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  1. Nice work & pics, TaosGlock, but what about my favorite 10mm bullet, the Speer Gold Dot 155 gr?
  2. Hey, Bongo Boy, that looks great. You & I have corresponded on this forum before, but it has been a while since I've visited this group. I have had my 10mm Witness Hunter for a couple years. Mine is the earlier version, with a bit shorter dust cover. Your version looks like a conventional longslide autoloader, whereas mine, with the slide racked back, looks sort of like it has a compensator on the muzzle. It's not a compensator, but the appearance is simply due to the gun's design. Mine has a coned barrel. I don't know if your version has a coned barrel (?). We both use the same sight mount system, but I have a Leupold 4X28 scope on it, which I like. I just wish that the 8 screws attaching the scope mount to the frame were torx instead of the hex (allen) heads. I think that the allen head system is lousy (strips too easily). What loads are you using? Let me know what recoil spring setup you're using. jimb
  3. I'm not sure if this will be what you're Iooking for, but on my Hunter, I prefer my Leupold 4X28 scope on the EAA mount (found on EAA website). Be sure to use something to keep the screws tight (Loctite, etc.) that will allow you to remove the screws when necessary. I used some clear fingernail polish. Clean & degrease all threads first, of course. One thing that I did not like about the EAA mount is its use of regular allen head (hex) screws. They sould be Torx. I've always HATED the Allen (hex) head design - too easy to strip out. Jim
  4. Absolutely! That did it. Thanks a bunch for the adjustment, and for doing it so quickly! Jim
  5. The screen is composed of varied shades of gray, and is therefore very difficult to read. How, exactly in detail, do I brighten up the screen?This is one cryptic forum, not very user-friendly. I thought that I took care of this problem before, long ago. Thanks for any help! Jim
  6. maxsnafu, sqlbullet, panzermk2: What, specifically, is the exact Wolff spring that one must order for the Witness Hunter? I've been thinking about getting a stronger spring for mine, but haven't yet. If you don't mind, would you provide the part #, to be sure that I order the correct spring? My handloads are pretty stout, for hunting deer, certainly as powerful as Double Tap's loads. The velocity of my 155 grain Speer Gold Dot bullet load is 1,550 fps, very similar to Double Tap's load. Needless to say, firing my load with the factory spring, my Hunter sends my brass to a "significant" distance. Thanks much. Jim
  7. Gotta go with oldnavy. I definitely like my EAA Hunter, perhaps because I primarily use it for hunting, & have gotten one deer with it, so far. For personal defense, I have a great Glock 27 (compact, 40 S&W) in which I have installed a Storm Lake 6" stainless steel barrel, so it's compact & sufficiently powerful. Both pistols are darn accurate! Jim
  8. By the way, it's Tanfoglio, not "Tanfolio". (I know, I've made typos, too). If you've searched, you may have read my post quite a while ago (don't remember how long ago) about my Witness Hunter. I have the first model, which I like quite a bit, and have taken one whitetail deer at about 70 yds. with my handload using the Speer Gold Dot 155 gr. bullet, and 800X propellant. I recovered the bullet, in a satisfying mushroom shape, having lost very little mass, after it penetrated the deer's right front shoulder, and traveled diagonally through the chest. I have not shot the pistol much, so I can't give you specific accuracy info., with group sizes at specific ranges from shooting from the bench. I'll get around to it some day. I've installed a 4x Leupold scope, using an EAA mount. Use Loctite, or those screws WILL loosen very quickly. Have fun. Jim
  9. Good day, everyone. It's been a long time since I've contacted anyone here, so I thought that I'd send out a new message, asking any of you EAA Witness Hunter owners if you have any interesting experiences (hunting, target shooting, reloading, etc.) with your gun lately. In the field (deer hunting), I haven't tried any reloads other than my Speer 155 Gold Dot bullet/800X powder/WSP primer load (1,550 fps). Jimb
  10. Thanks for your help, guys. I just called Wolff and ordered +10% magazine springs for my EAA 10mm Witness Hunter pistol. When she asked, I told her for the .45 ACP caliber, and 15 round magazines (even though I'm not sure that's accurate if we're talking about .45 ACP caliber, but, whatever works...). The part numbers are 74273 (3-pack) & 74271 (1 spring). Total cost, incl. s&h, came to $27.04. Does that all sound correct? Jimb
