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  1. Does anyone have any experience with the commander-length, and "c-bob" Dan Wesson 10mm Valor pistols I've been seeing on GB? I've tried to find some kind of writeup with regards to these and have come up with nothing. I used to own a DW 10mm cbob but didn't like it because it wasn't ramped IOT handle standard 10mm loads. Thanks, d
  2. GIDave

    Kimber Camp Guard

    The grip IMHO is where it's at. There's nothing like a curved lower grip in your hand. I owned a DW CBOB in 10mm a while back and, even though that little jewel had an unsupported throat, was one of THE best handling weapons ever put in these hands. That's what stands out to me. If it's a Kimber 10mm, it should shoot fine as long as a 22# or 23# recoil spring goes in, to handle normal 10mm loads, e.g. Underwood/Double Tap/Buffalo Bore, et al 180gr-200gr. or larger.
  3. GIDave

    Colt Double Eagle 10mm

    No joy. Still looking. BTW, the grips I have on them now are wooden, looks to be a custom job; but a slight crack on the right exposes some of the trigger mechanism.
  4. Just bought a Colt Double Eagle 10mm. How do I tell the difference between a 1st and 2nd generation? Does anyone make aftermarket grips for them? I have several 1911 10mms and always change out the recoil springs to the 20-22# range. Is this possible for the Double Eagles? In other words, are the slides similar? With that in mind, what was the stock recoil spring poundage for the Double Eagles?
  5. GIDave

