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  1. .....We have successful booster separation.....
  2. I read it and I kept thinking of the late 1950's and early 1960's suborbital IRBM and ICBM missiles. Only This Time the warhead doesn't exactly leave the atmosphere
  3. I'll be glad when Ammoman has ammo back in stock! I've ordered from him before.
  4. I use an iMac myself. I Definitely have a different setup than you: One that is in the iMac itself (which I'm currently using). and another OS that I installed in an External HD. They both have the very same OS installed, but the External one is in case anything should happen to the Internal one. I use the External HD every other week. I have a Second HD in use for videos and pictures, files and so forth. I don't use the Internal drive for anything except Temporary files. BTW: Several years ago I installed the OS in a Flashdrive. It worked too! The problem was that a USB 2.0 Thumb Drive is good for Offline usage only: Data Transfer rates were too slow to practically use the Net. With the prices with Plug-and-Play HD's it would be interesting to install the OS in of of them, reboot to the PaP, revert when finished. Thursday
  5. My next Banana Split is on you. OK?
  6. A bit over an hour for me as well. Smorgasbord Not exactly a buffet.
  7. And then there are the scopes that fit in the Carry Handle with no modification: Leapers 4X Unbelievably accurate.
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