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  1. I posted re this issue on another forum and Keith from DW responded in a couple of hours. If I send the gun in DW will fix it. Pretty awesome customer service if you ask me! I'll post an update here after DW has a look at the gun. Thanks for the input everybody.
  2. Good to know that there is at least one other CBOB user that hasn't been seeing this issue. Well its good and bad - bad in that it indicates my gun may have a unique problem. I notice that if I slip a round into the barrel there is an area at the bottom of the chamber where the case is not supported by the barrel because of the beveling on the lower portion of the chamber. This corresponds in size with the bulges I am getting on the cases. Also these bulges have been consistent across many different boxes of DT ammo, so I'm pretty sure it is the gun and not a particular batch of ammo. The picture above is of a particularly big bulge. Obviously it is a bit scary as it portends the heightened possibility of a KB. Any other CBOB users out there that have seen or not seen this issue? Also would appreciate any input some of you veteran 10mm users may have.
  3. Whenever I shoot full power ammo with my Dan Wesson CBOB there are bulges in the bottoms of the fired cases. See pic below. Some cases are worse than others, but there is always at least a little bulge. Seems to occur with any type of Double Tap ammo for example, but not with milder stuff. Is this normal for a CBOB? Something I should worry about? Can bulged cases be re-loaded?
  4. My second 10mm baby arrived last week. A Witness Match. I love the looks of the gun and it comes in a beautiful locking case. With the prices of guns these days the Witness seems like a lot of gun for $500 Took it to the range on Saturday. The gun is a real pleasure to shoot. My other 10mm is a DW CBOB. I really like the way the way the size and weight of the Witness tames the recoil. The single action trigger isn't quite as good as a high quality 1911 trigger, like the DW, but again - great for a $500 gun. With a little adjustment, the trigger will be very nearly as good as high quality 1911 type trigger. I love my CBOB, but I must admit the Witness is more fun to shoot. It appears to shoot accurately. At 25 yards I had a 7" group shooting 6 rounds free-hand - no I'm not a fantastic shot . I was short on time so I didn't set things up to do a bench-rest accuracy test. Did have several random FTFs. All but one were from the front of the round jamming into the top of the barrel. All FTFs were with Double Taps of various types including 135gr Nosler, 165gr Gold Dots and 200gr XTP. No FTFs with some Blazers that I had with me, though I only had 15 rounds of those. Not sure if the gun simply needs more break-in or whether there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Any of you Witness experts have any thoughts?
  5. Well, shows how little I know about revolvers. Thanks for the responses.
  6. Does anybody out there own a Ruger 10mm Buckeye Blackhawk? Wondering if they require moon clips.
  7. Mine had premature slide lock problem. Sent it back and DW did some relatively extensive work on it (under warranty). Not one problem since. While it was annoying to have to send it back, DW stood up and fixed it. There is no better value in a 10mm 1911 platform and with DWs good service you don't have to worry too much about problems. And, by the way, full power DT loads are like crack. Use one time and your an addict.
  8. You should send it back. Had same problem with mine. Sent it to DW and they did a bunch of work on it. Runs like a dream now. I doubt they are going to refuse to fix it because of your self-help.
  9. I really like Blazer for practice. I have also used American Eagle and some reloads by a company called HSM, or something like that. Also, I have used quite a bit of Doubletap. Since getting the cbob fixed I haven't had any problems with any kind of ammo. Kimberman - The ammo was Doubletap 200gr XTP. However, it is very important that anybody reading this understands a couple of things: Doubletap had recalled the ammo and had sent me an email emphatically telling me not to use it. They had received some bad brass from their supplier. I somehow had missed the email even though it was right there in my inbox. When I let Doubletap know what had happened, they stepped up to the plate with excellent customer service. The ammo was immediately replaced and they told me that they would take care of any damage to the gun.
  10. Mine was having the common premature slide lock problem. DW sent me a new slide stop and I was going to try to work it out without having to send the gun in, but then I had a kaboom (it was the round, not the gun). Because of the kaboom, I wanted the whole gun checked anyway, so I sent it in to DW. They throated the barrell, tuned the extractor and slide stop and a few other things that I can't recall at the moment. They were even nice enought to polish out the scratch I made under the slide stop. Happy to say that since then my cbob has been 100% perfect. Not one malfunction of any kind. Runs perfect, just like my DW 45acp Patriot.
  11. My 10mm CBOB is having the same premature slide lock probs. Rather than calling DW right off the bat, I thought some break in may take care of the problem. The slide locks have, in fact, lessened with break in but they aren't 100% gone yet. If you look at the Dan Wesson section on 1911forum, you will see some threads about this. The home-brew fix has been to dimple the slide stop where it contacts the plunger. I don't really feel like having to do that though, so if the prob on my CBOB doesn't completely clear up soon I'll just send it back to DW like you. Did they pay shipping or did you have to pay? I would appreciate updates on the situation. I have been a bit surprised with the problems. I have read all of the "because 1911s are so tight they take some tuning" comments. I tend to think that at these prices the guns should shoot right out of the box (just like my DW .45 did).
  12. They are around. They seem to be relatively plentiful in .45 and there are some 10mms around now. I recently bought mine from impact guns, www.impactguns.com As of last week they were advertising that they had some more for sale, but they appear to be gone already. Keep checking their website. Another option is to contact some of the regular Dan Wesson sellers on the auction sites and order one up, although it seems like most of those that have pre-purchased 10mm cbobs are still waiting.
  13. I have a Patriot in 45 that is a couple of years old. It has always functioned flawlessly and is very accurate. Also back when I purchased it the prices were lower than they are now. At that time a DW was an incredible value. I recently bought a cbob in 10mm. It is one of the newest versions w/ internal extractor. I think I am one of the first retail customers to get my hands on one. It had many premature slide locks and FTFs during my first trip to the range. Time will tell if more break in improves the problems or whether there are some more serious issues. Anyway, I guess my point is that I think its too early to say that the newest versions of DWs in 10mm are generally reliable or generally unreliable. There is no doubt that for a time in the past they were putting out very high quality guns at an excellent price. The many DW cheerleaders are justified in their position.
  14. I think I am one of the first people to put my hands on a 10mm CBOB in the newest version. I picked it up last week, paid 879.00. I had alredy conferred with another dealer that will be offering them for 850, but he had a waiting list. I paid the thirty bucks extra to get one now. Took it to the range on Saturday. Went through 100 rounds of HSM Ammo, that I am pretty sure were reloads. The CBOB had quite a few problems, all either premature slide locks or FTFs. Some better ammo may make a difference as may further break in. The gun is accurate as it grouped well, but I am pretty sure the sights are off (high and left). I was a little surprised w/ the problems because I have a DW Patriot in 45 that had less than 5 jams during break in and hasn't had one problem since. I've read some posts saying that high quality 1911s can need some adjustment to get them running well. Maybe I'm in the minority, but for $800 plus I expect some small break in trouble at the most and then flawless functioning after that. I'll let you know if things improve w/ the CBOB after more break in.
  15. Thanks for the link. Looks like they run at 990 fps. Definately low power 10mms, but priced very reasonably. I picked them up for 10.99 per 50. Shot through 100 rounds in my new DW 10mm CBOB this weekend. Had quite a few FTFs and premature slide locks. Time will tell whether the ammo had anything to do w/ the probs or whether they are just break in probs. The ammo did not seem dirty. (It wasn't close Wolf ammo, which blackens the front inch of my 1911 after a box or two).
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