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  1. No I already have one of the first airsoft a beratta clone. Use it to target shoot in the house.
  2. I was strolling through the new Wally World in my town and a air soft gun caught my eye. It was a Colt Delta Elite fully labled with 10mm on the grips. It was made out of clear plastic. I just find it interesting that Colt discontinued the pistol and a company thinks it has enough following to offer a air soft in the same design.
  3. You think that it doesn't affect how people buy gun look at this link on Magnum Research's site. Magnums in Hollywood They certainally think it influances people.
  4. Hello I was referred to this site after asking about a 10 on another site. I have always been interested in a 10mm and think I may have found a decent 1006 for $495 and think it is fair and am trying to decide if I want to get another pistol. My main question is what is the diffrence in the model #s for smith third gen pistols. I currently own a 4006 and have figured that the 06 is a SA/DA and have seen a 1076 that looks like a DAO. So manly I wonder what the rest are and copied the list out of the post about the number made. I really prefer the DA/SA or SA that is why I was wanting to know if the 1006 is what I would be most comfortable with. Model 1006-DA/SA Model 1026 Model 1046 Model 1066 Model 1076-DAO Model 1086 Thank you J D Miller III
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