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  1. Texas 10mm- I own the 20 and 29, both have 40 s&w and 357 sig barrels and the 20 has the 6in barrel. Once in a while the 15 round 20 mags fail to lock the slide back on the 29. If you like ether one of them, go for it. I got them both so I have a choice of 10,40 or 357 sig. Good luck on your choice. Let us know what you get. Regards GREGG
  2. Yes I have. When I was stationed in Germany in the 80's, A man had one at the range I belonged to. I was just standing there and looking at it and he asked me if I would like to shoot it. Well, I did and it was sweet!! but not worth the money in my book. You see, in Germany, They are allowed only 3 handguns. If that is all I could have, I would own a Korth!
  3. gunsmith3

    Glock customer service blows

    That is true. I really liked my 29 up until then. I just got tired of the run around. They said they were waiting to make a run of 29's and the one I got was test fired in Jan 06!!
  4. gunsmith3

    Glock customer service blows

    I don't wish to waste anymore long distance phone calls and I have extra mags. It's just the point!
  5. gunsmith3

    Glock customer service blows

    No it did not. All the parts are made in Austria and assembled in GA. USA
  6. gunsmith3

    Glock customer service blows

    Glock received it the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I got the new? one on 31 Jan 07.
  7. Several years ago, I bought a M29. Last Nov while cleaning it, I noticed the frame was cracked. A call to the factory and they said it was a flaw and to sand it in and they would replace it. $42 to send it, numerous long distance phone calls (NO 800 number) and 10+ weeks later they sent me back a Rebuilt M29 with one 10mm mag and one 45ACP mag. Not what I would call great customer service. This will be my first and last combat Tupperware I buy from Glock. WARNING shooters! Glock are great until they break!!!