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  1. TheGlock20Guy

    Ruger AR-556 Barrel nut

    Order any aftermarket handguard you want. It will work. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  2. TheGlock20Guy

    Protection on Kodiak

    If your dead set on taking your G29 into bear country, I would suggest bringing along someone with you. This way when a Brown charges you, You could simply shoot your partner in the leg and take off running! So in essence the G29 would work for brown bear!
  3. TheGlock20Guy

    Protection on Kodiak

    A 375 H&H Magnum might not be enough to stop a Brown that's charging you, For one you need a very well placed shot and even then it might not work, I've hear of Browns Soaking up 4 rounds of 338 Winchester Mag and not immediately dropping! You wouldn't catch me out in Bear Country with anything less than a 340 Weatherby!