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  1. Very Cool...let us know how she runs when u get a chance
  2. Hey 10mm brothers: I don't post often but I do surf by regularly. Just saw a listing on gunbroker for a Fusion Arms 10mm by Bob Serva. I remember reading the name (serva) hot and heavy was I was researching my since-purchased DW10mm C-BOB commander. Looks like a STI slide (and frame?) check it out: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=74926854 Anyone heard of these? Sorry if this has been discussed before... Regards, Ed
  3. check this out Delta fans...http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=5&f=49&t=34989
  4. Thanks for the reply bigmm79 - I've got an order in for blazer and UMC (federal)so I'll see if this stufff cycles consistently and post later on
  5. Tom- I just got mine back as well and posted my report. Seems like the issues are ammo related. I will be ordering several makes to ID what feeds best...I was using georgia Arms 180 gr and continued to have issues but a box of CCI blaser ran thru pretty well
  6. Well, went to the range this saturday. Good news / bad news. First off I've been using Georgia Arms 180 gr Ammo (truncated cone?) new factory ammo. Same feeding problems and now I had the premature lock back problem that wasn't a problem before. Fought thru 100 rounds and put it down. I then bought a box of blaser aluminum case ammo and the functioning was MUCH better. I only bought 1 box of 50 but only 1 FTF. What ammo do you guys use for range work?? I may order a few boxes of blaser to see if this is what it truly likes. I know about DT ammo but it is pricey - I plan on getting some but prolly for limited use.
  7. Well fellas I was one of those that had a malfunctioning cbob in 10mm (of course). My problems were similar to others - the rounds would only partially feed into the chamber. The gun was extremely tight when I got it out of the box and after reading other poster's troubles I kinda expected it when I got to the range. I sent it to DW on 7/13 and it was returned on 7/18 including the time in transit! They polished the chamber, replaced and tuneed the extractor and although I did not request it, they also replaced the grip safety that was either rusting or getting discolored as they put it. I will try to make it to the range tommorrow and let you guys know what happens. Nothing here is new and you've all heard this stuff before but I wanted mention the great service that DW put forth. This is one of the nicest pistols I've bought - I have several 1911's & this is my newest and might become the "favorite" if it can run the way its supposed to. Any other dw owners that have had issues recently and returned them to DW chime in ? How are they running??
  8. Thanks for the suggestions Iggy - will reach out to DW before sending it back
  9. Ummm....me too. Put 300 round through it this weekend. Honestly I was expecting problems. I too waited several months for mine and read all the issues that cropped up while I waited. I had many, many FTFs. The rounds would partially feed so pulling the slide back a bit would usually get in to go but other times I would have to push the side forward to lock it up. EVERYTHING on this gun is TIGHT. Just getting the bushing out and the slide stop out is a chore. All this being said, this gun Feeeeeels better in my hand than most of my other 17 pistols. It was never meant to be my nightstand gun so I'm not too upset at this point. I thought I could shoot it loose but with the elevated cost of the 10mm and 300 rounds later I guess I'm shipping it back. On a positive note, the pistol is extremely accurate (once you get a round in the chamber!!!) and looks and handles excellently. Hopefully DW will do the right thing.
  10. I just recieved my CBOB yesterday - will post a report shortly but my setiments pretty much mirror the other comments. This is my 6th 1911 pistol and about as tight as any of them including my 2 DEGCs and a Kimber Team Match. I love clean look it has with just the small "DW classic" markings by the slide stop. Can't wait :biggrin:
  11. Thank you for all the replies - I'm still mulling it over !
  12. Hello gents- Ed B here - new guy. Fell in love with Colt DEs many years ago when I was a kid and no $$ (parents were not gun folk). When I finally had some scratch to but one they were out of production. Thanks to the "da powa of da intranet" as my NY buddies say, I have a pair of DEGCs (one new and one almost new) as well as a SW 610 and G20. Only the glock gets range time though. Question for you all: I see an SA Omega on GA thats hard chromed AND ported. I seem to remeber reading somewhere that the Peters Stahl were NOT ported. Can anyone shed some light?? Thanks for your replies Ed
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