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  1. If this barrel will not work for you, I might be interested in it. I've got a Delta that's unramped, and was looking for some more economical feeding for it. PM if you're interested.
  2. I've got an early production Delta Elite I've had since new, and have some concerns. I mainly shot it with the full-power Norma 170 and 200 grainers while they were plentiful. After that dried up, I have used a wide variety of what was on the market at the time. My area of interest is the disconnector cutout in the bottom of the slide. I've not seen any problems with feed, extraction, or other function. I notice that the top edge of the hammer is pretty shiny from finish wear, but as I say, it runs fine. The side of the disconnector cutout opposite the series 80 plunger really bugs me, since I've lost metal there. Am I just being a mamby, or do I have a real problem here? Thanks! P.S. I didn't get pics of the top of the frame, but there's a groove right down the middle of the frame just under this area, I'll try to get a pic of it tomorrow or Monday.
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