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  1. Hey I bought a Undertaker shoulder holster from them 2 years ago, and I wear it daily.Super folks to deal with! Very good product. Just wish they would make one for a Hooked S&W trigger guard. BTW I also can carry my 4506 and 4566!
  2. Personally, I carry a 1066 in an Undertaker shoulder holster year round. T-shirt and loose short sleeve shirt in the summer and vest over it in the winter. Very comfortable and comforting..Tkae care and God Bless...HT
  3. Hey folks! I saw where EAA is supposedly comming out with a new 10mm, the K2. First is this simply a warmed over Witness? (I'll pass) Secondly Is this a new design with QC improvements, unlike the Witness line? Thirdly if the first two questions pan out, when will it come out? Since the Vltor has fizzeled , I would like to buy a new 10mm. Just don't know which. Take care and God Bless.. HT
  4. Hey Bruce and folks! I would be interested. Price right now would be a factor but I am definetly interested. Take care and God Bless...HT
  5. Hey that was my old Delta! I traded it back to Lew Horton for a left over Stainless one then to put groceries on the table had to sell it 6-7 years ago along with a mint Double Eagle in 10mm also! BTW they only made 250 blued and 250 stainless of that series.( Per Lew Horton. This was when I had my FFL) I would love to have then back! Take cafre and God Bless!!
  6. Hey Folks! I am sorry to hear about your experiences with your new 10mm. There is nothing more frustrating then spending hard earned cash to find out that you have just wasted your time, money, and effort. My experience with EAA particularly when I had my FFL was horrible. Customer service was non-exsistant. However you have an advantage. I went through 3 10mm's, and 2 45's ( and numerous bottles of pepto-bismol) to figure out it just ain't worth it. I agree with Bruce especially on this one. AVOID EAA AT ALL COSTS!! BTW I personally bought back every EAA I sold and actually had an guy offer me .25 on the dollar of what I spent on them including the customers guns. I explained what had happened with the guns ( they had sit in the safe for numerous years) and he still wanted them. I no longer had my FFL by this time (Taking the hit from my EAA adventure) so I said good riddence. You do get what you pay for! Good luck, take care and God bless!!
  7. I have heard all this and a "Gun Expert" ( If you dont believe it just ask himLOL!!) that had never heard of a 10mm. Any way I look at the 10mm like a nurse I used to work with would say, grow some fuzz on those peaches and stop whinning!LOL Take care and God Bless!
  8. How about a SW1066? Heavy but effective!
  9. OLA from a fellow Okie!! NE section!!
  10. Unfortunately Bruce, I gotta agree with you on that one. Never understood why ( Either Fortis or Triton) didnt simply change the name and continue. Looks to me that both guns are different enough.Oh, well. Still hoping for the Fortis, but at this point unless something major happens in the next couple of months, I believe their effort will also be DOA..Looks like the Delta or Glock. Just can't swallow the price for a new Delta right now...Maybe they will flood the market and come down.. Take care and God Bless....HT
  11. Hey Folks! I hope this doesn't end up like the " Triton Ten" from triton ammo. They were closer to production than the Fortis and folded at the last moment.. Still hoping though.. Take care and God Bless...HT
  12. Save your money and buy either a Glock ( I am not a big fans but they always are a shooter. Never found one that wasn't) or a used Colt or Smith. I have owned numerous Witness's and would not waste the money , Pepto Bismol or time had I known now what I discovered then. I am so ready for the Fortis, I wish they would get it out. However I do give them credit for making sure its right. EAA and customer support is like a kick in the butt and the products aren't much better. Maybe if they would invest in the product instead of the models for their advertisements they would be alot better. Take care and God Bless...HT
  13. Hey what do you want for your 1066? Might be interested. Take care and God Bless...HT
  14. Hey Folks! Sorry to hear about your Witness. I have had a grand total of 6 Witnesses and (Not to flame those who have had luck with them) all were horrible headaches. Of the 10mms I owned (3) the compact was the only one I could actually fire a full magazine through without a jam. And that wasn't consistant. I experienced more failure in the Witness series that I have ever in all the differnet firearms I have owned and shot. Including cracked slides and frames. The CZ style is a great one, however piss poorly executed by EAA and their importers. I feel for your dealer, not because its yours or his fault, but because he has to deal with the individuals at EAA. Their customer service ( a loosely put term) sucks at best. As a dealer I wound up rebuying the few Witnesses I sold and giving my customers their money back. I'd rather lose the money than burn a customer. If they would put as much money into their guns as they do their advertising, they might have a decent product. Again, I do feel like I am venting, however I understand what you are going through with these guns. My suggestion, save yourself alot of trouble and simply stay away from these items. Spend the money on a Glock, DW, S&W, Colt, etc and be better off without the antiacids the Witness will have you investing in otherwise. Take care and God Bless...HT
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