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  1. The AR15-L, that seemed so long ago. I was also on that list and I remember it well...
  2. Both my BUIS and EOTech are zeroed at 50 yards (IBZ).
  3. Yes, I saw this too. There's no way I'll buy one of those...
  4. I can't really add much to this but I'm with BC for pretty much the same reasons he mentioned. In my case the mag carrier and mag is just as concealed as my handgun so I don't have to worry about scaring the sheeple.
  5. I have seven loaded mags near my carbine in my "Grab and Go" bag.
  6. That's good news to me! Now if they can just get HB347 wrapped up and delivered before Christmas I'll be very happy...
  7. Congrats, welcome to the sickness...
  8. Other than using CR123 batteries the 552 can be setup to do anything the 553 can do. I also don't like how you a stuck with dual ARMS levers. At this time I believe the 552 is a more flexible sight and I personally prefer it over the 553. Not to mention the 552 cost less too.
  9. BC, IIRC, the SOCOM RFP has been cancelled indefinitely and the JCP( Joint Combat Pistol) trials were scaled down and renamed to CP (Combat Pistol) trials. So while it's not as big of deal as it was there's still a lot of things going on with the search for a new pistol.
  10. Yes, I believe both of you are correct that the M&P 45 pictured above is S&W entry to the above mentioned military trials.
  11. I found this pic of the M&P 45, looks kind of strange with a thumb safety. I'm looking forward to seeing some reviews of the pistol!
  12. I don't believe so but they are hard to find. Every now and then some pop up for sale or some the dealers get them in stock. It's just a matter of keeping an eye out for them. I know some people don't like them due the price and the fact that it requires a gunsmith with the proper jigs and machines to install it properly. Here a pic of the KAC flip-up front sight on KevinB's carbine.
  13. KAC's barrel mounted, fli-up BUIS, pinned like a standard FSB!
  14. Yojimbo

    Rocky Balboa

    I will watch it too but I'll probably wait until it's out on DVD. As corny as most of the Rocky movies are I always seem enjoy them...
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