but if I remember correctly, it will have the 3 7/8" bbl., non-fluted cylinder, etc. Scott, Isn't Mr. Serva now totally involved with Fusion and done with DW?
  8. Although I don't own one (yet), I am a huge fan of the Ithaca 37. I've been curious about the "new" Ithaca guns but have been waiting to hear as to how they're made. A 37 with a 26" bbl., modified choke, in 20-gauge would make for fantastic bird gun. Like you, I like the bottom load/eject a lot and I also love how light they are.
  9. Man, you're gonna go nuts. I found it somewhat bizarre that you couldn't take the gun with you, especially since it was a local transaction. Anyway, it's a fantastic pistol - I absolutely love mine. Mine needed a slight tweak here and there but nothing too drastic.
  10. Folks, This may seem a little out of place, but I'm trying to cover all my bases. Does anyone here have any knowledge or familiarity with the 8x68S? This is an obscure European metric that is still relatively popular across the pond, but has virtually no following in the U.S. After doing some research, I've become a convert - it might be the best 8mm rifle caliber around. It is incredibly powerful, shoots flat, and has a well designed, durable case. (This would make a great base for wildcatting.) Best of all, it's beltless and rimless so it seems like an ideal match for bolt-actions. If anyone can provide some reloading data and a source for factory ammunition, I'd be most appreciative.
  11. Please don't try this. The only S&W gun where it would be permissible is the 610. Zippo, Prediction: Avs 4, Red Wings 2 - tomorrow @ 1:30 PM MST.
  12. Oh, Taurus. I remain very skeptical about a production 10mm, of any kind, from them. How can they think a Taurus "Glock" in 10mm will receive a better reception than one of their revo's? I remember the photos from SHOT Show '06 and their 8" Raging Bull had me (projectile) drooling. They would have done very well with that gun, especially with S&W cancelling the 610. I'm still holding out hope that Dan Wesson will address the 10mm revolver void.
  13. At the risk of prying, can you be more specific as to what you're thinking about getting rid of? Even so, I'd vote to sell, especially if it's chambered in .40 S&W. The only .40 S&W gun I'd never sell is the S&W 646 (PC or non-PC) - but that's just me. I trust this is not the gun in question. Otherwise, sell away. You're a 10mm shooter (by the sound of things), so you're well aware of the benefits the 10 has over the .40. Provided the specific gun does not have a high sentimental value - let it go. You'll, most likely, be able to find another when circumstances are different.
  14. Sam, This conversion can be done, but I think that at the end of the day, it may not be worth the added hassle and expense. A new barrel/bushing, a new slide, and magazines are the first, most obvious, components needed. The barrel and mags are self-explanatory but the 10mm round won't fit the .38 Super breech face, thus the reason for the new slide. You'll also need to replace and fit quite a few small parts. The slide stop, ejector, and extractor should all be caliber-specific - .40 S&W/10mm. The feed-ramp on the frame could pose a problem as they are sized to accommodate the three main calibers - 9mm/.38 Super, .40 S&W/10mm, and 45 ACP. If your frame has the bridge cut for a ramped barrel, this last point doesn't matter. Best of luck on this project, should you choose to pursue it. As noted though, you may be better off purchasing a pistol already chambered to 10mm.
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