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  1. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

  2. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

    My Alma Mater. 1/509 ABN. Of course we didn't have that kind of fun when it was stuck in Italy. Thursday
  3. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

    Enjoying the weather.
  4. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  5. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  6. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

  7. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  8. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

    I'm next door to you and enjoying nearly everything so far this Summer.
  9. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  10. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

    What happened to my Friday post?????? Saturday
  11. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

    It's raining. It's morning and a Saturday. You win some, you lose some
  12. GiggleSmith

    Equality for All

    I'm wondering what it's going to be like when those mobs attack somebody and that person starts shooting back. My first word that comes to mind is glorious. Then messy. Then ugly when they run out of ammo. Then crazy.
  13. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

    Not shown is the experimental "Art" pictures that were the predecessors of todays centerfolds and such. Long One: Military Free Fall
  14. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!