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  1. Grizz Axxemann

    Pact High Speed Powder Dispenser

    I recently had a chance to use my buddy's RCBS Chargemaster setup when doing some reloading for my .22-250, and holy smoke... it rocks. Ball powders are plenty fast from a charge thrower (I can load handgun ammo much faster with my Lee Perfect Powder Measure, weighing every 5th charge) but as soon as I have the extra $450 CAD kicking around, a Chargemaster will be reside on my reloading table.
  2. Grizz Axxemann

    Case Length

    I have a Lee trimmer and 10mm case length gauge, but all my bras is once or twice fired, and what little I'm trimming off, if any, seems to be negligible. I think the .22-250 gauge is going to reside on the trimmer full time, seeing as that's what I reload the most, especially during gopher season :D
  3. Grizz Axxemann

    Loading Winchester 165TC bullets

    I was having the same problem, seeing as I have a pound of WSF sitting here, and some 165 gr Win FMJ TC slugs. So If I use the 170 gr data for WSF, I should be safe at the prescribed starting load, right? Last thing I want to do is break my precious Delta Elite with a KB, or get a squib stuck.
  4. Grizz Axxemann

    Brass or Nickel cases stronger?

    I think I'm gonna keep an eye on this... I have a bunch of nickel brass (Rem UMC factory stuff) and some Fed AE brass brass, and the last thing I want is something going bad with my first ever batch of handloads...
  5. Grizz Axxemann

    My Delta Elitest

    Nice concept.... a large capacity 10mm 1911... but I'm a bit of a purist... Combat tupperware is bad to begin with, and doing THAT to a Colt... Especially a Delta is just plain... WRONG! But what do I know, I'm just a dumb canadian who can't get anything more than 10 rounds into a handgun legally. :eek_yello: