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  1. Then you learned wrong. It's not a pennant, repeat, it is not a pennant. It's a Burgee. That is what you should have learned long ago in a rural school when growing up in Ohio. I'm partial to South Carolina and Wyoming. Arizona reminds me of some third world Asian communist state. got the big star in the middle with the rising sun motif... If Vietnam and Japan had a baby, that would be it's flag.
  2. I think most people seriously underestimate how quiet it will be in such a situation. a car, dirt bike engine powered anything is going to be a major target. While speed may seem like a great idea, it would make you deaf and blind. For that matter, think about what a hungry, ruthless band of scavengers would do if they heard a hunting rifle echo? Think like a predator even if you dont intend to be one. I've given this hours and hours of thought. My job is such that the odds of me being hundreds of miles from home when thins go dark are pretty high. Just trying to cross the Ohio river without entering a populated area is a huge task for me.
  3. http://www.m1911.org/loader.swf If you click "alpha" on the safety section it will show you how the thumb safety works in relation to the sear and why it's physically impossible for the thumb safety to engage when the sear isn't in the hammer notch.
  4. Wow, I guess my case of the Gen 2's is almost retirement money.
  5. I've got a 2001 5 speed Silverado short bed 4X4. I'm pretty happy with it. I like the looks of the new Chevy's too. However, I think I'm being forced into a Ford by mismanagement.
  6. Good info Kobelup. probably deserves it's own post.
  7. You know, I kinda breezed through that long post but Valkyrie's quote got me to go back and re-read. Tibe19k, I'm not sure why a gun store would let you have several guns and start stripping them. Especially new ones. They dont know you from jack and they cant sell a new gun you scratched all to hell and back. Sure, those may have been Glocks but policy is policy and I shudder to think about the fool who decided to put an idiot mark on a new 1911. "Cuz he's uh expurt" finally: "Use to drive me up the wall when I ran my shop." Speaks volumes to me. Hard to take a critique of a business model from a guy who had a failed business model. In short, I call bullshat.
  8. I prefer a wheel gun to bottom feeders myself but I still have plenty of them around. As for over penetration with a .357, get some light weight 125-135gr bullets. A miss with a 9mm or 22lr will penetrate a wall or two as well. a solid hit COM likely wont be a problem. Just remember that 357 LRN was carried for decades by metro police depts and misses by the thousands were documented. I'm not saying freak accidents dont happen, I'm just saying I dont plan my self defense situations on freak accidents. And, if I were to be involved in a freak accident, I'd still rather play my odds in court, not in a fight.
  9. HEy all, been a while since i popped in but I like to share when I find a good piece of gear. After kicking around the idea of an Eberlestock SkyCrane or Warhammer pack, I was saw that many people who searched for them on Amazon also looked at this Alps Outdoorz Commander pack. Now, I will tell you that my BOB requirements are different than most. I drive a truck on a dedicated lane that stretches 480 miles (road miles) from my home town and in a SHTF scenario, I could very well be walking that or nearly that back home to kith and kin. with that being said, it's against company policy to carry a weapon So, I need a big pack and all the gear meant for a long trek alone or with another person. That means getting a back that looks more like a hiking pack than a combat ruck. This bag fits the bill. http://www.alpsoutdoorz.com/outdoorz/products/packs/commander-pack-bag#.UST8OB04vTo and right now it's at an amazing price for what you get. http://www.amazon.com/ALPS-OutdoorZ-Commander-Freighter-Inches/dp/B004R7L7YU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361379012&sr=8-1&keywords=Alps+Outdoorz Now, to describe the pack in relative terms. The pack frame is on par or better than my old Jansport D3 which back when I was a young man was probably the top of the line external frame and could carry the house. I literally put more than 1000 miles on that pack through West Virginia, Isle Royale and all over southern Ohio. The Material also appears stronger, more durable than my old Large ALICE "Ranger Ruck". AS you can see from the images, it has an external bay for carrying a rifle. This pack is larger than any "tactical" pack in it's price range and priced better than any "tactical" pack it's size. While I havent had a chance to test it with a load, I will over the next month or so and give you an updated report. I plan to get another one since the frame is so adjustable that the same sized pack will fit my great big fat, sweaty, burly ass and my wifes' much smaller, not fat or sweaty ass. I simply cant think of any other way to kit out a family with two complete BOB's with weapons carrying abilty for this kind of money. If you have any experience, good or bad concerneing the comany or pack, Comments are welcome.
  10. I breezed through the argument in this thread and it appears that people have confused a private business owner and his rights with the Federal government and their laws. No individual can infringe on your rights. While you shall have the right to own a firearm, I'm not required to sell it to you. I do not believe i background checks or mandatory training or any of the other "reasonable" laws people are asking for. While you and I might agree that an 8 hour course on firearms safety is a good idea. opening that door to mandatory training is giving an opening to the government to set the terms of that training. Some people might consider 8 years of training to be the minimum and I'm not willing to subject my rights to the whims of others. Mandatory training, mental health screenings or any other method of proving you're qualified to have a right God gave you is sheer lunacy. I will however concede that it is possible in this day and age to have an instant background check to identify persons under disability. Such a check would not be an infringement. Violent felons and persons adjudicated mentally deficient should not be able to obtain a firearm legally unless and until their rights have been restored. every thing else is off the table as far as I'm concerned. magazine capacity, select fire, WMD, explosive devices should all be obtainable. improper use of them should come at a high price. We punish criminal acts, not free men.
  11. Well, I dont pop inot the Armory often enough. I just want to respond to the last comment and more fully explain my experiences there. The place aint the kind where you grab a cup of coffee and linger. some people dont care about that. I've never been offended by the treatment there and I have gotten some good deals there. A LNIB Browning MkIII Hi Power for under $400.00 comes to mind and that was a deal 10 years ago. However, selling guns is a competitive market. Most shops his size will sell maybe one or two a day. I can tell you that the attitude, while not hostile, is one that does make a person feel like a stranger, not a guest. There are shops that have opened recently that are worth the trip and while still small, get it, will tell you up front they get it and are genuinely happy to have your business. If you havent tried the Guys at Gun Envy in Clintonville out yet. Go there and see for yourself. They essentially stole me from the Powder Room where I was am known and a card carrying life member.
  12. THis is a small shop, the guys there are friendly. When I popped in just to check them out I spent about 20 minutes talking to them. they opened their shop because they were tired of jackasses being rude and selling crap to customers with lies. That was their words. Transfer fees are $10.00. They're on Facebook check them out.
  13. I'm rather fondish of revolvers for CCW as well and I generally carry a Smith and Wesson Scandium around the homestead in a pocket holster. They are more expensive than other choices but you get what you pay for. a hard hitting .357 5 shot revolver that weighs in at 12.5 oz.
  14. Sounds like somebody isn't getting any dessert for a few days.
  15. I think this place might have a severe case of cramps. People certainly are whiny and bitchy lately.
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