    New Colt Delta Elite Models

    Sir -- what is the difference between them?
  6. GIDave

    Vltor Bren Ten

    Utterly sick to my stomach about the VLTOR Bren Ten. They need to sh%t or get off the pot. I posted several years ago, asking about the Peregrine Falcon, with nothing but lip service. Maybe it's time to do a Crowd Funding thing. I am sure that people on this board would put money up to have a percentage of the Bren Ten when made. If VLTOR keeps waffling, let the 10mm fans have it and run with it. Geez whiz, am I only one sick to death of this?
  7. I've heard that 10mm proof rounds will instantly, or invariably, destroy the weapon in which it's fired. SAAMI says 10mm pressures are nominal at 37.5K psi. The questions are: 1. Does anyone know what the pressure is with Hornady 10mm proofs? If yes, what is it? 2. Has anyone ever fired one of these proof rounds through a pistol? Glock, 1911, EAA whatever? 3. Has anyone ever fired one of these proof rounds through a dedicated 10mm rifle? Olympic Arms, Thureon Defense, whatever? For 2-3, if yes, what happened? Yes, I know: these proof rounds were meant to push the upper limits of a firearm and will eventually (if not instantly) destroy them. But I believe that some firearms built, or modified, for the 10mm standard SAAMI of 37.5K can withstand the proof round, no sweat.
  8. I have a DW CBOB 10mm which I bought new, but have not had the chance to shoot much. When I got it, I put a magazine through it, and it went into the safe. I was in a non-gun friendly state at the time (Hawaii) and couldn't be bothered. Now that I moved to Arizona, I broke out the CBOB and couldn't be more disappointed. The pistol is, in essence, a new pistol and hasn't been broken in, so I took all the FTFs and FTEs with 200gr Blazers and 200gr DTs with stride. But three hundred rounds through it, the weapon continues to FTF and FTE. The only round the pistol likes is Hornandy 180gr JHPs. THAT'S IT. Thinking the issue was the fact the pistol doesn't have a ramped barrel (like my Kimber TEII, which eats EVERYTHING), I contacted Glenn Davis at Dan Wesson, explaining my issue, and requesting a ramped barrel be installed. I figured the pistol was so new-ish, it wouldn't be a problem, especially since the pistol continued to malfunction with commercial ammunition. In short, I will NEVER buy another Dan Wesson product again, and will never advocate the purchase of one. Mr. Davis was extremely rude to me, which I can handle, but then balked when I suggested the ramped barrel be installed at DW expense. He stated that I should send the pistol to them for a "tune up" (BS IMO), and then went on vacation. He wanted to charge me north of $400 for a ramped barrel installation. His excuse was that the pistol was never designed to handle normal 10mm loads, that it would handle dumbed-down rounds to "my own admission" (when I said the pistol fired fine with Hornandy 180s). No wonder 1. They stopped making them and 2. They now put in ramped barrels from the factory. To summarize: almost brand-new CBOB 10mm continues to malfunction with factory ammunition (even FMJs), prefers only one kind of ammunition, worst customer service EVER, is a very accurate single-shot 10mm automatic. Yes, I have changed magazines. It's not a magazine problem. Tune up. Yeah, right.
  9. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    No, that wasn't a rhetorical question. I don't think you understand what a rhetorical question is. You haven't understood this argument, so, sir, you are one of two things. A complete idiot or someone flaming me on this board. If the latter, touche! If the former, well, sorry about that. Seek help.
  10. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    Does DW offer any 1911 10mm pistols without ramped barrels, time now? If not, why?
  11. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    I'll try once again to explain this situation a little slower. DW sold a pistol which could not handle 10mm rounds. That in itself is a discussion. What is a 10mm? To me, it is a Norma-class round. That's my baseline. If it isn't yours, then you have a glorified .40SW. DW decided to replace their rampless weapons with a ramp, no charge. They realized their error and tried to correct it. This means they realized their mistake and tried to change it. At some point, they decided that this error correction was not worthy of it being on their dime. They decided to charge the people who bought their weapons, under the guise of it being able to fire 10mm, under the auspices of who cares. And people like you. Look, I realize you are not reading this and don't care. Logic obviously does not matter to you. It's sad, because I love the 10mm but hate when companies screw their consumers. Done.
  12. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    DW offered to fix their mistake for $235. Read, FIX THEIR MISTAKE FOR $235. You have fired thousands of rounds of normal 10mm through your pistol. Great. I don't understand what you mean by saying why I would recommend doing something I would consider dangerous. I am doing the opposite. However, you do have a point. I thought you would actually understand my salient points. I guess I was wrong, and you are right. Enjoy!
  13. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    Look how smart you are! I misspoke, and you know it. There are two types of DW CBOBs: the one with an unsupported/unramped barrel and one with the better ramped version. Yes please, by all means, fire normal (AGAIN read: those loads meant to be 10mm, not 10mm weak) rounds through your DW CBOB with an unramped barrel. Good luck. As for me, the more intelligent route would be to fire so-called "full-house" loads through a 1911 10mm pistol with a ramped barrel. If you are firing a DW CBOB without a ramped barrel, I would recommend you find some Norma 200 or 170JHP, Underwood, or Buffalo Bore rounds and see how the pistol performs after a couple hundred rounds. If you're afraid of doing that, get a .40 SW and save us all a lot of grief.
  14. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    HansTheHobbit nailed it on the head. BLUF: DW initially made a pistol unsuited for full-power (read: regular) 10mm rounds by selling a pistol WO an unsupported barrel. They then started making it WITH a supported barrel, realizing their error, and offered to replace the unsupported barrel with a supported one for customers of the prior. They did not make the replacement for me when requested. Pepper, DW should hire you. However your analogy about the truck is non sequitor. A more proper, intelligent analogy would be if you bought a truck without an airbag, the company realized their mistake, and offered you an airbag free of charge. And then didn't offer it free of charge. I know that's stretching it a bit, but everyone knows (almost) that you cannot safely fire standard 10mm loads (e.g. Norma, Buffalo Bore) through a 1911 without sufficient chamber support. This is with respect for your love of DW, of course, and you can have it. I hope we can consider this horse beaten to death.
  15. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    Yes, especially if they had done that swap for free in the past. At some point, DW decided they were not going to install ramped barrels on their non-ramped guns after a period of time. Having a non-ramped 10mm is a little different than your little truck story, but thanks for sharing anyway.
  16. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    I sold it. I read about DW CBOBs with ramped barrels behaving nominally with factory ammunition. Mine did not have a factory ramped barrel, thus could not fire standard 10mm ammunition due to its unsupported (nonexistent) ramp. This is the point: I sent the pistol back to DW and they told me I would have to pay to get a ramped barrel installed, which they should have done in the first place. THAT is the point. Who cares now.
  17. Hello all!t I recently acquired a Thureon Defense 10mm 16" carbine in 10mm. The rifle is a TANK and digested everything I could throw at it, 180GR FMJs, JHPs and full-power Buffalo Bore 180s through it with no problems whatsoever. With MAGPUL sights, I was able to group less than 2" at 50 yards with all ammunition, without any FTFs, FTEs, etc. The rifle is also very well made, when I broke it open to clean it, I could find no machining marks at all. Thureon really did their homework WRT QA and QC! Another great thing about their weapons is that they accept pistol magazines. In the 10mm's case, Glock 20 magazines. So the rifle is the perfect companion for someone carrying a Glock 20 or even a Glock 29 so you don't have to fool around with different calibers, or different magazines. Awesome rifle. Super accurate, handy and a performer.
  18. Linked to FB -- TD with BUIS facing 50 yard targets. With 200GR PMCs, it was not an issue whatsoever. Next week I'll post images of the target aftermath. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=717360085019027&set=a.122788361142872.32583.100002351256746&type=1&theater
  19. I have images, but don't know how to post them.
  20. No images, but shot the TD 10mm Carbine this weekend. I shot PMC 200GR FMJ, around 150 rounds with no failures whatsoever. With MAGPUL BUIS, I was shooting 3/4" groups at 50 yards. A really impressive carbine. At some point I'd like to fit a high-end optic on it, e.g. Leupold VXR Patrol or something similar. With the ballistics of the 10mm, it should be accurate at least out to 100 yards, perfect killing zone for coyote/white tail deer/javelin here in Arizona.
  21. Whoops -- will upload pictures next range session. Here is Thureon Defense's 10mm, basic and "fancy" versions: http://www.thureondefense.com/content/thureon-defense-ga-carbine-0 http://www.thureondefense.com/content/thureon-defense-ga-octagonal-handguard-picatinny-rail-kit-magpul-ctr-buttstock-magpul-mbus-g Very, very sweet.
  22. I sent my almost-new CBOB 10mm back to Dan Wesson to fix. It was a DW 10mm CBOB made without a ramped barrel. And it reflected: FTFs and FTEs galore. DW told me to send them almost $400 to install a ramped barrel. I said no. They told me to continue to shoot FBI light ammo through it, and it'd be okay. Thoroughly lame. The pistol has the potential to be awesome. Unfortunately IMO the company is not.
  23. GIDave

