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  1. Thanks!! I hadn't thought of them just yet. And I will definitely check em out....
  2. Hello all, I am looking to buy a new or used glock 29 here in Arizona. I figured if anyone can help me on my search, it would be the members of this forum. I just got my Fusion Longslide a few months ago and LOVE it. Bob and his team did a wonderful job on it, although it is not a safe queen, it is a bit large for concealed carry. I have been looking online and am not opposed to buying from out of state, just don't want to get ripped off. Maybe someone here can point me in the right direction... Thanks Darrell
  3. Thanks to all who have emailed and replied to my ad, my kimber is now SOLD! Also a big thanks to the 10mm talk forums for having a classifieds Darrell
  4. Just a note to say my gun is still available for sale Thanks Darrell
  5. Hello I am wanting to sell my Kimber eclipse 10mm for sale (preferably locally here in Arizona) this gun has Meprolight sights and has around 500 rounds through it.. It is in really good condition and comes with the original carrying case, and original factory magazine.. $950 firm.. if interested, please feel free to email me at darrelldlc@yahoo.com and I will be more than happy to email you pictures of it. (I am not computer savvy enough to post them here) Thank you Darrell
  6. I have ordered from missouri bullets before and could not be happier with their shipping service.. I told my dad about them and he was also impressed with the speed at which he received his bullets.. as for shooting them.. I really like them and will be ordering from them again soon...
  7. for me .. I would choose power pistol, it is reasonably priced and I use it for my cast bullets as well as for jacketed, not only does it burn clean, it is accurate and meters well through my uniflow powder measure.. a huge plus for me....
  8. Thanks for the info .. I love barnes bullets.. and I have been meaning to try some for my 10mm as well.. although it is unrelated to this conversation.. I tried to contain some 22 cal triple shock bullets fired from my 22.250 and was really surprised to see the bullet go completely through everything I had used to contain the bullet and just keep on going..I wanted to see what it looked like after penetration, but could not find the bullet. it went through 2 pieces of sheet metal and a five gallon bucket of wet newspapers at 100 yards... impressive to say the least..for a 53 grain bullet!
  9. this is good info and also a good report on what might happen if you miscalculate a load, I also did that when I first started reloading for my 10mm with universal powder.. I tried to increase the load just a bit and when I was shooting there was a large amount of smoke and the magazine shot out of the bottom of my gun. thankfully I was wearing eye protection, because alot of particles hit my face, along with my safety glasses getting peppered too. It was an embarassing mistake but I learned from it and keep my loads a bit on the light side...
  10. Thanks for all your insight and help TG... I too am liking power pistol alot.. and I am also looking forward to seeing how your cast bullet loads come out using this powder... Thanks again Darrell
  11. Hey thank you very much, I will definately check them out, and I appreciate your reply. Darrell
  12. NICE firearms guys.... Those Fusion longslides are awesome, definately something to save for. Darrell
  13. Hi all, I have a Colt Delta Elite in good condition except for the front sight is loose and also hinders the bushing from being removed, would kind of like either adjustable or trijicon night sights instead. can anyone recommend a good place to send it so it can be worked on.? Thanks again Darrell
  14. I am using the lazercast bullets in 180 gr weight and have had no problems at all with them and have gotten really nice groups with them as well, using both titegroup and universal powders. Darrell
  15. I also have problems finding brass as well and was thinking of reloading some for range use... have you been reloading them (nickel cases) fairly light or on the hotter side? Darrell
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