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  1. I'm not in the business of adjudicating idiots, but I can read and comprehend simple English. There's NO contradiction between droppng the weight in from the breech and "pulling the Snake out through the muzzle." How could it be any clearer than that? Both statements describe the same method.
  2. Can't imagine doing any business with American Spirit Arms. Founder was/is a psycho! Products are worse than "iffy"!!
  3. There was no contradiction between the two referenced statements; however, you're only an idiot if you use a Bore Snake rather than a bore guide and cleaning rod. I was shocked to see that anybody would have been offended by the above post, as I certainly wasn't calling anybody an idiot, and I was making the suggestion, based on years of experience, that a good cleaning rod be used. I also used a to show the "tone" of the post. Let me rephrase. Only a genius of Einsteinian proportions would use a Bore Snake. Only a genius above Einsteinian proportions will be able to advise the OP on how to get that Bore Snake out of his bore when it breaks, per several threads on TFL and other forums about just such events. Please don't bother banishing me from this sophomoric forum. I've had enough of this pubescent silliness!
  4. When one litigates, one should go into court with "clean skirts." Maybe the NRA didn't like the smell of Olofson's skirts??
  5. Please tell me that ASA isn't American Spirit Arms??!!!!
  6. The OP DID use grease or anti-seize compound on the receiver threads, of course??
  7. Modern Wolf ammo isn't lacquered, but it's possible that the OP acquired some of the older, lacquered rounds...garbage. Ditto on thoroughly cleaning the chamber and trying hotter ammo. Also, make sure that the bolt carrier and bolt are well-lubed. I use Mobil 1. Hopefully, the OP isn't using RemOilor its cousin, 3-in-1!!!
  8. Apples and oranges. KNS aren't "anti-walk pins." They're anti-rotation pins that won't walk.
  9. If you have a trigger that's as hard to pull as you describe, then I guarantee ou that you can't pull it "without causing changes to my aim." You must have a REALLY hard trigger, if you can't pull it with the tip of your finger.
  10. I only shoot my reloads through my ARs, and I guess I load right at max, using AA2200 or H335 powder. I'm also using a McFarland gas ring, which makes for more consistent ejection patterns. My ARs throw brass 6-8', and to about 5 o'clock. I only use Mobil 1 for lubing my firearms, so that might account for a slicker action. Mobil 1 has a great deal more lubricity than do CLPs, etc.
  11. I'm using a B-Square. Just about any brand will "work well."
  12. I always thought that there was very little activity, prior to the merger. I'm posting more, as I'm building ARs, now that the AR section has been added.
  13. Got a call from my oldest, best friend yesterday, regarding this very subject. Guy's been practicing medicine for over 30 years. He's seriously concerned about the potential disaster of this particular variation of the swine flu. As he said, it'll hit those in the best health (younger people) hardest and quickest, contrary to most flu varieties that mostly affect the old and the kids. According to my friend, if this is the same mutation that was responsible for the epidemic/pandemic? of 1917, it'll happen very quickly and the death rate will be horrendous. He didn't have any good solutions, but I doubt that running around with masks on will make much difference, if it gets up some momentum.
  14. Was just making a feeble attempt at a "funny" with the secesson remark. I haven't read the Montana bill, but, if gunlovers like me think that a state can pass a law that supercedes a federal law, then I believe they'll find the state law to be shortlived.
  15. Brownell's had CMMG stripped lowers in stock for a short while this week. They quickly sold out. I inquired as to when more CMMG lowers would be in stock and was told by Browenll's that it'd be the middle of May. Still can't find LPKs, barrels, bcgs.
  16. You might have overtightened the screws. The instructions don't say anything about tighttening until the bones are flush with the receiver. You might have noticed that there're holes in each end of the trigger pin. Remove one of the screws and squirt a couple drops of Mobil 1 or any other quality oil in.
  17. I read the article. There's no way that anybody will ever know what transpired, unless both parties involved agree on a story. Could be the guy does have problems. Could be he doesn't. Hope he gets a fair hearing to find out. If he does have problems, I hope he gets some help!
  18. It'll be interesting to see if a state can secede from the Union. I have a vague recollection of a little skirmish about that very issue, back in the 1860s. I wouldn't get my hopes up too high on this one. Friend of mine bought 150 acres in Montana and built a cabin there. Got to get over to check the place out soon.
  19. Under what circumstances did you tell a jury about your arrangement?
  20. I've fired several thousand rounds through my ARs, with no light primer strikes. I don't think the floating firing pin has anything at all to do with light primer strikes. What does have something to do with light primer strikes is the hammer spring.
  21. RRA upper; WOA bcg; RRA 20" Varmint barrel; DPMS fft. Stag Lower: JP trigger/hammer combo; WOA lower parts kit.
  22. I can't imagine buying @ retail from a gun shop. I'm in the process of accumulating parts for three AR builds. I'll just have to be patient! ;) Won't ever buy a "new" pistol from a gun shop...just too many good deals to be had in private sales, with no sales taxes, etc.
  23. Good luck with that paint! Hahahahaha! I use Brownell's Dichopan T-4 touchup. Works for me.
  24. Yeah, I'd say it really isn't just as simple as "screwing the barrel in," since the barrel's not mounted to the receiver by screwing it in. When you buy a barrel with the extension installed, it's already been headspaced. Nothing that the OP has written would indicate a headspacing problem!
  25. Might not be able to tell from the picture, but I'm using a Yankee Hill riser. Didn't have the riser mounted as far forward as I should have. Also have a YHM riser that permits moving the scope even farther forward. Unfortunately, I'm using that riser on a Glock! Mounting on a carry handle is a piss-poor option. Anybody who's done any long-range shooting would know that! This is the YHM riser that I'm using on the Glock, and which will permit more flexibility in moving the scope forward: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ARR9474-1.html
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