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  1. Try Reedsammo.com I have purchased from Ron before and highly recommend. They are around $100
  2. Stainless1

    winess hunter 10mm

    A friend of mine has a blue one. It shot so well I tried to find one. I could never find one used (or new for that matter) at the price I wanted. I ended up getting a Witness Limited in 10mm. I bought the scope mount for it as well. I believe the scope mount is the same for all the Witness "Elite" models. I think the Hunter frame is the same hole pattern. You might try the EAA website or call them. Ron Reed at Reed's Custom Ammo is another good source for you.
  3. Stainless1

    Witness Match & Stock

    Try Ron Reed at www. reedsammo.com. Also try www.gunsamerica.com, there are dealers selling the "match" for $489 or so. These are not quite as accurate as the higher end elite series, but they are supposed to be more accurate than standard. I recently bought from Ron a "Limited" version and he was a pleasure to deal with.