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  1. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

  2. GiggleSmith

    I swear I'm going soft in the head....

    Ruger 10/22 turning into Ar-15????
  3. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  4. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  5. GiggleSmith

    Good Morning!

    What happened to the pictures?
  6. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

    Not here, Newbie. Starting a thread introducing yourself would be nice, though. Then you might start an Independent VIDEO thread that only did music.
  7. GiggleSmith

    Easter Bunny In My Backyard!

    I forgot to mention that there are Dogs living with my neighbors to either side of me. Not to mention all the dogs in the neighborhood to begin with. How Bunny Wabbit hasn't become a snack by now is a Good Question.
  8. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  9. GiggleSmith

    Easter Bunny In My Backyard!

    Now I know where the eggs are being hidden....
  10. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  11. GiggleSmith

    Useless fads

    Useless? I HATED the Bell-Bottomed pants fad of the 70's. It was extremely difficult to find a pair of pants that were straight. I remember one time I had to settle for pants that had a very slight flare. Whwn was the last time anybody here saw Bell Bottoms?
  12. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  13. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos

  14. GiggleSmith

    Little Videos