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  1. I like the back of the target phone books...you shot a couple of Lawyers...maybe next time you could shoot some wet Playboy mags...I wonder if the penetration would be the same???
  2. Kitt-in-NC

    Springfield Custom Carry 10mm

    I have a SA 45 that shoots great...it would be tempting to buy one in 10mm.... :oh yea:
  3. Kitt-in-NC

    How do you tell G20SF from G20

    I have a third gen 29 and the grip fits me great...the third gen 20 is a handful and I've got a pretty good size hands...I think I might look into getting a grip reduction on the G 20...
  4. Lots of good info here...I have the low cost Lee turrent press and Lee's reloading book and have reloaded a "Jillion" 9mm,38 & 357,45 and 10mm bullets and my only regret is not starting sooner. Look around the web sites for local reloders and see if you can get someone to start you out right...I have had the chance to introduce many to start reloading and am happy to do it!
  5. Kitt-in-NC

    Primers going off on the press

    I worked for E I DuPont for years and some people made fun of me wearing safety glasses, gloves, ear plugs,ect.. when I wasn't at work but when something goes wrong you are glad you have the protection...Glad you are ok... you can get new underwear for Christmas...
  6. Kitt-in-NC

    What shold I do?

    Putting in Wolff mag springs are one of the first things I do to all my pistols. ON a new pistol I like to run a couple boxes of factory ammo through just to settle in and run right. I was having problems with my 10mm reloads running...THe 45,9mm,38 & 357 ran great but the 10mm would jam on occasion. I have a Lee turrent press with the three dies and someone told me to get a "factory crimp" die which I did and I've never had another jam.
  7. Kitt-in-NC

    Glock 29 10mm Shrapnel

    I don't know what I was thinking or doing but I was way over the limit and I just loaded these to "plink" with...I've just started reloading some 165 gr Speer GDHP over 11 gr of 800X and I'm weighing every load because the 800X does not weigh consistantly from load to load.
  8. Just got my Glock 29 slide back from Mac's where I had the slide refinished in OD Green and went out to test drive it. My reloads were Berry's 180 gr. bullets over 9.0 gr of Power Pistol...nothing supersonic...just wanting it to go Bang! I get finished shooting and my target has little pieces of copper shrapnel sticking out of it. I have never seen the Berry's copper coating come off like that...Anyone ever have problems with the Berry's like this??
  9. I got two guns with ports and one I can't tell any difference with but the other one is quite effective. But speaking of the Glock 20 I bought a Federal Arms 6" barrel new for $50 on Evil-Bay and it shoots very well and is accurate as well.
  10. Kitt-in-NC

    G 29 Mag extensions

    I am going to give this a try myself...Does anyone have pics??
  11. Kitt-in-NC

    Glock sights

    I like the XS Big Dot nightsights and have them on a Para Carry 12, a Colt CCO and on my HK USP 45...I can pick the sights out very quick and they are accurate as well.
  12. Kitt-in-NC

    Laser Sight

    I have the M-6 on my G-29 & G-20 and they can be put on or taken off in a second...the light is bright and the Laser you can see on a sunny day.
  13. Kitt-in-NC

    Tactical light

    I'd like to see pics...I have the model M-6 and I might need to move up...
  14. Nick I have a G-29 but I'm looking to get a SF myself...Oh yeah...I got a G-20 also...
  15. Kitt-in-NC

    Glock 20 and Heavy Ammo

    I have a 22 lb varible rate recoil spring in my G-20 and works very well...
  16. I'm always looking at the pistol auction sites and I'm amazed at what comes up for sale...Bought a Colt CCO, a DW 10mm CBOB and a HK Tactical 45 for abought 1/2 price and everyone of them was in great shape...Might find me an ED Brown 10mm one of these days...
  17. Kitt-in-NC

    Glock OEM adjustable sights (G20)..

    I have the stock adjustable rear & a fiberoptic front sight on my G-20 and that works great for me...
  18. Kitt-in-NC

    Dan Wesson 10mm

    DW or any other gun maker is in business not to make guns but to make money $$$ If there is a market for the 10MM someone will step up and start making them...Supply & Demand its the way of the USA...
  19. Uncle Ted is "The Man" when it comes to the mighty 10MM! Sign me up...
  20. I've been using a Lee Turrent for several years and it has worked great for me...I've reloaded 9mm, 38 & 357, 45 and 10mm...I'm working on some 10mm loads using the Speer Gold Dot 165 grain bullets & 800x powder...looks like a winner!
  21. Kitt-in-NC

    cosmetic scratchs

    I had one that looked BAD...I had my friend bead blast it and it looks great!
  22. Kitt-in-NC

    CZ Dan Wesson Classic

    If It Ain't Broke...Don't Mess With It....
  23. Kitt-in-NC

    ISMI or Wolff recoil springs

    I have a 22 lb Wolff recoil spring in my G-20...never used an ISMI
  24. Kitt-in-NC

    Custom 10mm advice

    I have a Para Ordnance P-16 Limited converted to 10mm and I have some "high dollar" skate board tape on the grip...it works great and is very cheep...of course it doesn't look as cool as checkering!
  25. Kitt-in-NC

    Do stock G-20's damage brass?

    I have five 10mm pistols and the brass out of my G-20 doesn't look or reload any worse than the other four...but I'm not reloading SUPERSONIC loads...just some "warm" ones...