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  1. Was checking out CZ / Dan Wesson site, daily special. Dan Wesson, 10mm, 8 round, round follower mags for sale ......... $ 10.95. Regular price $32.95
  2. Tanqueray10

    Olympic Arms 10mm carbines!

    Just noticed this morning, that Lone Wolf Distributors has a new carbine AR lower. (http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1805&MANF=38) Looks like they are designed for glock mags only. They only list the 9, 40 & 357 Sig mags. Would be worthy of further investigation for a possible 10mm build. I wonder if JR and their R&D boys are completed or that is just their initial offerings?
  3. Tanqueray10

    American Rifleman and 10mm

    American Rifleman has another blurb in the "Rapid Fire"....... as follows. "Vltor Weapon Systems is resurrecting the Jeff Cooper designed Bren Ten semi-automatic pistol in both its original 10mm Auto chambering and in the .45ACP. Once hailed as a possible answer to the 9mm Luger versus .45 ACP debate, it was plaqued with manufacturing and financial difficulties in the 1980's and saw only limited production. It will feature a few updated modifications from the original design and will be distributed by Sporting Products, LLC." Two plugs, same rag..... Personally I really like the write up in Junes " Combat Handguns" On STI's Perfect 10. Called STI because I couldn't resist knowing... $2495. They said 20 week lead time but I better check inventory with one of thier 7 Master Distributors. Hmmmmm Thats two Brens for the price of one 2011 or I could have Bob Serva build one @ Fusion and still almost have enough for a Bren Ten. Life is good !!!! Now if I could only buget properly for the good life.
  4. Tanqueray10

    310 NG

    Thx Scott, Sorry for the post, I was reading about McNetts 44 Special load.... Thought I was still in Home Brew. (Wrong Forum) I Know the bulk of my 10/40 powders are slower for the hotter 10mm loadings, just have very limited experience with the faster powders. I'll look at my powder burn rate comparison listing and see if I don't have something laying around. The 310NG was not something I needed, just another one to help feed that never ending craving for yet another 10 !!! It's all Vltor's fault ..... Pile of Money and " NO " New Bren Ten to put in the safe. Mike
  5. I have been loading primarily IMR 800 &700 X, Blue Dot & 2400. Just found a S&W 310 NG. Anyone have in suggestions for powder. My first "Snubbie" Thx, Mike
  6. Tanqueray10

    Just completed my s&w 10mm set!

    Big congrats !!!!! I can't believe I missed that one, you must have hit the buy now button before any one else seen it. Nice to finally complete the set. I just picked up a Colt Double Eagle for the same money, just to complete my Colt 10's. Would much rather have completed my Smith collection.
  7. Tanqueray10

    .357 SIG?

    Ditto on the Subgun, would have been sweet. I also have the .357 drop in barrel by Lonewolf and I use it in my G29. It is extended with ports. Looks cool but the extended barrel extends below my Don Hune IWB and gets alittle uncomforitable carrying at times. The reason I bought it was cheap acquisition $60 but wanted to witness effects of porting ie... muzzle flash, unburned powder residue,etc. Negligible on all of the above. Also at $60 if ever need be I can use it and loose it. Did I mention the deal that Georgia Arms was having on Cheap Speer .357 Frangible ammo. Was like 60 bucks for sealed bags of 250 round count. Was and still is very economical plinking ammo. Peppy at chrono'd @ 1360 fps from sub glock platform 4" barrel. Very controlable with double taps, accurate, and a flat shooter like the 10mm.
  8. Tanqueray10

    Glock (10mm) Conversion

    Sillyrabbit, I have enjoyed both the 29 & 20 for many years now, My 29 for my daily CCW and the 20 in the safe. Never liked shooting the 20 much. Then after the looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong awaited Lone Wolf slides I am starting to get alittle exited. Just received my slide back from "Armaloy" and I'm really liking the hard chrome finish..... $75.00 SWEET !!! Will have the Ameriglo " Ghost Ring" Sights reinstalled Jan.3rd at the Local upcoming gunshow. The LW 6" barrel was flawless and accurate in the stock slide, but when installed in LW Long slide had a few failures to feed. Changed all my magazine springs to Wolf +5lb, coupled with alittle Dremel Polishing she is coming around nicely. Not a big Glock fan, just prefer 1911 platform but both of my G10's are keepers.... Go for it ! Mike
  9. Tanqueray10


    Both are excellent choices in the $ 500 range. Question is are you going to be punching paper or general plinking. Tight groups will be obtainable alot easier with the Elite "Match". The Glock will be satisfactory for everything else. Out of my many 10 mm, the Elite "Match" has been the most accurate shooter I have. I believe the extra attention by Tangfolio gunsmiths and the ergonomics of the pistol itself are directly responsible and the sights are pretty sweet also. I'm still running stock spring setup, fine after 1rst 500 rounds, Wolf #22 in range bag ready to go. My G20, 3rd gen. only had 200 rounds through it before I retired it to the safe. Wasn't pleased at 15 to 25 yds at the range. After shooting 1911's for 15 years was alittle disapointed in the accuracy. Don't get me wrong, I carry a G29 daily and shoot at least 100 rounds per month for several years now and have become quiet proficient with it using the 357 Sig. configuration. Not to ramble on but I just completed my Lonewolf G20 L set-up and I am now reconsidering the G20. What I used to think of as large grip, now feels more natural and more balanced. With the addition of the ultimate trigger set-up coupled with Ameriglo " Ghost Ring" night sights I am now grouping like I was shooting a 1911. Unfortunately for the price of this set-up you could by an Elite "Match" X 2 and several hundred rounds. Good luck with your decision. Either way you go you will be happy, because if you shoot 10's long enough you will probably end up owning both of them any way Enjoy the Forum !!!
  10. Tanqueray10

    S&W 1006 Fixed SIghts

    ??? Did you change your ammo. Different rounds, different results down range......
  11. Tanqueray10

    S&W 646 conversion to 10mm

    I've been shooting alot of Berry's 155 grain FP over 9.8 grains of IMR 800X, Very respectible load, accurate and only 30,000psi. Easy on the brass and a fairly large margin on pressure.
  12. Tanqueray10

    Razorback or Eclipse

    I have and shoot a pre CZ Razorback and the Eclipse. I purchased the RZ 1rst and caught the DW bug bad !!!! The best fit, finish, and feel I had ever handled, especially for $ 695 out the door and it even came with the "Red eye DW grips" in the box. It shot better than anything I had shot to date and I have 13 or so 10mm. Then I picked up a nice used Eclipse, got to love that finish...... althought it may not be the most durable. I find it equally enjoyable to shoot and just as accurate. I have about 1000k rounds through both now and its a tie, they both have been going to the range with me for the last two months.... until my DW CBob arrived. Again what can I say that hasn't been said, "Great" gun. First clip at 25 yards, free hand, 7 rounds in the 10 ring with 6 of them @ .80" with the 7th round making a 1.25' group. Frickin unbelievable, and have since been blowing the 10 ring out. Sorry for getting of topic. Bang for buck the RZ is the best value, Kimber is probably slightly higher aquisition cost. Don't think you would be dissapointed with either. If your in Ohio would glad to let you make up you own mind. Mike