  11. Sorry to bother you fellas, but I need a solution. In the thread ("EAA Witness 10mm Range Report, Not too positive") you three fellas each specifically wrote that you have installed heavier Wolff springs in your magazines in an effort to solve your function problems. I called Wolff this morning to order +10% springs for my 15-round magazines for my EAA Witness Hunter (6" barrel) 10mm. The Wolff phone rep. told me that Wolf does not offer EAA magazine springs in 10mm caliber, that they have no plans to make them for 10mm, and finally, that springs made for another caliber would not work (i.e., not interchangeable)! I would really like to know how the heck to obtain these springs, and would greatly appreciate it if you fellas would let me know where you got your magazine springs. One more question - Others have written that, for heavy handloads, a heavier recoil spring may be desireable, and you may also need a heavier "hammer spring". What would a heavier hammer spring do to improve function with heavy handloads? I can understand the need for a heavier recoil spring, but don't yet understand how a heavier hammer spring would help anything with respect to heavy reloads. I would think that a heavier hammer spring would only increase your trigger pull. I've seen other writers use the term "main spring". What do they mean by that term? I'm thinking that they really mean "recoil spring". I know that you could more accurately answer that question if you knew the specific thread in which the term "main spring" was used, but I cannot recall that detail right now. I've read too many threads, in too many sites recently to remember that. Some writers have also referred to a "firing pin spring". In a semi-auto pistol, a firing pin spring is usually located directly on or around the firing pin, and serves to retract the firing pin immediately after being struck by the hammer (or the striker on a striker-fired handgun). I hope that they didn't really mean "hammer spring" or "recoil spring". I'm getting a little frustrated with writers' careless and inaccurate use of terms. That kind of writing only serves to confuse. I'm not referring to you 3 guys. Thanks much for your help. I surely hope to solve my failure to feed problem, either with Wolff magazine springs (if I can get them), or perhaps by breaking in my new magazines with more use. Oh, yeah, one more thing: I wish that everyone would stop using the term "FTF". FTF could mean failure to fire, or failure to feed - 2 different problems. So, please, everyone, go to the extra miniscule effort to write out the term, to avoid misunderstanding. Well (whew), I guess I got started on something, huh?. Anyway, thanks sincerely for any help. Jimb
  12. Thanks for checking, Glock10mmman. Darn! I'm looking for better magazine springs because I've had a few failures to feed. Upon firing, and as the slide returns (or tries to return) to battery, the nose of the bullet in the next cartridge coming up out of the magazine seems to get shoved into the barrel's feed ramp, below the chamber, and the cartridge does not come up into the chamber. Sometimes this pushes the bullet farther into the case, and I hesitate to fire that cartridge until I've pulled the bullet back out of the case, to the proper seating depth. That is a hassle. Jimb
  13. Good day, everyone. I've read all that's been written here about the use of stronger magazine springs, especially the Wolff +5 & +10 springs. I have an EAA Witness Hunter (6" barrell) in 10mm (0f course). I have 15-round magazines (4 of them), and I'd like to install Wolff +10 springs in them. However, when I called Wolff this morning, I was told that Wolff does not make magazine springs for the EAA for the 10mm caliber! What the heck?! I thought all you guys have getting and using those springs!? I'd be very appreciative if any of you would let me know where I can obtain these springs. Thanks much. jimb d
  14. For those of you who own a Hunter (I've seen 2, so far, 10MM Paladin & Egregious Charles) - Have you done anything to modify your handguns? If so, would you mind describing what you did & your results? I'm specifically interested in what springs (recoil springs, hammer springs, etc.) you use for your stout handloads, and if you've had to install aftermarket springs for your magazines? Have you tried any recoil buffers (for example, from Buffer Technologies)? I surely thank you for sharing your experience. I use mine strictly for deer hunting, and had some success with it this past fall, as I've written to you before. Jim
  15. Sorry, everyone, I'm one of those old Luddites who still doesn't have a digital camera. I still have my wonderful old Olympus OM-1 & OM-2 35mm slr's (single lens reflex) and Canon 35mm rangefinder that use good old regular photographic film (gasp!). And I don't have a computer at home. This one in my office suffices for now. From my testing, and experience over the many years with other bullets in many other calibers (rifle and pistol), I was quite sure that the 155 Gold Dot bullet would do the trick superbly. The penetration was great, and the bullet held together, with all 6 petals folded back nicely. Even initial penetration through the shoulder didn't screw up the bullet. I must say that my handloads are probably more powerful than Double Tap's 155 Gold Dot loads. I did buy 2 boxes of them quite a while ago, and have shot about 30 of them, but I haven't gotten around to chronographing them. My 800X handload delivers 1,550 fps. My Blue Dot load gives 1,400 fps. I shot the deer with the 800X load. I hope you don't mind that I'm a bit hesitant to divulge the powder charges, understanding that each shooter should work up to his own load in his own firearm. Jim
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