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  1. 1006 still for sale ,and lowered price to $630 shipped
  2. I have a Smith and Wesson 1066 10mm with original box,has night sights but look a little dim to me,2 mags,very clean shape looks like it was fired very little,only mark I see is a small light rub mark on stainless otherwise excellent,$725 shipped can e-mail photos Smith and wesson 1006 with 2 mags,adjustable sights,nice shape,has just typical light holster and use marks ,still nice clean shape,$630 shipped Can e-mail photos, nwdraw@bresnan.net Money order for payment and Copy of FFL
  3. Decided to just keep it, Thanks for the interest though
  4. Smith and Wesson 1066,stainless 10mm,excellent shape in original box,With 2 mags, night sights,looks like the round count is very low,one little rub mark on stainless otherwise looks new,$700 shipped, Money order for payment and copy of FFL. Can e-mail photo's, nwdraw@bresnan.net
  5. Cool pictures! I live in kalispell too. I have a glock 20 OD. Great guns I like the winchester silver tips and the buffalo bore. To bad you have to draw for a mt lion tag now,not to cool for all the guys that put some much time and finances into their hounds.
  6. I would not pay more than $600 for one. I picked up a like new 1086 with 2 mags in box for $450 at a gunshow.. I also bought a 1076 at a retailer that took it as trade in for $465 there's deal's out there you just got watch closely
  7. I would sell the 1006 and buy a brand new glock 20 with a few extras like mags etc. In my opinion the the glock 20 is a far better piece than the smith 10mm's and I have owned several of the the smith's including 3- 1006's , 2-1086's,2-1076's,2-1066's the glock handles full power loads much better,is lighter,holds many more rounds and I believe is more reliable. It would be very tough to beat a glock 20 for a 10mm,close second is the G29, you can probably easily get $650 for your smith and buy a new glock 20 for $550
  8. Can e-mail photo's nwdraw@centurytel.net
  9. Smith and Wesson 1006 10mm,Comes with 1 mag in box ,excellent shape with adjustable sights,Money order for payment and copy of FFL.$650 and $30 for shipping nwdraw@centurytel.net
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