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  1. My brother -- who is getting heavily into Class III stuff -- got one of their MP-5 clones in .40 S&W and then festooned it with gadgets. It is amazingly accurate. It is also infuriatingly unreliable. Last time (just after Christmas,) it functioned fine. This time (last week) it inexplicably turned itself into a non-repeater: every cycling produced a stove-pipe malf. Extensive cleaning improved nothing. So he called the company. After an hour of calling, recalling, and waiting on hold, he finally spoke with a rep. Vector claims that despite laying off 80 people last month, they are still in business and sure, it'll be fine if you send your rifle back to us. I wished him luck.
  2. I'm going to have to disagree with Old Navy. The thinner, more sculpted slide is the "new" model. My .45 Witness from back in 1993 had the the thicker slide, and the catalogue shows the thick version on the standard Witness. The thin version showed up after the polymer Witness hit the market. I think EAA puts these lightweight slides on the guns expecting the shooter to turn the Witness into a truck gun, nightstand gun, closet gun, or safe queen. If you actually put a couple hundred rounds through it, it'll crack and they'll replace the slide with the thicker "old" model. I'm not sure how they figure this will save them money, but it seems to be their policy. Do a search on my posts and Wally's posts; we both did the same thing.
  3. I was curious about this myself. I want his .44 Spl load at the advertised 1100 fps slowed down to a nice, round 1000. The 10mm offerings seem to cover the range pretty well. Which load did you want?
  4. Whew! When I read the title I thought you'd finished one --as in shot it to the point of failure. Keep up the good work! It looks cool.
  5. The Match is a lot more/better gun for the money. I've got a standard for car/carry/knock-around use and a Match as my safe queen/range toy. Plan to upgrade all your springs with Wolff units (about $50, depending on how many magazines you have.) And if you get the "slim slide" version and plan to shoot a lot, be wary of cracks developing in it. PM me for pix if you're not familiar with what I'm talking about. They're both accurate and consistent, but the Match's trigger is amazing -- I have to go through a couple of adjustment shots if I move from the standard to the Match at the range. Good luck!
  6. Yeah, the link takes you to the Vltor homepage. From there, click on products and find the Fortis, but don't expect anything more than what you've seen here. I got that letter by emailing their contact sales person.
  7. I saw the news release on The High Road and immediately emailed them for info. This is what I got back. Keep the interest high, fellows. Don't let this thing die on the vine!
  8. Nice shooting! Congratulations! Posy pictures if you can...
  9. Cool! I think I'll do some experimenting tonight!
  10. Can you post a picture? Or give me more details? I thought the Elite was dropping its mag because under recoil, the extended mag release was hitting my thumb.
  11. I just got it back after only six days! See this THR post for details... http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?t=327909
  12. Some of may have already seen my post over on THR, but if not: I bought this EAA Witness Full Size (all-steel, Wonderfinish) four months ago, brand new. Having learned my lesson on the Elite Match 10mm I got earlier (and trying to alleviate an intermittent nose-dive jamming problem,) I replaced the stock 14-lb recoil spring with a Wolff 18-lb unit and installed +10% power mag springs. Life was good: excellent accuracy, improving reliability... and then I noticed the crack. It's a wandering hairline fracture, about half an inch long, that runs down through the metal above the ejection port, just forward of the breechface. I wish I could attach pictures, but apparently you have to subscribe to Photobucket or something similar. This surprised me, as I had put only 450 rounds through it, and ALL of them were CCI Blazer 200-gr. TMJs, which are advertised at a leisurely 1050 fps. No Double-Taps, and definitely no handloads. I sent it back to the factory in Rockledge, FL, and hope to hear from them in the next couple of weeks. I expect that they are going to simply swap out the round-top slide, maybe with one of the more robust slab-side examples, but we'll see. I got good service when I followed the directions on the website and then called the service department for clarification. I WILL NOT, however, be calling to check on its progress before the end of the month, as the website states that checking on the status of work will put your gun at the end of the line. Anyway, if anyone is interested, I'll post results.
  13. Um, not to quibble, but I think you mean ADD 75 fps per inch. In any event, this sounds like exactly what I want to stoke my S&W M21 Classic with.... when I get it, that is.
  14. Well, have you seen some of the attempts at engraving people have made on these things? I mean on the POLYMER, not the slide. I saw it on the back pages of an American Handgunner a few years ago. Sorry, can't find a link to it. Grip-frame reshaping is one thing, resurfacing for increased grip purchase is another, but trying to put some S&W-style climbing ivy on the grip of your plastic pistol is not something that adds to the aesthetics of Gaston's pistol.
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