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    Shooting Class III weapons.

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  1. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

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    Little Videos

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  4. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

    Second the motion. See my Sig Line. The wrong people always seem to the ones dying
  5. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  6. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  7. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

    Sorry I’m late
  8. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

  9. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

    Columbus Day
  10. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

  11. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  12. GiggleSmith

    Head east old man...

    Where in Maryland? Business has taken me to plenty of places around Baltimore and the I495 and I695 Beltways. FYI: There are some Interstate Onramps in Baltimore that are in worse shape than many Army Tank Trails.
  13. GiggleSmith

    They Shoot Linemen, Don't They?

    He needs to move:
  14. GiggleSmith

    Now THAT Was Funny

    I Received that Spammer call about my Credit Card. (717) 972-4160 I decided to have a little G-Rated fun with them: S: How are you doing ? : I’m doing just fine this afternoon. This is to let you know that I am recording this conversation and will be posting it on YouTube.com later this afternoon. S: (Hangs up) Total time used: About 14 seconds start to finish
  15. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!