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    Guess whats happening at H&K?

    Dear Santa.......
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    Minor case of snow falling.
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    Wednesday Kitten On The Keys….
  7. Gigglesmith, 


    I just wanted you to know I enjoy many of your little videos, and I don't see you getting much feedback on them. Through one of your links, I found a 3 part series on the history, current state, and the future of robotics. Interesting stuff. The videos on Military stuff are cool, but they get me thinking about the glorification of war and kids. One of my daughters got her family their first video games, an X box. Main reason was for Minecraft. Apparently the home school community has lots of kids play MindCraft, and it is considered educational. My 10 year old grand son also likes to play a first person shooter game with his Dad, the Army Veteran. Been waiting for the right time to talk to my grandson about what an evil ugly business war really is. But we have peace only through strength. I have gotten him started on reading some historical fiction instead of some of these cookie-cutter series books, like the one about "warrior cats", if you can believe it.  It's late, and I am running on...

    I hope that you and yours are all well, and that life is good. 


    Anyway, thanks for the videos.


    PS: Just realized i don't believe I have ever seen your first name in print on the board. I like to know the first name of my friends, but I also understand if that is something you don't want to do. If I did know it at one time, it is lost in the ether of my aging brain...

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    Little Videos

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    Little Videos

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    Monday Oldie but Goodie
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    If they'll kill you over a TV....

    I wish
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