    DW CBOB -- Headache

    UPDATE ON MY DAN WESSON 10MM CBOB The good folks at Dan Wesson balked at installing a ramped barrel on my bought-as-new CBOB, instead requesting over $400.00 to have it done. I said no, I can't afford it. The cryptic messages I've forced out of them say they've "made the proper corrections" and will send it back to me (jacked up, I'm supposing), but it will take awhile since they're waiting for 10mm rounds to come in to test the weapon, and 10mm rounds are so scarce. I have to call bullsh#it on the lack of 10mm ammunition availability. Unless they're waiting for something exotic or super-popular (e.g. Remington 180gr FMJ), 10mm rounds are EVERWHERE in all bullet weights. I love how Dan Wesson does business nowadays: professional, adroit and resistant to the temptation of insulting the intelligence of those who spent a lot of money to buy their product. This is all sarcasm. Doing my research, I've found a large population of Dan Wesson 10mm consumers who are more than happy with their money. Good for you guys! Seriously. I wish I was one of them. I really do. When my CBOB fired and cycled, it was very accurate. I was convinced the folks at Dan Wesson would fix this problem without giving me grief. I was wrong. BTW, like all good consumers conversing with companies who don't live up to their claims, I've saved all email correspondence with Dan Wesson, especially the rude exchanges. So, when my CBOB returns, it'll return without a ramped barrel. It'll return with a message, I'm convinced, along the lines of: "We couldn't find anything wrong with the pistol and refuse to install a ramped barrel at our expense, although we stopped making pistols without ramped barrels when we discovered they had gross feeding problems. Good luck." My Kimber 10mms (Eclipse Custom II and TLE/RL) function perfectly. Why? Ramped barrel, and the support they give the 10mm. As a retired public affairs officer, I shake my head at why the hell Dan Wesson won't be proactive, reach out to those owners of weapons without ramped barrels and fix them without asking, or begging. It's just good business. My non-ramped Dan Wesson 10mm will be in my hands soon. I have no idea what I'll do with it. Trust me life with it will be the last thing.
  24. If anyone else owns an Olympic Arms 10mm upper, I have an incredible stupid question. How do I get a sling on it?
  25. My Olympic Arms 10mm upper, hooked to a RRA lower, has been running like a clock. I've thrown everything through it: DTs @200, 165 and 135 gr, Winchester ST 175gr, , Hornandy 180s, everything has run through the gun without a hiccup. Still sighting it in with iron sights (MAG PUL), and out to 100 yards, the thing is a tackdriver. Holes in holes. There are some magazine issues. I have 6 18-round magazines from Olympic (of course, proprietary), and two of them "stick" in the magwell. I put stickies on them saying "bad" and just avoid them. Also, good luck loading 18 rounds into them. The most I get squeeze in is 15. But they're very well built. Next is doing some optic work at longer distances. I'm thinking I can nail targets out to 200 meters with 135gr DTs out of a 16" barrel. Might be good for medium-sized game. Thoughts?