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  1. I have bought and sold lots of guns over the years but as I get older I am buying more than saleing. I thing about conversion kits I have found in therory they sound nice but every time I had my 22 on my 1911 I wished for my 10mm or my 45 or vise vera. I lived in ranch country then and hunted pdog to mule deer. We had some mt lion in area I was checking traps with 22 top end on and I cut fresh tracks of Mt lion was about ro return to pickup for 10mm top end when I remembered it was 20 miles away at home. Ugh! Soon after I bought a 22 to carry trapping and carried 10mm for Mt Lion. I won't sale because I could have a conversion kit again but only because my new gun serves me better.
  2. Just one DW Razorback RZ-10 its pre CZ. Best 1911 ever owned.
  3. Ringo


    Cool builds and daisy of a paint job.
  4. Ringo

    Building my new House gun.

    Nice house gun and Papa Smuff killer. Hope to get me an AR this year.
  5. Ringo

    My Baby Played In The Snow Today

    I like the pic and rifle plase keep the snow until Dec.
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    Pre CZ RZ10

    I have a pre pre cz that the orginal owner have vision problems and thined the front sight to the point the area where the dot was gave way. I have been toying with the idea of night sight instead of white dot. If I go with titanum front sight is replacing the rear need too. I point shot mostly for quick shots at close range and have never fired under life and death situation. Your thoughts please, Ringo
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    Pre CZ RZ10

    Any one using titanum front sight? Pros/cons
  8. I have a preCZ DW RZ10 it is a wounderful shooter, but I hate chasing brass and money is very tight so I an not shooting it much. I have a S&W 629 Classic Hunter 6.5" barrel I use for hunting. I have toyed with the idea of trading for an other S&W 44 mag with 2.5"-4" barrel for carring during deer season as a back-up and for plinking and maybe even for a house gun. My 10mm is not deer legal in KS, 44 is with any barrel length. I reload and cast my own 44s right now, the 10mm I been buying bullets, recoil is about the same to me and never have to chase brass. What would you do? I know here on this forum I'm a heretic for even thinking about it. ringo
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    The Nuge hunts buf with 10mm Corbons

    If I remember right it was a cape in S Africa with 155gr Corbons. It been a few years back when I saw the show but only 7-8 years ago. My friend was buying my RZ10 or I just bought it from him I don't remember but was impressed. Ringo
  10. Ringo

    Would you trade off your 10mm

    Yes this makes sense but I am in a new area and don't know anyone that I trust yet and am thinking maybe I'll keep the RZ-10 for a little longer unless the right deal comes along that I can't refuse.