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    Shooting Class III weapons.

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  1. GiggleSmith

    10,001 Posts And Counting

    Daydreams about their older sisters.
  2. GiggleSmith

    10,001 Posts And Counting

    My Ladies can only come once a week during Summer months
  3. GiggleSmith

    10,001 Posts And Counting

    Believe it or not, only a few dozen even had Banana Splits mentioned in them. Free SgtAr15
  4. GiggleSmith

    I guess winter is over

    About 4 inches are on the ground, I was let go early and the guys are doing the streets outside. One more day cl;oser to Banana spliuts aijn't in the mood to fix the spelling either
  5. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

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    Little Videos

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    Little Videos

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    Good Morning!

  9. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

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    Little Videos

  11. GiggleSmith

    Oh hell no!

    Which country?
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    Good Morning!

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    Little Videos

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    Little Videos